donderdag 13 december 2012

Rammstein, The Beatles, The Stones, Velvet Underground, etc, inspire Erskine Quint!

Many regard this as the best book of the year, I agree! It is outrageous, funny, exciting, full of roller coaster adventures, but most of all; it is utter, utter madness!

It's been said that it is a cross between The Da Vinci code, Monty Python, Douglas Adams and to prove it, here's a review written in the Huffington Post:

The above mentioned bands were vital in the writing of this epic novel and I thank them one and all for their participation (albeit, unknown partcipation) because without them Erskine Quint would have never been created.

If you think that Harry Potter is excitement; you haven't read anything until you read this (For adults only, no kiddies stuff here!)....

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