dinsdag 28 oktober 2008

Obama = Hitler = Resurrection is Truth!!!

OK, OK, St.Jagged promised all of our avid and TRUTHFUL readership not to get involved in slagging off or supporting merry ol coloured Obama and St.Jagged certainly didn't want to get involved in that wild west show happening over there in the good ol USA, but fuck me, how could St.Jagged resist this one:
This is the fucking TRUTH, St.Jagged has been following the latest news, rallies, interviews, slagging matches, etc, during the run in to the "Final Countdown" (Swedish crappy rock band called Europe started it, fuck off back to Knaecker Broot land!!) and some interesting developments have started to happen, the boxing gloves have been abandoned and bare fucking knuckle fist fighting has taken its place (Brad Pitt stand - ins required!), no punches pulled, just blood hounding on the final stretch towards the golden gates of the whiter than white (maybe he'll have it painted when he moves in!) White House.


Accusations, accusations: Ancient fucking (ex Vietnam hero, sixty miles behind the battlefront and never got his fucking balls shot off) war hero McCain (nothing to do with those lovely, thin, crispy, frozen chip manufacturers or?) accuses ol Obama of the ordinary people of being a NATIONALIST because he dared used the words "I WILL UNITE AMERICA, I LOVE AMERICA, WE AMERICANS, BLACK, WHITE, PINK AND BLUE MUST UNITE, ETC, ETC!!!

Accusations, accusations: Ancient fucking McCain and his ol whorey sidekick Palin have decided to call our upright and honest (black) man of the people a ........SOCIALIST, OK nothing wrong with that you would think, but were in the good ol US and socialists are fucking DEMONS or even BLACK WITCHES PRACTISING BLACK MAGIC AND VOODOO!
Now if ol St.Jagged is correct NATIONALISTS together with SOCIALISTS = NATIONAL SOCIALISTS = NAZIS!

There was a certain Austrian (Sieg Heil to all of my Aryan Brotherhood readers!) in Germany back in history who also was a NATIONAL SOCIALIST or NAZI and he preached to his fellow German folk: Unification of all German territories, prosperity to the working class, he even built the muvva fucking Autobahns to transport his merry ol tanks into Poland, Austria (Land of his birth), Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Russia, France, Holland, you name it, he fucking nicked it!!

"Yeah, fucking Yeah," you're all thinking, "there is one fundamental difference, ol Adolf (Persil white) and Co preached White Power to the Masterrace and ol Obama well he's a slightly off white, dark yellow, browny, blacky type of colour and up till now has not shown the world his "TRUE COLOUR (S)."

St.Jagged refuses to get involved in politics, but at the end of November 2008 ( albeit if some muvva fuckng loony NAZI Aryan Brother doesn't blow his fucking brains out) the mighty US will have their first non - white President and if McCain and scatty ol Palin are correct, he will also be the first non - white, blackish "NAZI" President to run the ol US, well thats a fucking thought isn't it~!!

Obama is destined to rule, and the majority minorities who make up the US population can't wait for ol coloured "Nazi" Barack to rule and God (he's pretty colourful too!!) forbid the "White" Caucasian masterrace (not forgetting their Jiddish bretheren, run for the fucking hills muvva fuckers!!) who could well be sent to Auschwitz - like concentration camps to repent and be punished for their past sins on black negro slaves, yellow slit eyed Japs, Koreans, Vietnamese, terrorist arab looking Iraqui's, Palestinians, Syrians, turban draped Afghani's, latino looking Cubans, Columbians, etc, etc.

OK, maybe ol St.Jagged just misinterpreted the bloody punches coming out of the filthy mouths of those corrupt politicians attempting to gain any advantage they can in the run up to the US Presidential elections and ol Barack is really just a simple (non - white, blackish) man wanting honest change for those idiots over there in the US who are so gullible and believe everything that is said to them anyway, who knows? Hidden agenda, what fucking hidden agenda!!!
Aufwiedersehen, HH, Sieg Heil, Jackbooted and off to crusade in the name of the deadly, "black" TRUTH, St.Jagged, yellow WAN-KIN-DIK (gradually recovering after his battle against those corrupt muvva fucker, multi - billionaire investors on whiter than white Wall Street) my black Cat, white Dog, black Goldfish and last not least my deadly (with a sting in his tail) Scorpion called Bin "goldie, bronzy, slightly grey bearded lost in a Pakistani cave somewhere in Pakistan" Laden!

PS: did you mob notice St.Jagged didn't even mention Obama's favourite "white" girl friend since two weeks, darling of the dick (or pussy, whatever they prefer) sucking US female rights movement, Hilary. Hypocrisy well that's a fucking massive understatement, but we are in the good ol land of the righteous and pure USA where bullshit is more common than Macdonalds shit!!!

woensdag 15 oktober 2008

Sorry about these disturbing pictures, but this is the TRUTH!

Well Jaggedone's there are some subjects, which one really cannot take the piss out of or laugh at, in the past St.Jagged wrote about sexual child abuse and that was no laughing matter either.

A very dear, close and loving person asked the Jaggedone to write about a subject, which ST.Jagged fails to find any humour in at all so here we go, and this is more than serious!!!

A well known philosopher, Schopenhauer, once quoted: "A society which allows the mistreatment and torture of its animals is a mirror of the society itself".

These pictures are proof of that, and they are certainly not fucking aliens!
It is nearly that time of the year when several Nordic nations pick up their nailed clubs, go off to the breeding grounds of innocent seals and commit bloody genocide, similair to other atrocities which also happen annually.

OK they're just animals, so fucking what, no they are not just animals! They are an integral part of the natural cycle and have the right to exist that way, even if they later get eaten by larger predators, that is the way nature should determine the existence of all of its creatures, great or small.

Sadly, most humans have a different approach and feel that they can intervene in this process, not for the benefit and progression of nature, no my thinking Jaggedone's, no, fucking no and never.
They intervene solely for one purpose, greed, materialism, and power! The bullshit lies that are told by our Nordic bretheren whilst slaughtering these beautiful beasts cannot be acceptable: "We need to cull the numbers because they deplete our fishing areas" bollocks and still more bollocks.
Mankind wasn't not built to eat tinned, frozen, factory fish and their by - products, man, in certain areas of the planet, was meant to survive on fish. seals, polar bears, etc, in limited numbers solely for pure survival and not for mega - multi million profits and global distribution!!!

This annual slaughter is the disgusting proof of what the human race really is, a wild, destructive, teriffying slaughtering machine, let loose to conquer and destroy the planet and rape all of it's natural resources for only one reason, GREED!

These acts of genocide on any breed of innocent animal are no different to the acts of genocide between humans and the reasons are the same !!!

Nature has been evolving in its own way over billions of years, human intervention has dissolved that natural process and excelerated the destruction process to an extent where the natural process is completely and utterly irreparable unless we of course get bombarded by comets, meteors or an atomic bomb maybe?

These acts of despicable human behaviour continue to destroy these wonderful creatures and their greed driven quest for their furs, meat, and ony other by - products, which are sellable, has nothing whatsoever to do with natural survival.

When the human race was forced into taking this journey of complete and utter madness, destruction, greed, materialism and the quest for power by the powers that be, there had to be sacrifices.

These sacrifices and their victims are the weak, the innocent, the poor, the natural habitats, their inhabitants, etc, and the results and scars are plain to see all over the planet. The slaughtering of whales and seals are just small, disgraceful examples of the execution of these acts and the human beings insatiable craving for materialism and greed at all costs.

We are all guilty and as we observe these inhuman acts being carried out by our fellow HUMANS we should all feel thoroughly ashamed, angry and disgusted that such genocide is allowed to continue. The human race is proud of its achievements but fails on every count when these despicable acts of genocide are still allowed to continue on these, beautiful, innocent animals.

St.Jagged is certainly not an apostle of doom or can he offer any solutions for the planet and its problems. The human race has got its self into this disgraceful state and its up to the individual to rethink his own personal situation, improve one's own knowledge and reject completely any products, which are sourced through these acts.
St. Jagged and his readers cannot and will not even attempt to change the world the only thing that St.Jagged does is laugh and take the piss out of the mess, unfortunately this subject is impossible to laugh at and it only deserves the contempt it should rightfully receive.
Fuck on all of you brave protestors, Green Peace, etc, and every one of you has forced this issue upon our pathetic and corrupt leaders hoping to rid the planet of these "scum, greed mongers and callous murderers." St.Jagged supports you and if you save one whales life then you are all heroes in my books.

Sorry that this subject cannot make you laugh or is in anyway humorous, St.Jagged will save that for other subjects, which will certainly occur and not escape my attention!

Goodbye and keep on protesting

St "VERY ANGRY" Jagged

zondag 12 oktober 2008

Elephants Crap Causes Ozonehole over India, Shock, Horror!!!

Well who the fuck is to blame for Ozone holes appearing in our once so pristine atmosphere, look above and you will find the answer.

Yes Jaggedone's, St. Jagged has been researching this subject and after studying a global scientific survey St. Jagged has come to the stinking, disgusting, polluting, stenching conclusion that farting, fucking Indian Elephants, Australian Sheep, American Cows, etc are to blame, shock fucking horror!!!!

Never in a million years are polluted factories, CO2 output, traffic jammed motorways, municipal refuse pits, stinking, disgustingly fithy human bogholes (mentioned in an earlier masterpiece from the one and only St.Jagged), nuclear wastage plants, human sewer works, chemical factories, human polluted oceans, rivers, lakes, inland seas, dead, swimming on the surface fish, etc, etc, to blame.

No my Jaggedone's, farting, crapping elephants and their animal brothers and sisters have brought upon the, oh so clean and pure human race, this inevitable disaster and DANGER from above.

They have caused the Ozone holes to appear through the accumilation of methane gases by persistently farting and crapping all over our wonderful planet and left the human race with a massive, ultra violet, infra red bombardment from our ferocious and very angry mother of all planets, the sun.

We poor, innocent and very honest, upright humans are about to be sacrificially sacriced for the sake of our farting, crapping animal contra - parts and have no solution for the problem (well maybe add a bit more pollution to their habitats, poison the muvva fuckers foods, start a global foot and mouth outbreak, destroy the forests and rain forests!!) Oh my God, St.Jagged forgot, humans eat the muvva fuckers, that won't do, we could all end up fucking killing ourselves!!!
Alternative solution:
We could all jump on the next available rocket flying towards fuck knows where and leave the "SHITHOLE" behind us (only if you're a multi -millionaire, billionaire and a good friend of Sir "ol platinum balls" Branson and a Virgin of course!).

Ozone holes caused by farting and crapping elephants (and of course those other filthy beasts, pigggies, cows, sheep shaggers) who else can the human race blame for their self inflicted miseries, our Alien friends maybe ("Aliens, oh St Jagged get a fucking life, there are no flying saucers and green men shitting and peeing down on our planet, oh, maybe it's God/Allah (no insults towards our muslim brotherhood please) is sitting on the bog having a good ol crap!!!")

St.Jaggeds innerconscience wakes up and can't stand the stench coming out of the bathroom.

Jaggedone's, goodbye from, just about to let a massive fart go, release some more methane gases in the toilet and poison the rest of the family sitting (shitting) on the bog, ST Jagged, and his ol mate WAN-KIN-DIK (filthy minded muvva fuckers!!)