donderdag 13 december 2012

Rammstein, The Beatles, The Stones, Velvet Underground, etc, inspire Erskine Quint!

Many regard this as the best book of the year, I agree! It is outrageous, funny, exciting, full of roller coaster adventures, but most of all; it is utter, utter madness!

It's been said that it is a cross between The Da Vinci code, Monty Python, Douglas Adams and to prove it, here's a review written in the Huffington Post:

The above mentioned bands were vital in the writing of this epic novel and I thank them one and all for their participation (albeit, unknown partcipation) because without them Erskine Quint would have never been created.

If you think that Harry Potter is excitement; you haven't read anything until you read this (For adults only, no kiddies stuff here!)....

zaterdag 8 december 2012

Lady Ga Ga goes "gaga" for "Mercurial stud" Erskine Quint!

Lady Gaga has fell head over heels with the mercurial stud "Erskine Quint intrepd adventurer extraordinaire!"
This super-hero appears in the book of the same title and whilst enjoying a 5 minute break from her hectic life, Jean Paul Gaultier, who appears in the book too, mentioned this crazy, aristocratic adventurer and ever since then refuses to go to bed with anybody else apart from Erskine Quint!

The author, a totally loony Brit, has attempted to explain to Lady that Erskine only exists in the figment of his very disturbed mind, but she refused to accept that Erskine does not exist. She also claims that Erskine is the one and only "mercurial stud"! Lady G G has even called her vibrator EQ!

Not only has Lady Gaga fell head over heels with Erskine Quint; QE2, Ricki Lake, The Spiderwood Film Studios in Texas, Douglas Adams and millions of others have too. The author is now busy writing the fantastic, brutal, dark, humourful, adventure packed sequel which will be ready next year (2013); CERTAINLY NOT TO BE MISSED!

Lady Ga Ga has not been seen leaving her boudouir since discovering Erskine Quint and waiters serving her meals have reported that she lays in bed, smiling, grunting, laughing and is speachless because that is what  the intrepid adventurer, mercurial stud and super-hero; Erskine Quint, does to all women and many men too.

Newsflash: Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame has been informed via Facebook about the vacant lead role if Erskine ever becomes a film (of course!) and Lady Gaga was heard grunting even louder!

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