donderdag 21 augustus 2008

Who really won the war them or us?

(They've even got ol Prince "Charming" Harry working for them!!)

Long time no see or hear, I bet you all missed St. Jagged, WAN-KIN-DIK and the merry ol Shaggers ( ha fucking ha!).

Well St.Jagged has been busy jousting with fellow Knights of the Toolian Brotherhood (no not Aryan Brotherhood, coloured readers amongst you, no racist hints here, never!) and also been back to the ol homeland once again and this ol TRUE SHIT BRIT has found even more reasons to become disillusioned with the once almighty world power called GB. Hence the above title:

Who really did win the fucking ol second world war???
Reasons for this dubious title are as follows:
  • Try and find a middle / upper working class Brit who owns a British car and who really wnat's to own one, "what", you're all screaming, "there are no fucking British cars." True avid Jaggedone's, they all want to own GERMAN or JAP cars, BMW, Mercedes, VW, Porsche, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, etc. Hold it a second, how about the Mini, Landrover, Jaguar, R.Royce, Bentley, well fuck me they're all owned by Germans or Japanese, shock, horror (who won the war?).

  • Try and find a middle / upper working class Brit who doesn't own a Bosch, Miele, AEG, Bauknecht, Siemens, etc household appliance, they don't fucking exist. Every Brit with his marbles together obviously owns German or Jap household appliances because they're the best and what the UK (do they?) or US produce are all just crap! (who won the war?)

  • St.Jagged drove with his (shame on you muvva fucker, BMW) through his ol hunting grounds and guess what he saw, German supermarkets springing out of the ground like weeds being fed with fertiliser (maybe they're German too!). Aldi, Lidl, cheap, good and very efficient (typical Deutsch!) and who the fuck goes shopping in these oases of cheap, quality goods, surprise fucking surprise, middle / upper / lower working class Brits, no not fucking Aliens!! (who won the war?)

  • Not to mention mega takeovers by Deutsche Telecom, Deutsche Banks, Japanes mobile telephone companies, Deutsche steel, gas, electricity, water companies, shipbuilders, weapon producers, etc, etc. (who won the war?)

  • Lets not forget a subject dear to my heart, BEER, millions of gallons of it, being consumed on a daily basis and what beers are the pick of the moment in the UK, English Ales (fuck off), Guiness (yeah OK but thats not British either), well surprise surprise, German Lagers drunken by who? You guessed it, the middle /upper / lower working classes. (who won the war?)
"Ok," you're all thinking what the hell is this loony ranting on about, of course the UK, US and its allies won the fucking war. They stuffed the Krauts and their Nazis, threw a Nuc on the Japs and that was that.

And ever since 1945 the Brits and Yanks have been spouting off to the rest of the world how great they all are, getting involved in stupid non -winnable wars all over the globe, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, spending trillions on weapons and man -power whilst the Germans and Japanese are and have won the non - violent war. No bombs, no military, they don't fucking need that shit, that only destructs and destroys. They have learn't from their little mistakes in the past and instead of putting their energies into showing how fantastic, powerful and all conquering they are, they have been producing efficient, fantastic goods and businesses of which the whole planet wants.

Where are all of the Brit and US products that are conquering the world markets, non fucking existent. Now St.Jagged asks the question once more, WHO REALLY WON THE FUCKING WAR?

Every single time that this Jaggedone returns home the disillusionment grows. Social degradation, the rich and famous get richer (driving their Porsches, BMW's, Mercs, etc) whilst those left behind in their shitty, decrepid council estates and immigrant ghettos get poorer. Poor housing, inefficient health systems, infra - structural chaos, environmental disasters, etc, etc.

When St.Jagged returns to the continent, Holland, Germany, etc, he sees the gaps between those who have and have not are far less, where social / health services, etc, are far more efficient. Even the poorest areas of Germany / Holland look like holiday camps compared to some shit - hole estates in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, etc.

St.Jagged is just about to apply for the position of Chancellor of Germany, at the rate of German takeover in the UK ST.Jagged could become the next fucking Prime Minister! (Then the revolution will really start!)

Aufwiedersehen from St.Jagged, Heinz, Fritz, WAN-KIN-DIK and his merry ol Kraut beer boozers ( just testing the difference between Deutsche condoms and their UK competitors ones, made in Taiwan of course, guess who has the most teenage mothers in Europe, leaky UK condoms muvva fuckers!!)

PS: Those other great victors of the second world war are not even worth a mention in this blog. OK give them their credit, they fucked it up in Eastern Europe, Afghanistan, Cuba and Siberia and are now trying desperately hard in Georgia. Fuck on you Georgians and kick the Sowjet shit out of the cabbage eating, mafia run, corrupt army muvva fuckers, Red Army my Butt!