vrijdag 19 december 2008

Adolf Hitler and the rest of the happy Butcherers

Jaggedone's, what a surprise, offered you all my EOY - FFF (End Of Year -Family Fucking Fling) seasonal greetings and now St.Jagged is back with new thoughts, provoked by a discussion at the lunch table today (19.12.08).

In the good ol clean, upright, upstanding, forever goody goody USA a family of US Nazi's, after naming their baby Adolf Hitler, requested that the local baker should bake a cake with the name AH printed on the top, they were refused vehemently. Promptly the Nazi family accused the baker of discrimination and threatened to sue him! (or lock him up in Auschwitz, oh no it never existed, how could they??)

Now Jaggedone's we all know how sensitive non - Nazi's and goodie, goodies react to ol Adolf and co, Jews, Holocaust, etc, but this ere St.Jagged, although totally rejecting any form of oppression, prejudices based on colour, religion, creed, political beliefs, etc, or genocide caused by any group whatsover, felt that this time the US Nazi family might just have a point.

Well fuck me, ol St.jagged is going against the grain once more, what a surprise!

The reasons for my line of thought are as following:

Anybody, group or whoever who causes injustly harm, kills and maims innocent people belongs, as far as St.Jagged is concerned, in the same category as Mr.Hitler.

Historically there has been no empire, nation created, religious expansion, geographical expansion, political power or power generally gained without the murdering and butchering of innocent lives.

No race, country, continent, empire, religion, etc, could ever prove that they have non - bloodstained hands, this is a fact, everybody involved, historically and presently have in one way or another bloodstains on their consciences.

Ok, Ok, clever muvva fuckers amongst you, you're all thinking, "yes but there are different levels of gaining power and oppressing the innocent": No muvva fuckers the act reamains the same, killing is killing and it matters not how many you kill, or how you do it, the fact is that you do it to gain and maintain POWER!

Lets have a look at some perfect examples, historically and present:

Well the Egyptian/Roman Empires were certainly created on the back of murdering, genocide, sacrifices and how the fuck were the Pyramids built? St.Jagged is pretty sure ol Cleopatra and the Pharaohs didn't lift one little stone. The Roman Emperors loved their fantastic colloseums and temples where they led their slaves to the slaughter! Not forgetting the millions that were slaughtered whilst maintaining their impressive empires. Oh how we all admire them these days!!!

Ghengis Kahn and his marauding armies, Ottoman Empire, etc, you name them and St Jagged will guarantee you that they all loved a good ol bloody, bloodbath party.

How about our do - goody religious little angels spreading the global words of Christianity, Hebraism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, they all sent their blood thirsty armies out to implement bloody, butchering techniques to force their holy, righteous gospels down peoples throats (if they still had a head on their shoulders!).

One certain happy invasion, religious oppression springs to mind; our sweet, loving Spanish Catholics were pretty good at cold bloodedly hacking some heads off during the Spanish Inquisition (makes Adolf look like a Messiah) also our marauding, crusading Brits during the Christian crusades, I don't want to fucking know how much fun they had, raping, murdering and pillaging IN THE NAME OF CHRIST: GET MY LINE OF THOUGHT?

Ok, lets move forward a bit, St.Jagged don't dare mention the Dutch, Brits, Spanish, Portugese, Italians, Americans, Germans and the rest of the civilised world transporting black slaves from the Jungle into the new world. How many of them poor bastards were slaughtered and butchered for the sake of greed and power?

Ah yes our clean as a whistle, forgotten everything Rule Brittania, blood right up till their white collared necks, the fabulous British Empire, The Raj, Australia, Africa, America, well practically anywhere they ruled, blood, blood and even more blood (how clean does ol Adolf look now!)

Our Japanese friends did a pretty good job in China and other Far Eastern countries, also the Chinese did a pretty bloody job amongst their own and in Tibet, not to forget ol Pol Pot and his charming Killing Fields!.

Sovjet eastern block oppression, murder, incaceration and torture in it's satellite states. Rumania, what an ol chummy charmer Mr Ceaucescu was! Bulgaria, Poland, Honecker in the DDR, Tito in sunny Jugoslavia and the legacy of the Balkan wars, etc, pretty bloody mob that lot!!

OK, lets get really up to date, our beloved US and their Allies fighting in the name of righteousness, Christian values (what the fuck are Christian values, ask Jesus, and certainly not his human representatives, he might be the only one who knows!). Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Honduras, Iraq, Afghanistan, BLOODY HELL, a lot of innocents slaughtered their too!

Lets look at their evil oppponents, fuck me, just the same, Taliban, Sadam, Bin laden, Ho Chi Minh, blood, blood and even more blood everywhere!

Oops, forgot our oh so clean Jewish bretheren over there in Israel and their Palestinian counterparts murdering and killing each other for the sake of a bit of power and land!

Stalin, Franco, Salazar, Mussolini, George Bush (he's just a complete clown and irresponsible for his acts but still as guilty as the rest!) Pinochet, Argentinian, Brazilian, African, Asian, etc Dictators / Generals. Mr "Pyschokiller" Mugawe, Rwandan genocide all perpetrated by corrupt generals, politicans, Arabian Sheikhs, you name them, blood, blood and more butchered blood, GET MY FUCKING POINT BY NOW!!

StJagged could could write an endless book if he could ("St.Jagged your worthless shit is not worthy of a bog roll let alone a book", thanks, St.Jagged's innerconsience kicks St.Jagged in his WAN-KIN-DIK and tells them to fuck off and get a life!).

Jaggedone's, never in a million years would St.Jagged condone the acts of ol Adolf and Co, but sometimes St.Jagged thinks, if our lovely Adolf wouldn't have stuck his arch enemies and "Untermenschen" in the gas chambers, arsehole. Maybe he would have ended up being some sort of Messiah (Autobahns, etc) and after looking at the evil fuckers mentioned above, he wasn't so much different either (but St.Jagged still wouldn't call his child Goebbels, Hitler, Eichmann or whatever and certainly not have it written on his birthday cake, Aryan Broitherhood my arse, you're no different than the slaughtering rest!)

From St.Jagged and his bruised WAN-KIN-DIK (you know!)

dinsdag 16 december 2008


Ho, Ho, Ho, and a very merry Christmas to all of my dedicated Jaggedones, BOLLOCKS! This ere Jaggedone will certainly not be celebrating Christmas, instead he has renamed the festive season: The EOY - FFF season (End Of Year - Family Fucking Fling season)

And to all of those hypocrites who sit down and celebrate CHRISTMAS, don't give a toss about the religious side of this festival, get pissed out of their brains, stuff their faces and throw millions out of the window for presents, they can all go and hang themselves on their christmas trees or drown in their credit card debts caused by this massive sham show!!!

Anyway Jaggedones, to get into the mood of the EOY - FFF season St.Jagged has made two lists of those deserving and those not deserving to celebrate this festive season, also those who have earnt the St.Jagged respect award and those who should be dumped OVER fucking BOARD AWARD!

Here we go: List One for those deserving to be respected and deserve every bit of EOY - FFF season booze, food and presents they can devour!

1) WAN-KIN-DIK, my merry ol earthquake damaged, one wheeled broken rickshaw pulling Chink who has stuck with St.Jagged through thick and thin. Slept under a freezing cold Amsterdam bridge, saved the world from financial, corrupt bastards (if only you people would listen to St.Jagged!!!), saved St.Jagged from the Maggot World and last not least, never will stop being, my ol WAN-KIN-DIK, merry EOY - FFF to him!

2) All nurses, doctors, carers, people who dedicate their lives to helping others, social workers, correctly run charities, GREENPEACE, and all others who know the world stinks but are willing to make a stand and show the world: WE COULD DO IT DIFFERENTLY!!!. St.Jagged's wishes for you all, A TRIPLE FUCKING PAY RISE and acknowledgement of the wonderful work you all do!!

3) All of you who detest and fight against the worldwide abuse of our children, one day the human race must learn not to abuse the one's who come behind us, WHY? If you can't answer that you're fucking braindead!

4) All of those who fight the wars on the fronts, have died fighting the wars, are disabled because of the wars and those who care for the wounded and injured caused by the wars (this is not meant for those who cause the wars and those politicians and officers who hide behind their rankings/status and let the "little people" do their dirty work for them!)

5) All of you who fight against the worldwide abuse of our animal co - inhabitors and understand how wrong it is to abuse the weaker less intelligent inhabitants of the planet.

6) All vegetarians who understand how disgusting and wrong it is to eat factory produced meat and their by - products (all meat - eating indiginous inhabitants of this planet are not excluded in this wish, they have a right to survive, just like our animals, so therefore if the only source of food on offer is an animal, then so be it, nature at it's most natural, St.Jagged has no problems with that!)

7) All those living below the poverty line in wretched circumstances and will not have such a happy EOY - FFF. Sorry, this Jaggedone cannot do anything about your terrible situation, but St.Jagged still wishes you all of the best in you dreadful conditions.

8) Last not least St.Jagged and his faithful, global readership (if you can take this bullshit for more than one blog, then you really deserve the special EOY - FFF wishes and awards!), also the St.Jagged family members who suffer this arsehole on a daily basis, St.Jagged loves you all!!

List of non - deserving, not to receive the EOY - FFF award, hang em up on their hypocritical christmas trees bastards who St.Jagged detests:

1) Corrupt Politicians (well that's 99%!), corrupt business people (well thats 99%), corrupt and evil religious leaders (well thats 99%!) misusing their positions to abuse their blind followers; and most disgustingly, catholic/protestant priests hiding behind their sacred costumes and sexually abusing children!

2) All those people who scavenge and benefit off of our political systems, i.e. Politicians, civil servants and fraudsters.

3) All global dictators who abuse their positions, live in luxury, gather millions and let their poor people suffer (enough of them bastards scattered all over the planet!).

4)Terrorists who are too cowardly to confront their "enemies" in a correct manner but choose to blow themselves to smitherenes, and have taken thousands of innocents with them, caused mayhem, chaos and misery wherever they leave their disgusting imprint, HANG THE MUVVA FUCKERS, ALL OF THEM (NO MATTER WHICH GROUP THEY REPRESENT)!!!

5)Dishonest, corrupt, egoistic, selfish leaders who only think of themselves and prey off of the people who put them in their positions in the first place!

6)Dishonest people generally, LOCK EM ALL UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEYS!

7)Rich and famous wannabe do - gooders who offer so little, make sure the world knows how "good" they are just to enhance their own popularity, sick!

8) Gays. Lesbians and all others who hang their minority protests out big time, proclaiming that their way is the "Natural way," fuck off behind your own four walls and do what you do in private!

9)People who hurt other people because of greed, enjoyment or are just sick, lock em up!!!

10)George "Fucking" Bush, Osama bin Laden, Tony Blair, and the rest of the clowns who pushed the world into the predicaments it finds itself today, all of those who voted for them in the first place and believed in their lies, get a fucking life!

11)All religious fanatics (Islamic, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, whatever!) who show no respect and tolerance for other beliefs!

12)Last not least, all of those global corrupt financial multi - billionaire muvva fuckers who pull strings when they want to and bring so much misery to the world (send them all to global refugee camps, shanty towns, etc, and let them experience what real fucking misery is, BASTARDS!!!!)

Well my Jaggedone's St.Jagged is sure he has forgotten someone out there, if I have, have a good long look at yourself in the mirror and find out which list you fit into, this Jaggedone doesn't give a shit!

Have a merry ol EOY - FFF (once more for the ignorant and hypocritical amongst you = END OF YEAR - FUCKING FAMILY FLING!)

See you all in 2009 and don't forget to send your donations over to "Muy Pobre" St.Jagged and his forever WAN-KIN-DIK!!!

Adios, Goodbye, Aufwiedersehen, etc, etc.

vrijdag 5 december 2008

Blasting our way towards 2009!!

Bombs in Bombay, bombs in Baghdad (so what's new!) bombs in Kabul (well fuck me, what a surprise!) bombs in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Congo, Nigeria, well practically everywhere apart from the good ol US and Europe (careful St.Jagged, don't forget the Basques, Corsican separtists, Northern Ireland militias, radical animal protectionists, Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, etc, they're just waiting to do a Mount Vesuvius on us all!)

In fact approaching this season of goodwill and peace to all of mankind, this ol Jagged cynical bastard thinks something has slightly gone fucking " pear - shape" or "mushroom - shape."

As we blast our way towards 2009, hope still lives eternal and Mr "coloured Messiah" Obama, is waiting in the wings, getting ready to implement his global plans to "save this shithole," create peace everywhere, global financial comfort and shove ol Georgie Porgie into where he really belongs, the home of the demented, deranged and psychopathic serial killers, thank God (WHO!) for that.

2008 is about to go out with a bang (hopefully not in Bombay again!) and we can all sip our Champagne, throw a couple of fireworks in the air and fantasise about the future, 2009, our path to righteousness led by Obama and Co. His flock shall follow and everything will certainly become "Hunky Dory" once more (hold it, when was it "Hunky dory"?)

"St. Jagged wakey, wakey, time for your cup of warm cocoa and put your fucking slippers on you dirty ol wet dreamer" (incontinence is rapidly gaining hold of Jagged's impotent balls!)

No, no, my Jaggedone's, St. Jagged has not been shaken out of his peaceful, futuristic christmas dream by his inner conscience, it was the nurse in his present abode (a doss house somewhere in downtown Brixton, "blacker than black" London). After being salvaged from his under the bridge camping refuge in shaggy ol Amsterdam with his ol WAN-KIN-DIK (earlier blog). He was extradited back to his "Heimat" (wonderful UK) dumped in a doss house and left to dement and waste into his next life (reincarnate as a furry, white, baby seal, fuck me, not a very long life expectancy there mate!), be thrown in a cardboard box, burnt to ashes and thrown in an oblivious black hole somewhere in the middle of concrete downtown Brixton, black fucking hell!!

Well hopefully 2009, will change all that and St.Jagged can dream about his future decadence in a nightmare on Elm Street.

Happy fucking christmas you mob and don't throw to many bombs in downtown Brixton, UK, keep them over there in sunny downtown Bombay or wherever!!!

Bye fucking Bye, and go and blast yourselves with impunity into 2009, from your one and only soon to be very decadent St.Jagged and his ol chum, WAN-KIN-DIK! (where would St.Jagged be without his ever faithful Chinese, skinny, wretched, out of work, broken down rickshaw pulling, earthquake victim, (remember!) slave!).


woensdag 19 november 2008

Mao, you fat "Commy" Dictator who caused all of the misery!!

Surprise, surprise, after WAN-KING-DIK's epic siege of Wall Street and the reverberations thereof, the whole global, financial system is rocking at it's foundations and our major advanced, industrial nations are rocketing (or have rocketed) into recession, shock, horror!!

The ol US and UK, well that was pretty obvious, build your economies on stilts built from Mastercard and Visas then they're bound to collapse. Germany, Japan, France, Spain, Italy, etc, well they're being forced to join the US and UK because they were stupid enough to invest their trillions in dodgy US and UK investment companies and who the fuck wants to buy a luxury 100.000 Euro Merc in this day and age (St Jagged would like too, but living under a bridge in ol Amsterdam and surviving on rats droppings together with his ol slave and saviour WAN-KIN-DIK, thats certainly not in his budget, aagh!), shock, horror.

St.Jagged (sorry about the echo, the bridge under which I've pitched my wanky tent has not been insulated and the waves hitting the side walls cause a terrible echo effect and constantly wake my fellow RAT inhabitants up out of their daily snooze in the sun), after plummeting down to SEWER-RAT level St.Jagged has decided to point his moulding finger at the one and only (pictured above) MAO TSE (die hard communist muvva fucker) Tung and blame him for all of the misery incurred by himself and his merry ol servant, ex - wartime hero, ex - broken wheeled, rikshaw pulling, skinny as a bone, earthquake victim, WAN-KIN-DIK.

Why? Jaggedone's, you are all asking yourselves is MAO to blame for all of the financial misery, recessions, meltdowns, banking scandals, etc, etc.

Very easy my beloved Jaggedone's (All donations for the "Save St.Jagged and his merry ol WAN-KIN-DIK Charity" should be sent to Amsterdamned, 666th, 88th, bridge somewhere along the polluted canals of the Dutch capital of prostitution, drug - taking and gay rights, Postcode : Combat 18 somewhere in the Netherlands) Mao should have told his present Chinese rulers that communism is not fucking capitalism, capitalist, global trading and production should never have been allowed under a "communist regime" and never ever should the Chinese communist party be doing dirty deals with its worst enemies, the rest of the capitalist, greedy muvva fucking world, and earning trillions of dirty dollars on the way!!!

That is the reason why "muy Pobre" St.Jagged and ol WAN-KIN-DIK are stuck under this fucking bridge, if ol fatty Mao had done his job properly St.Jagged would never have bought those worthless shares in that useless, crap toy manufacturing factory somewhere in downtown Shaghai (sorry Shangai). If Mao had warned all of them greedy muvva fucking Chinese leaders not to get involved with the rest of the "Global Capitalist Mafia's" then St'Jagged would have invested his millions (made from writing this crap) in a fucking Icelandic bank, ooops, and mega fucking oops!!!

OK, OK, St.Jagged will keep his bridge warm and cosy until the rest of you losers decide to join him and ol WAN-KIN-DIK for a not - so - happy, very wet and cold New Years Eve party under an ol Amsterdam bridge somewhere in the Sodom and Gomorrah of planet earth and we can all get pissed together (don't forget to bring your bottles of meths and spiritus with you as a show of solidarity for the one and only loser and about to become a totally pissed, drunken alcholic) Also, St.Jagged and his merry ol, well you fucking know, can't afford any of those ladies lurking naked behind the red lights, he'll leave them for our up and coming "New Rich" Polish cabbage pickers (but that's another subject to Blog about!)
Adios from St.Jagged and his WAN-KIN-DIK (only friend left in the world) and King Alfred (Rat disguised as a king with huge red eyes, Albino white skin, weighing in at 50 kilos, teeth like a fucking walrus and keeping the waves out of my soggy and damp tent as long as I promise to lick his webbed and stinking paws every hour!)

donderdag 13 november 2008

The end of the MASTER RACE as we know it!!

Jaggedone's he's won, what a fucking surprise, or what a foregone conclusion. Well at least we can say goodbye and good riddance to our favourite mass "PIG" destroyer, Georgie Porgie and welcome our coloured Messiah to the White (white, fuck me they should invent a new name for the palace, Black or coloured House maybe?) House, or is it such a grand welcome for some of you whiter than white muvva fuckers out there???

Pointing the finger at our favourite group of upright citizens claiming that the white caucasian "Master Race" are the one and only masters. You all have been taking some mega - severe black/coloured batterings in recent history. I wish to point out to them that the whiter than white "Master Race" is certainly on the fucking run and about to disintegrate into oblivion if mankind continues progressing the way it has done recently.

Lets analyse the facts my Jagged "multi coloured" ones":

1) Well Mr "non - white" (what the fuck is he anyway?) Obama has reached the ultimate pedestal in a landslide victory and created history by becoming the first non-white President of the good ol US, fuck on Martin Luther King, "I had a dream."

2) Most successful olympic athletes tend to be slightly off - colour or black, fuck on ol Jesse Owens and stuff Adolf & Co. You white caucasian muvva fuckers are certainly hanging way behind (yeah, yeah, OK in support of all those olympic swimmers out there, they're pretty white, but our coloured colleagues don't take to water like our ol whiteys do especially the shark version, bite your cohones off and crunch my whiter than white Australian surfers, suntanned, bleached haired legs off!).

3) Baseball, Basketball, English soccer, European soccer, worldwide soocer (mega coloured!), fuck me, there are certainly a lot of non-white faces and legs running rings round the rest of us and winning every fucking prize there is to win ("yeah, yeah, what about good ol ice hockey, Skiing and winter sports then, clever shit St.Jagged". "Well that's pretty obvious our coloured bretheren and sisters don't particularly adhere to the ice and cold do they, Jamaica, warm sun, tropical rum, reggae, marihjuana and all of that crap!).

4) Islam and muslims are the nr. one religion on the planet (plenty of colouring there white Master Race muvva fuckers!) and certainly good ol fucking whiter than white christianity is dying a slow, crucifixion death, even more rapidly than ol Jesus himself!

5) Ex - colonies scattered over the planet, no fucking "WHITE POWER" left there either!

6)Fascists, Neo - Nazis, Rascists, (ST. Jagged plenty of colouring there too!), KU KLUX, Aryan Brotherhoods, White Nationalist groups, etc, well your'e a dying fucking breed of white muvva fuckers aint ya!!

So, lets have a resumé, all of you blind, ignorant, muvva fucking whites hating others just because they're a slightly different colour, watch your mega - white balls because soon they're about to be hacked off by the one's you all love to hate. You are a pitiful minority and the world's population is catching you up rapidly, so just accept the fact that those of a slightly different origin and colour are about to conquer the world (St.Jagged hopes his super strong sun tan will convince them all that he is a yellow fucking coward and shows coloured solidarity to the inevitable future of mutli - culti, coloured, black POWER and St.Jagged's cohones remain where they are!) and if you don't you will all be strung up and castrated by hooded, coloured, scary figures, dressed in black robes, branding crosses of fire and preaching loud fucking Islamic verses as a pre - torture before your whiter than white balls are removed!!!

Goodbye from your slightly off - coloured, badly tanned, pretending he's a Eunuch and running to the hills with his whiter than white balls wrapped up in black cotton wool , ST.Jagged!!!

dinsdag 28 oktober 2008

Obama = Hitler = Resurrection is Truth!!!

OK, OK, St.Jagged promised all of our avid and TRUTHFUL readership not to get involved in slagging off or supporting merry ol coloured Obama and St.Jagged certainly didn't want to get involved in that wild west show happening over there in the good ol USA, but fuck me, how could St.Jagged resist this one:
This is the fucking TRUTH, St.Jagged has been following the latest news, rallies, interviews, slagging matches, etc, during the run in to the "Final Countdown" (Swedish crappy rock band called Europe started it, fuck off back to Knaecker Broot land!!) and some interesting developments have started to happen, the boxing gloves have been abandoned and bare fucking knuckle fist fighting has taken its place (Brad Pitt stand - ins required!), no punches pulled, just blood hounding on the final stretch towards the golden gates of the whiter than white (maybe he'll have it painted when he moves in!) White House.


Accusations, accusations: Ancient fucking (ex Vietnam hero, sixty miles behind the battlefront and never got his fucking balls shot off) war hero McCain (nothing to do with those lovely, thin, crispy, frozen chip manufacturers or?) accuses ol Obama of the ordinary people of being a NATIONALIST because he dared used the words "I WILL UNITE AMERICA, I LOVE AMERICA, WE AMERICANS, BLACK, WHITE, PINK AND BLUE MUST UNITE, ETC, ETC!!!

Accusations, accusations: Ancient fucking McCain and his ol whorey sidekick Palin have decided to call our upright and honest (black) man of the people a ........SOCIALIST, OK nothing wrong with that you would think, but were in the good ol US and socialists are fucking DEMONS or even BLACK WITCHES PRACTISING BLACK MAGIC AND VOODOO!
Now if ol St.Jagged is correct NATIONALISTS together with SOCIALISTS = NATIONAL SOCIALISTS = NAZIS!

There was a certain Austrian (Sieg Heil to all of my Aryan Brotherhood readers!) in Germany back in history who also was a NATIONAL SOCIALIST or NAZI and he preached to his fellow German folk: Unification of all German territories, prosperity to the working class, he even built the muvva fucking Autobahns to transport his merry ol tanks into Poland, Austria (Land of his birth), Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Russia, France, Holland, you name it, he fucking nicked it!!

"Yeah, fucking Yeah," you're all thinking, "there is one fundamental difference, ol Adolf (Persil white) and Co preached White Power to the Masterrace and ol Obama well he's a slightly off white, dark yellow, browny, blacky type of colour and up till now has not shown the world his "TRUE COLOUR (S)."

St.Jagged refuses to get involved in politics, but at the end of November 2008 ( albeit if some muvva fuckng loony NAZI Aryan Brother doesn't blow his fucking brains out) the mighty US will have their first non - white President and if McCain and scatty ol Palin are correct, he will also be the first non - white, blackish "NAZI" President to run the ol US, well thats a fucking thought isn't it~!!

Obama is destined to rule, and the majority minorities who make up the US population can't wait for ol coloured "Nazi" Barack to rule and God (he's pretty colourful too!!) forbid the "White" Caucasian masterrace (not forgetting their Jiddish bretheren, run for the fucking hills muvva fuckers!!) who could well be sent to Auschwitz - like concentration camps to repent and be punished for their past sins on black negro slaves, yellow slit eyed Japs, Koreans, Vietnamese, terrorist arab looking Iraqui's, Palestinians, Syrians, turban draped Afghani's, latino looking Cubans, Columbians, etc, etc.

OK, maybe ol St.Jagged just misinterpreted the bloody punches coming out of the filthy mouths of those corrupt politicians attempting to gain any advantage they can in the run up to the US Presidential elections and ol Barack is really just a simple (non - white, blackish) man wanting honest change for those idiots over there in the US who are so gullible and believe everything that is said to them anyway, who knows? Hidden agenda, what fucking hidden agenda!!!
Aufwiedersehen, HH, Sieg Heil, Jackbooted and off to crusade in the name of the deadly, "black" TRUTH, St.Jagged, yellow WAN-KIN-DIK (gradually recovering after his battle against those corrupt muvva fucker, multi - billionaire investors on whiter than white Wall Street) my black Cat, white Dog, black Goldfish and last not least my deadly (with a sting in his tail) Scorpion called Bin "goldie, bronzy, slightly grey bearded lost in a Pakistani cave somewhere in Pakistan" Laden!

PS: did you mob notice St.Jagged didn't even mention Obama's favourite "white" girl friend since two weeks, darling of the dick (or pussy, whatever they prefer) sucking US female rights movement, Hilary. Hypocrisy well that's a fucking massive understatement, but we are in the good ol land of the righteous and pure USA where bullshit is more common than Macdonalds shit!!!

woensdag 15 oktober 2008

Sorry about these disturbing pictures, but this is the TRUTH!

Well Jaggedone's there are some subjects, which one really cannot take the piss out of or laugh at, in the past St.Jagged wrote about sexual child abuse and that was no laughing matter either.

A very dear, close and loving person asked the Jaggedone to write about a subject, which ST.Jagged fails to find any humour in at all so here we go, and this is more than serious!!!

A well known philosopher, Schopenhauer, once quoted: "A society which allows the mistreatment and torture of its animals is a mirror of the society itself".

These pictures are proof of that, and they are certainly not fucking aliens!
It is nearly that time of the year when several Nordic nations pick up their nailed clubs, go off to the breeding grounds of innocent seals and commit bloody genocide, similair to other atrocities which also happen annually.

OK they're just animals, so fucking what, no they are not just animals! They are an integral part of the natural cycle and have the right to exist that way, even if they later get eaten by larger predators, that is the way nature should determine the existence of all of its creatures, great or small.

Sadly, most humans have a different approach and feel that they can intervene in this process, not for the benefit and progression of nature, no my thinking Jaggedone's, no, fucking no and never.
They intervene solely for one purpose, greed, materialism, and power! The bullshit lies that are told by our Nordic bretheren whilst slaughtering these beautiful beasts cannot be acceptable: "We need to cull the numbers because they deplete our fishing areas" bollocks and still more bollocks.
Mankind wasn't not built to eat tinned, frozen, factory fish and their by - products, man, in certain areas of the planet, was meant to survive on fish. seals, polar bears, etc, in limited numbers solely for pure survival and not for mega - multi million profits and global distribution!!!

This annual slaughter is the disgusting proof of what the human race really is, a wild, destructive, teriffying slaughtering machine, let loose to conquer and destroy the planet and rape all of it's natural resources for only one reason, GREED!

These acts of genocide on any breed of innocent animal are no different to the acts of genocide between humans and the reasons are the same !!!

Nature has been evolving in its own way over billions of years, human intervention has dissolved that natural process and excelerated the destruction process to an extent where the natural process is completely and utterly irreparable unless we of course get bombarded by comets, meteors or an atomic bomb maybe?

These acts of despicable human behaviour continue to destroy these wonderful creatures and their greed driven quest for their furs, meat, and ony other by - products, which are sellable, has nothing whatsoever to do with natural survival.

When the human race was forced into taking this journey of complete and utter madness, destruction, greed, materialism and the quest for power by the powers that be, there had to be sacrifices.

These sacrifices and their victims are the weak, the innocent, the poor, the natural habitats, their inhabitants, etc, and the results and scars are plain to see all over the planet. The slaughtering of whales and seals are just small, disgraceful examples of the execution of these acts and the human beings insatiable craving for materialism and greed at all costs.

We are all guilty and as we observe these inhuman acts being carried out by our fellow HUMANS we should all feel thoroughly ashamed, angry and disgusted that such genocide is allowed to continue. The human race is proud of its achievements but fails on every count when these despicable acts of genocide are still allowed to continue on these, beautiful, innocent animals.

St.Jagged is certainly not an apostle of doom or can he offer any solutions for the planet and its problems. The human race has got its self into this disgraceful state and its up to the individual to rethink his own personal situation, improve one's own knowledge and reject completely any products, which are sourced through these acts.
St. Jagged and his readers cannot and will not even attempt to change the world the only thing that St.Jagged does is laugh and take the piss out of the mess, unfortunately this subject is impossible to laugh at and it only deserves the contempt it should rightfully receive.
Fuck on all of you brave protestors, Green Peace, etc, and every one of you has forced this issue upon our pathetic and corrupt leaders hoping to rid the planet of these "scum, greed mongers and callous murderers." St.Jagged supports you and if you save one whales life then you are all heroes in my books.

Sorry that this subject cannot make you laugh or is in anyway humorous, St.Jagged will save that for other subjects, which will certainly occur and not escape my attention!

Goodbye and keep on protesting

St "VERY ANGRY" Jagged

zondag 12 oktober 2008

Elephants Crap Causes Ozonehole over India, Shock, Horror!!!

Well who the fuck is to blame for Ozone holes appearing in our once so pristine atmosphere, look above and you will find the answer.

Yes Jaggedone's, St. Jagged has been researching this subject and after studying a global scientific survey St. Jagged has come to the stinking, disgusting, polluting, stenching conclusion that farting, fucking Indian Elephants, Australian Sheep, American Cows, etc are to blame, shock fucking horror!!!!

Never in a million years are polluted factories, CO2 output, traffic jammed motorways, municipal refuse pits, stinking, disgustingly fithy human bogholes (mentioned in an earlier masterpiece from the one and only St.Jagged), nuclear wastage plants, human sewer works, chemical factories, human polluted oceans, rivers, lakes, inland seas, dead, swimming on the surface fish, etc, etc, to blame.

No my Jaggedone's, farting, crapping elephants and their animal brothers and sisters have brought upon the, oh so clean and pure human race, this inevitable disaster and DANGER from above.

They have caused the Ozone holes to appear through the accumilation of methane gases by persistently farting and crapping all over our wonderful planet and left the human race with a massive, ultra violet, infra red bombardment from our ferocious and very angry mother of all planets, the sun.

We poor, innocent and very honest, upright humans are about to be sacrificially sacriced for the sake of our farting, crapping animal contra - parts and have no solution for the problem (well maybe add a bit more pollution to their habitats, poison the muvva fuckers foods, start a global foot and mouth outbreak, destroy the forests and rain forests!!) Oh my God, St.Jagged forgot, humans eat the muvva fuckers, that won't do, we could all end up fucking killing ourselves!!!
Alternative solution:
We could all jump on the next available rocket flying towards fuck knows where and leave the "SHITHOLE" behind us (only if you're a multi -millionaire, billionaire and a good friend of Sir "ol platinum balls" Branson and a Virgin of course!).

Ozone holes caused by farting and crapping elephants (and of course those other filthy beasts, pigggies, cows, sheep shaggers) who else can the human race blame for their self inflicted miseries, our Alien friends maybe ("Aliens, oh St Jagged get a fucking life, there are no flying saucers and green men shitting and peeing down on our planet, oh, maybe it's God/Allah (no insults towards our muslim brotherhood please) is sitting on the bog having a good ol crap!!!")

St.Jaggeds innerconscience wakes up and can't stand the stench coming out of the bathroom.

Jaggedone's, goodbye from, just about to let a massive fart go, release some more methane gases in the toilet and poison the rest of the family sitting (shitting) on the bog, ST Jagged, and his ol mate WAN-KIN-DIK (filthy minded muvva fuckers!!)

dinsdag 30 september 2008


Jaggedone's you must all be wondering what the fuck has happened to ol WAN-KING-DIK, well the pictures above will give you a rough idea!

Yes my beloved readership we have sent our earhtquake damaged, one wheel broken rickshaw pulling, half-starved chinese, adopted son, off to war to fight those corrupt muvva fucking Wallstreet investors who have caused the great, global, financial meltdown.

Over the last two months we have been feeding ol WAN-KING-DIK raw and very bloody meat, gallons of hormone fluids (exclusively given to us by gold winning, Olympiads, drugged up to their eyeball athletes, including MR. Big, Dwain "I never took drugs" Chambers and overdosed ex sprint anti - hero, very innocent, MR. Ben "clean as a whistle" Johnson and last not least Tour de France banned cyclists rehabing with Robby Williams, Amy Winehouse, WHO?, James "Metallica" Hatfield, no, no, St.jagged not him, he's as clean as a babies bum now, no sex, no drugs but plenty of heavymetal. Robert Mugawe and other VIP's wishing to keep out of the way of the Paperazzi's!) live pigs, dead sheep, cold bloodedly, slit at the throat goats (thankyou Muslims all around the globe for allowing us to slit their fucking throats whilst alive and kicking, Ramadan is over, Allah behold!!).

Fresh and very warm camels blood given to us by a group of nomads wandering the Sahara desert searching for lost Nazi treasures and only finding the bones of modern day, impoverished Africans trying to make it to Europe and perishing on the way because they had no money left to buy water (reasons for not having enough money; they invested all of their hard earned dollars into paying corrupt fucking people smugglers who never hold their promises anyway!).

Daily diet of rotting carcasses left over by the Foot and Mouth disease scandals, mothers milk given to us by ex - Russian women (what women, fuck off!!) shot - putters who swallowed so many male hormones to achieve gold that they forget they were women and motherhood and have donated their dried milk leftovers to WAN-KING-DIK to aid his "Spartanic"invasion.

Oh shit, St.Jagged forget one other very important donor, the Chinese bastard milk producers who have laced their products with a very lethal chemical called melamine, but promised St.Jagged this would work wonders for ol WAN-KING-DIK. It causes unnatural growth in certain areas (reduction of penis size but increase of testorone cells around the delicate areas), giving him inhuman strength and a disfigured image (similair to Tschernobyl victims) in his quest to singularly bring down the corrupt fuckers running the very corrupt financial shit hole called WALLSTREET.

Look above to see the fantastic, destructing, killing machine that ST.Jagged and his merry ol shaggers have created (Frankenstein was a "Poof" compared to this WAN-KING-DIK beast!)

This invasion is based upon the legend of the 300 Spartans defending Greece against a very poofy and "GAY" Tyrant, who led the Persian armies, conquered all of Asia but failed to defeat 300 (real men by the way!) Spartans, in his quest to conquer the rest of the world (ST.Jagged detects certain simularities here, Napolean, Adolf, Ghengis Khan, George Bush, Mussolini and the rest of the merry ol, some gay some not, dictators of the past and present).

WAN-KING-DIK is now on his his way, chained to his Trojan horse, whipped by a hundred Dominas dressed in black leather, high heeled boots and skimpy black leather underwear (kinky muvva fuckers, don't get too horny reading this epic story!), his skin being impaled, sown up, nailed, pearced, tickled and burnt buy Roman - look - alike guards who resemble the ones in that other epic tale of someone nailed to the cross years and years ago on a lonely hill in? St.Jagged only believes in thorough preperation and winning at all costs you know!

WAN-KING-DIK will secretly infiltrate the marble halls of WALLSTREET, he will then be unleashed upon those corrupt muvva fuckers wheeling and dealing with other peoples corrupt billions, he will destroy and obliterate the whole fucking shitty system and free the rest of the world from the clutches of the evil, greedy speculators. Give the worlds finances back to their rightful owners, the little people, taxpayers, you and of course ST.Jagged (obviously St.Jagged does demand, for his sacred efforts to save the world, a certain very small reward; couple of lousy billions, not much compared to what we all must pay to save the whole shit going floating off down the Hudson River!).

Thankyou, the glorious, brave (some headless by now!) 300 Spartans for giving St.Jagged the inspiration to conquer evil, UNTRUTH and corruption, which is so abundant amongst the powers that run the fucking show on our beautiful, blue planet.

Your legacy, you brave and unconquered Spartan race, lives on and only with your strength, gallantry, braveness and unwillingeness to buckle and surrender to the might and power of those who run our miserable lives can we rid the planet of this horrendous disease, GREED!
(Dedicated to all Spartanic people who refuse to accept the Status Quo!)

St.Jagged is just about to fuck off to the hills of Toscany with his two billion bonus, live the life of Larry and lock up his all - conquering prize fighter, WAN-KING-DIK in balls and chains, feed him a couple of chunks of Mozzarella and try to revert him back to his past being; a half - starved, earthquake damaged, broken - wheeled rickshaw pulling Chinese adopted immigrant who is devoted to the one and only crusader of the TRUTH, ST.Jagged!!

dinsdag 23 september 2008

Financial Meltdown and all that crap

Sorry my Jaggedone's but I've been too busy transferring my 50.000.000,00 dollars worth of stocks and shares (earn't by royalties writing this crap) from criminal investment banks and corrupt insurance companies over to gold, oil, copper, anything other than Lehman Bros, AIG or other global, multi - bankrupt, gangster organisations.

Well my avid readership, what a couple of turbulent weeks we've all been having on the world stock exchanges and investment banks, caught with their knickers around their ankles and throwing billions out of the window whilst trying to recover from the fucking mistakes that they made in the first place.

"What," you are all saying, "mistakes made by these outrageuosly overpaid (Mafia Mob members) investors, wheeling and dealing with other peoples money," how could they make mistakes, shock, horror, never!!

Well my beloved Jaggedone's, they fucking well downright did, and now they've got the world's financial markets and themselves in a right load of stinky ol SHIT!

Ah well nevermind, there's always you and me to bail the bastards out otherwise we'll all be right up the Kyber Pass, shooting our muvva fucking brains out and thinking where the fuck is my next piece of dry bread coming from and never mind the negative equity mortgage payments!!

While the perpetrators run off to their luxury villas, swimmingpools, Ferraris, Porsches, 5 star Michelin dinners, luxury golfing holidays and we get left behind to dish up the taxes that finance the whole "saviour operations". Whats fucking new!!!

The little, hardworking, taxpaying arsehole will always be there for the rich and famous by, either getting his balls shot off in the ludicrous wars that they love to participate in, or stealing our hard earned bread and butter to bail them out of the disasters that they always get themselves into, recessions, stock exchange crashes, wars, revolutions, etc, you name it, they do it.

The whole lot stinks of stinking fish and rotting corpses and fuck Viva La Revolucion, the little man always ends up footing the bill, whilst they all continue to live the lives that we all dream of, FUCK OFF!!!

Apart from the mega "Financial Meltdown" the wankers at the UN have decided to treat themselves not only to rich "Pussy" New York style, no, they have at last agreed to refurbish the useless UN fucking headquarters, which is about as much use as giving Viagra to a 105 year old dying cancer patient (God bless his soul!) to the pitiful amount of, hold your breath, 19 Billion fucking dollars!!!!

That money could have been spent on feeding half of starving Africa for a year, providing sanitary and clean water for the rest and some rice and corn thrown in. Oh no, the powers that be at the UN need their leather chairs, posh offices, "Pussy" at night and fancy dinners for the Diplomats whores!!

What a fucking world, whats new, we're all just a bunch of braindead morons as we watch the events unfold, know what these bastards are doing to us all and we just continue to put our XXXXXosses (not St.Jagged by the way!) on the ballot papers and let the crap continue.

From a ranting St.Jagged, WAN KIN DIK, his merry ol finance ministers and his mingy, flee bitten ravaging, foaming at the mouth, Pitbull Terrier (don't come within 500 metres of the St.Jagged residence, he'll bite your fucking arses off, tax collectors an all!!!)

Goodbye from the Wall Street sewers, St.Jagged is just about to feed the Hudson River rats with some dead corpses who decided to commit suicide, blew their brains out and dedicated their rests to ST.Jagged as a gesture of solidarity and admittance that they read the "JAGGEDEDGE TRUTH" much too late!!!

dinsdag 9 september 2008

Satanic Messengers of Doom

666, rot in hell and enjoy the demonic tales from the fiery depths of Satan's serpent infested cauldrons of evil and debauchery.

St.Jagged has been converted (or perverted) to the anti-christ preaching of those from the black, dark and evil side to our being, and never will he return to the "Christian" white and virgin - pure life, which (or fucking Witch) once ruled our most fabulous planet.

Yeah, yeah, it's the LSD, speed, crack, marijuana taking it's toll again and St. Jagged has been laid out for the last couple of weeks enjoying rehab with no one less than Mr Bo Jangles himself, Robbie "straight as a needle in a haystack" Williams.

"What," you are all asking yourself is the ultimate Prophet of Damnation (St.Jagged has just knocked the pretender to the crown of PRINCE OF DARKNESS, OZZY OSBOURNE, off of his dark throne because he's become too much of a goody goody, chumming to up with the Queen, Royalty and Bush and Co, Prince of Darkness my arse!!) fucking ranting on about this time.

Well fellow evil muvva fuckers, St Jagged has decided to exit the above surface, normal world and enter fucking hell instead. Greet ol Satan, offer my inner soul as a sacrifice, burn slowly on the stake, alongside, Adolf, Jesus, Stalin, Georgie Boy, Nero and the rest of the naughty boys suffering below in the sulphuric pits of Lucifers domicile. Be reincarnated as an evil muvva fucking Charles Manson lookalike, terrorise, rape, murder, cause acts of genocide and start an evil crusade to destroy the Earth, after all there's not that much difference between below and above is there?

"Fuck me, St.Jagged, you're in a shiny happy mood today, what the shit has caused you to convert (or pervert), become Satans Messenger of Doom and relinquish all of the TRUTH crusading, which you preached in the past." St.Jagged's innerconscience wakes up and attempts to persuade St.Jagged not to enter the fiery brimstones of Hell and change his mind before it's too late.

"Fuck off innerconscience, my decision has been made, my split, fiery and very evil tongue will be used to terrorise the planet and it's oh so innocent human inhabitants (and lick as much hot, evil pussy on the fucking way!), enough is enough."

"Satan and his Demons have devoured my "TRUTHFUL" being and thrown him to the maggots nest to join the rest of the evil muvva fuckers and the Crusades of Truth will burn in FUCKING HELL!!"
Sweating profusely, St.Jagged awakes with an almighty exorcist sword of Damocoles hovering above his head "Jesus Christ, what a fucking nightmare," ST.Jagged is bathed in cold sweat with his balls shivering between his skinny thighs and Mrs St.Jagged, snoring!

"Fuck me, it must have been that brand new Slipknot CD with all of those evil masks, cheddar cheese and too much red wine, which caused the fucking nightmare," sighs a relieved, sweaty, cold and very clammy, St.Jagged.

Still shaking St.Jagged turns to kiss his Mrs. St.Jagged on her sweet, soft, cream coloured cheeks and, NO OO OO OO OO!!! She turns, opens her yellow, goat shaped, Satanic eyes and whispers in a devilish whisper,"St.Jagged my dear, welcome to the TRUTH, you can check out any time, but you can never leave (thankyou fucking Eagle shitheads, Hotel California bullshit)!"
Fellow evil Satanists, ^666^ an all of that bullshit, from the Goatshead spiked upon the Jaggedone's Torso and his merry ol, very hot devilish Pussy Lickers.

donderdag 21 augustus 2008

Who really won the war them or us?

(They've even got ol Prince "Charming" Harry working for them!!)

Long time no see or hear, I bet you all missed St. Jagged, WAN-KIN-DIK and the merry ol Shaggers ( ha fucking ha!).

Well St.Jagged has been busy jousting with fellow Knights of the Toolian Brotherhood (no not Aryan Brotherhood, coloured readers amongst you, no racist hints here, never!) and also been back to the ol homeland once again and this ol TRUE SHIT BRIT has found even more reasons to become disillusioned with the once almighty world power called GB. Hence the above title:

Who really did win the fucking ol second world war???
Reasons for this dubious title are as follows:
  • Try and find a middle / upper working class Brit who owns a British car and who really wnat's to own one, "what", you're all screaming, "there are no fucking British cars." True avid Jaggedone's, they all want to own GERMAN or JAP cars, BMW, Mercedes, VW, Porsche, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, etc. Hold it a second, how about the Mini, Landrover, Jaguar, R.Royce, Bentley, well fuck me they're all owned by Germans or Japanese, shock, horror (who won the war?).

  • Try and find a middle / upper working class Brit who doesn't own a Bosch, Miele, AEG, Bauknecht, Siemens, etc household appliance, they don't fucking exist. Every Brit with his marbles together obviously owns German or Jap household appliances because they're the best and what the UK (do they?) or US produce are all just crap! (who won the war?)

  • St.Jagged drove with his (shame on you muvva fucker, BMW) through his ol hunting grounds and guess what he saw, German supermarkets springing out of the ground like weeds being fed with fertiliser (maybe they're German too!). Aldi, Lidl, cheap, good and very efficient (typical Deutsch!) and who the fuck goes shopping in these oases of cheap, quality goods, surprise fucking surprise, middle / upper / lower working class Brits, no not fucking Aliens!! (who won the war?)

  • Not to mention mega takeovers by Deutsche Telecom, Deutsche Banks, Japanes mobile telephone companies, Deutsche steel, gas, electricity, water companies, shipbuilders, weapon producers, etc, etc. (who won the war?)

  • Lets not forget a subject dear to my heart, BEER, millions of gallons of it, being consumed on a daily basis and what beers are the pick of the moment in the UK, English Ales (fuck off), Guiness (yeah OK but thats not British either), well surprise surprise, German Lagers drunken by who? You guessed it, the middle /upper / lower working classes. (who won the war?)
"Ok," you're all thinking what the hell is this loony ranting on about, of course the UK, US and its allies won the fucking war. They stuffed the Krauts and their Nazis, threw a Nuc on the Japs and that was that.

And ever since 1945 the Brits and Yanks have been spouting off to the rest of the world how great they all are, getting involved in stupid non -winnable wars all over the globe, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, spending trillions on weapons and man -power whilst the Germans and Japanese are and have won the non - violent war. No bombs, no military, they don't fucking need that shit, that only destructs and destroys. They have learn't from their little mistakes in the past and instead of putting their energies into showing how fantastic, powerful and all conquering they are, they have been producing efficient, fantastic goods and businesses of which the whole planet wants.

Where are all of the Brit and US products that are conquering the world markets, non fucking existent. Now St.Jagged asks the question once more, WHO REALLY WON THE FUCKING WAR?

Every single time that this Jaggedone returns home the disillusionment grows. Social degradation, the rich and famous get richer (driving their Porsches, BMW's, Mercs, etc) whilst those left behind in their shitty, decrepid council estates and immigrant ghettos get poorer. Poor housing, inefficient health systems, infra - structural chaos, environmental disasters, etc, etc.

When St.Jagged returns to the continent, Holland, Germany, etc, he sees the gaps between those who have and have not are far less, where social / health services, etc, are far more efficient. Even the poorest areas of Germany / Holland look like holiday camps compared to some shit - hole estates in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, etc.

St.Jagged is just about to apply for the position of Chancellor of Germany, at the rate of German takeover in the UK ST.Jagged could become the next fucking Prime Minister! (Then the revolution will really start!)

Aufwiedersehen from St.Jagged, Heinz, Fritz, WAN-KIN-DIK and his merry ol Kraut beer boozers ( just testing the difference between Deutsche condoms and their UK competitors ones, made in Taiwan of course, guess who has the most teenage mothers in Europe, leaky UK condoms muvva fuckers!!)

PS: Those other great victors of the second world war are not even worth a mention in this blog. OK give them their credit, they fucked it up in Eastern Europe, Afghanistan, Cuba and Siberia and are now trying desperately hard in Georgia. Fuck on you Georgians and kick the Sowjet shit out of the cabbage eating, mafia run, corrupt army muvva fuckers, Red Army my Butt!

woensdag 30 juli 2008

Dead End holidays with Osama/Obama airlines/ very cheap!

Back from BB land and full of fresh crap (whats new!), ready to replace your cold turkey with golden shots of addictive White Hot Blogs, who needs a shot of heroine when you can read this bullshit (better than needles in your veins at any time, although they do have addictive properties which, could lead either to demention or insanity. At least St.Jagged's blogs don't cause rotting teeth, terrible, shocking and very painful terminations in fact they can be quite medicinal when not used in overdosed proportions or for curing haemorides!).

Guess who's back, Jagged's back, yes, after two weeks of lazing around in the BB rain forests and avoiding cancerous sunrays (not too difficult in BB land) St.Jagged has returned and is full of the latest happenings which, could well have altered mankinds path to oblivion over the past two weeks, i.e:

Obama in Israel, Palestine (well quick five minutes and out of that shithole!) Berlin (ICH BIN EIN BERLINER!! right colour wrong time, should have said that in 1938, welcome to fucking Auschwitz!), Paris, and last not least, jolly ol London Town, centre of the universe, and a must for all up and coming world leaders to shag (oops, sorry, shake hands with) the Queen, shag (oops, sorry, shake hands with) Gordon Brown and tell the rest of the UK, " we need your troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Lichtenstein (haven for laundering drug barons, Al Quaida, Mafia, etc, billions, must be worth starting a war for!) and wherever the US is fighting for upholding and creating, pure white or black, honest and very Christian based democracies." (Is he just a dark coloured version of ol Bushy Boy or is he really an extreme moslem terrorist who has infiltrated the Democratic party, posing as the reincarnated M.L.King, will win the next US election, turn the ol US into an extreme Islamic republic and invite Bin Laden to be his new number 2? Hilary you're mega - out of the running for that position, although Big Bill's dick is still waiting to be sucked, "I never had sex with that women or Hilary, never," quote, unquote!!).

We True - Brits are not falling for any of that old crap, so Georgie (Mark 2) Brown promptly reassured Barack, "of course ol Bean, ol Chappie, we have Dads Army (minimum age 76 by the way!) in reserve and will send them post haste to those war zones and kick the fucking shit out of Talibans, Moslem Terrorists, stray dogs, dead rats, and any other muvva fucker who dare raises his hands against the might of the US/UK allied forces.

"We fucked Hitler and we will certainly fuck those bearded morons throwing first world war, antique Russian bombs at our high-tec equipped superior military forces."

Anyway, Obama has fucked off back to the US to shag (oops. sorry, shake hands with ol cowboy) Mr Mc Cain. Then cover his ugly, balding, grey haired, wrinkled head with a blood ridden Ku Klux Klan hoodie, tell him who the real superior race is and win the November showdown, surprise, fucking, surprise!
What else has happened in the last two weeks?

  1. Terrorist bombs here, terrorist bombs there, daily dose of horror on the ol Aljazeera Int.
  2. ("something's will never change", Bruce Hornsby's one mega hit from way back when!)

  3. Oil, food prices jacked up to record, exorbitant levels.

  4. The global poor, impoverished, and downtrodden get poorer and poorer whilst the "Fat Cats" are laughing all the way to their Lichtenstein banks (Jagged has mentioned this volatile war zone once already!)

  5. BP, SHELL, EXON, TEXACO etc, announce record multi - billion profits, WOW!!

  6. Mr "Golden Cohones" Sir (fuck off) Richard Brandson offers maiden flights to those "Fat Cats" creaming off their billion bonuses, on his brand new Space Toy at 250.000 bucks a flight and the "Fat Cats" gratefully accept, "peanuts actually ol chap," they chuckle in very posh Oxford/Cambridge accents (Mugawe studied there too!)

  7. Remember Space Shuttle STS-541-L (Lightning could strike twice if we're lucky, evil bastard!!!)

  8. The Bejing Shambolympics are about to be unleashed upon us, relying on a massive use of military force to keep the unclean at a distance, surpress all forms of protests against the Chinese parlament relating to abuse of human rights and shove anybody into "luxury" Chinese prisons who dare say BOO to the Chinese government, "oh what a very sporty affair indeed."

  9. Bla, Bla, Bla!

    Good news: Oh, ST.Jagged forgot; mega traffic jams everywhere, global warming, volatile weather attacking the planet (must be them fucking Aliens or Mr X, Mr Big or even, dare I mention him, GOD), Bushie Boy is one month nearer to his illustrious end, Ronaldo is staying at Man Utd (maybe).

    Last not least my adopted, half - starved, earthquake damaged, one wheeled rickshaw puller come Samaritan called WAN-KIN-DIK has been offered a job in Bejing pulling overweight, multi - millionaire olympic functionairies around in his earthquake damaged rickshaw for the duration of the "Shambolympics," I told him to "fuck off to China, earn his paltry wage, give St.Jagged 60% of his takings, return to the Jagged Residence (very posh, you know!) and serve the Merry ol Jagged Shaggers for the rest of his miserable, shitty life, and he agreed, good on you WAN-KIN-DIK!

    Faithful Jagged one's, have a happy package holiday in the cancerous sun and don't get your asses burnt off!!


    woensdag 9 juli 2008

    Multi Coloured Power

    Lucky muvva fuckers, holidays are just around the corner and St.Jagged, his merry ol Mrs.Jaggedone and juvenile horror (WAN-KING-DIK has to stay at home too look after St.Jagged's priceless millions of royalties earned since writing this crap!) are off too BB land.
    BB, where the fuck is BB you're all asking yourself?
    Well ignorant ones amongst you I'll give you a few tips:
    BB = Big Beers, BB = Big Boobs, BB = Big Bratwursts, BB = Big Breakfasts, BB = Big BMW's,
    BB = Big Bayern München, BB = Big Belly (when St.Jagged returns from his well earnt vacation!), BB = Big Bums (= too much beer and bratwursts), BB = Big Brauhaus, and last not least BB = Big Berge (Berge = Mountains for those not fluent in der Deutschen Sprache, clever arseholes!).
    Home of Kaiser AH (well nearly home, next door neighbour actually?) and many other famous Deutschers; Kaizer Frans, Kaiser Ludwig, Kaiser Wilhelm, Kaiser BMW, Kaiser German Beer, etc, etc, langweilig, langweilig, bla, bla, bla.
    St.Jagged thought he would treat you to a holiday special and the pictures above will give you arseholes an indication of what this majestic blog is about:
    Just recently there was some news coverage and mention of the coming aniversary of the infamous showing of black raised fists at the olympics in 1968, fuck on you N.....S! Tupac would be proud of you all!
    St.Jagged thought some thoughts abouts this and decided to examine the phanomenom of MULTI - COLOURED POWER or hating people of a different colour just because they are a different colour.
    To tell the TRUTH (here we go again!) St.Jagged doesn't give a shit if you're pink, blue, red, white, black, brown, alien colour (mostly green!), or whatever, as long as your honest and tell the TRUTH (well that narrows us down to my dog, cat, goldfish, my wife and kids (sometimes!!) Aljazeera Int. (fucking competitors in the world of telling the TRUTH) and my dead relatives, no point in them lying either except my Dad he was really a lying fuck!!), but there are some of you out there who certainly do!
    e.g. So called, Racist Groups:
    KKC for example, whiter than white, Black militants, blacker than black, Radical Red Indians, more red than tomatoes, Chinese/Taiwan Nationalists, mainland yellow against island yellow, Russian/Polish Skinheads, greyer than grey ( and thick as pigs shit), green universal activist Aliens, greener than green, Jewish SS, browny, yellowy, greyey (multi colour mix!), Palestinian Freedom Fighters, same as the Jews but without big noses and loads of money, The Blues Brothers, bluer than blue!
    South African/Zimbabwian (in fact all African Nationalists), blacker than black or the other minority mob living there, whiter than white. Mugabe (off coloured, black Nazi dictator) blacker than black and wanting to exterminate all the other not black enough blacks as long as they don't agree with him!
    Italien/Spanish/Greek/Portugese/Bask/Catalonian, radical, terrorist nationalists, slightly off coloured dark white, browny, creamy, cappuchino colour also Lazio Roma fans, same colour different approach (Nazi Style and no hidden bombs around their fucking balls!).
    National Front/NSDAP, Brit/German solidarity, whiter than white and showing more solidarity for the pure white Aryan Brotherhoods locked up in US prisons fighting against the Black/Hispanic, blacker than black and browner than brown racist gangs fighting for racial supremacy, monopoly drug dealing, and brutal, naked survival.
    Browner than brown radical Hindus fighting browner than brown radical Moslems in India/Pakistan/Bangladesh (oh for the days of peace and prosperity under the whiter than white, British Raj, ha fucking ha!)
    St.Jagged could go round this shithole called earth and make a list as long as his dick (no not WAN-KIN-DIK, filthy minded fuckers!), but you all know what he means.
    "Well," you Jagged ones are thinking, "what the shit is this braindead, muvva fucking moron trying to tell us all."
    ST.Jagged being a slightly off pink, beige colour is only trying to say the following:
    Before all of you do - gooding, HYPOCRITICAL anti - racists out there waving your banners and screaming for no - racism, maybe you should open your blind, very stupid muvva fucking eyes and brains, and accept the fact that racism exists everywhere and not only in
    St Jagged is off too BB land for a short break, he knows that you will all miss him and cannot exist without the burning pokers of TRUTH shoved up your arses. Sorry you will just have to survive until he returns from friendly, gastfreundlich, hygienic, clean, beer drinking and the very hilly, mountaineous land of the BB'ers.
    Goodbye from St.Jagged and his red duck, blue Tit, yellow WAN-KIN-DIK, pink panther, black sinister shadow, white than white cocaine, green Nazi Alien, multi - coloured psychedelic trips on LSD and so on.
    Happy holiday and don't judge a book by its colours!!!!!!

    maandag 30 juni 2008

    WAN-KING-DIK and his Merry ol attacking Buzzards

    Life is full of bitchy surprises and this little story will prove my point.

    Now you're all wondering what happened to the Chinese, half - starved, earthquake victim, broken rickshaw puller who showed that the world still needs good Samaritans and saved ST. Jagged from extinction (for you non - informed, global, and mega - million new readers of this crap, the Chinese, half starved, bla,bla, appeared out of one of St.Jagged's fata - morganas and has never been mentioned again, read MAGGOT Blog arseholes!!!).

    Well he is alive and well and St.Jagged and his merry ol shaggers have adopted the Chinky, half starved (well you all know by now!) and gave him a name, a roof over his rickshaw, 10% of all earnings earnt, pulling rich, fat and very greasy tourists from A to fucking B, a clean bed (apart from one or two domestic pets, hygienic toilet with Euroshopper burn your arse toilet paper (unknown in China), 1 square meal a day, 4 x praying in the direction of the almighty Allah, holy carpet an all! Sex with a slit eyed prostitute once a year (we show all sentiments here towards homesickness hence the slit eyed prostitute, come pole dancer, stripper, and toilet lady, no costs spared at Jagged Edge Publications!).

    He is also allowed to kiss St.Jagged's feet once a month, clean the horseless stables ("what the fuck are you on about St.Jagged," St Jagged's innerconscience awakes, reads the shit being written and confronts St.Jagged with a Samurai sword, Kill Bill massacre, a Kung Fu kick in the bollocks and a reminder that these blog pages are only for serious fucking matters a la George Bush, etc.) read THE SUN, THE MIRROR, THE DAILY EXPRESS and all the rest of those intellectual demanding dailies, and sleep for a luxurious 2 solid hours a day.

    The half - starved (fuck off) has shown his appreciation of these more then comfortable and pleasant working conditions by expressing, on a daily basis, how much better it is in the Maggot World than his past existence. Working for Mao Tse Tung's government as a rickshaw driver in the Great Palace, pulling the rest of the fat, muvva fucking, Chinese communist leaders from their boudouirs to the dining room, to the marbled halls of parlament, to their concubines, to their fast food restaurants, back to their boudouirs for a quicky with one of their real wives and then back to bed for a 14 hour sleep. All of that on a payment of a bowl of cold, white, stodgy rice, two ex - communist chinese, over inflated yen (roughly 10 pence!) a kick in the crutch for the effort and once a year a shag with a soon to be slaughtered pig before it was devoured by the fatty, chinese, communist leaders for the Chinese new year (have things actually changed by the way?).

    "St.Jagged you are a fucking humane person and should be recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize alongside Nelson ol boy, Muvva Teresa, Ghandi, Ronald Reagen, Tony Blair, Hitler, Stalin, Pinochet and last not least poor ol impeached Georgie Porgie".

    "Innerconscience, fuck off."

    Anyway the moral of this pathetic load of old crap is: Brad Pitt, Angela Jolie, Madonna, and all of the other wannabe do - gooders, fuck off. St.Jagged leads the way in adopting the poor, starved, aids infested, poverty stricken, earthquake, Tsunami, volcanic eruption, mass flooding, typhoon, monsoon, hurricane, innocent war refugee, victims.

    His Chinese, half - starved, broken rickshaw puller has a home, a future, a clean (well nearly clean, shared by cockroaches and other exotic beasts, bed bugs etc.) bed, a more than generous 10% of all of his earnings, after taxes (collected by St.Jagged, of course) and last not least a passport with his very own name in it. After many discussions amongst the merry ol shaggers we came up with a very proud, Chinese traditional and very distinctive name for our half - starved (fuck off!) he is now a born again baptised worshipper (Christian of course, forced to convert from Islam after having to pray four times a day to Allah on his knees and he could not pull his rickshaw anymore, everybody say aah!) with the following name (no not fucking boy named Sue, great song Johnny "Man in Black" Cash):

    WAN - KING - DIK pronounced in good ol Mandarinese "THANKKINDIK", St.Jagged fluently speaks 5000 regional versions of the Chinese language (clever bastard) including TAWAINESE ( dare to speak this version on the mainland and you could receive a 500 year prison sentence, 60,000 whiplashes, get your head chopped off by the local Mandarine Mayor in one, ice cold, foul swoop, or spend the rest of your life building Olympic stadiums for usage after the Shambolympics has left China so that the stadiums can be be converted to torture revolutionaries by running them over with military tanks, "thankyou Chile, Argentina and Brazil for the advice.")

    St.Jagged was originally going to write about the dangers of jogging (or sport generally) through your local forests and getting attacked by Buzzards protecting their nesting babies, but I thought this story was too far fetched and far from the TRUTH (yes, that's what we tell here you know~!) and nobody would believe it, so I stuck to the real TRUTH!

    St.Jagged and his new found slave (no coloured racist comments here, we are all one big, shiny, happy, human being family), WAN-KING-DIK and his earthquake damaged rickshaw wish you all a pleasant jog and beware of the Buzzards!



    maandag 16 juni 2008

    Impeachment of our pure and pristine Georgie Porgie Boy

    After recovering from the ghastly maggot experience and returning to the warmth and protection of these fabulous blog pages St Jagged has recovered enough to continue his cynical, critical, satirical, sarcastic, momentous, world shattering, crap, revolution in the name of the TRUTH.

    The damaged, retarded braincells are recovering rapidly enhanced by a diet of insects, lavae, bugs, worms, termites, etc, (all products mentioned are offered on free trial c.o. Aborigine Exports, left side of the Australian outback, indiginous Avenue, somewhere in the desert and as far away from all "Australian Immigrants" (especially those without thick black noses, ugly hairstyles, rotting teeth and poor as a church mouse), Termite/Scorpion Infested Valley, Australia, top fucking adress by the way, no shortage of swimming pools, luxury barbacues, and beach villas here you know!) and St.Jagged is fit enough to comment once more on the world shattering, shocking news relating to the above mentioned title.

    Surprise, fucking surprise, Georgie Porgie is about to be impeached for the following crimes to humanity and St.Jagged quotes:

    • Genocide (Georgie is now an honorary member of the following, exclusive club of genocidal perbetrators including: Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Roman Emperors, Chairman Mao, Japanese Emperors, Idi Amin, Robert Mugawe, Pinochet, Argentinian / Brazilian Generals, African Dictators, the list is fucking endless! )

    • Unlawful invasions of innocent countries.

    • Corruption ("so what's new St.Jagged you wanker" comment from St.Jagged's innerconscience recovering also on a diet of junk food, booze and group sex).

    • Wishing to start wars against Iran, Pakistan, Iceland (reason, he can't stand Bjorks horrendous fucking singing).

    • Allowing terrorist attacks in his own country i.e. Twin towers, etc.

    • Allowing terrorist attacks all over the fucking planet!

    • Feeding terrorist groups with illegal weapons (and grabbing 20% of the takings).

    • Allowing Israel to bombard the Palestinians with impunity supported by his Jiddish financial supporters who own 3/4 of the worlds capital.

    • Letting Robert Mugawe get away with corruption, genocide, holocausting in one of his favourite holiday spots, shiny, happy Zimbabwe.

    • Supporting Russian mafia bosses in their war against legality, correctness, honesty, democracy, common decency, wealth and prosperity for the majority and not just for the mafia bosses (Lenin will be turning in his fucking grave a thousand times over, rock on communism, socialism and the rest of the bullshit).

    • Supporting President Putin and his mafia cronies in the fight for and keeping power whilst ridding Russia of all decent Russians by making them so poor that they will all either starve or freeze to death!

    • Supporting President Putin in making Moscow the city with the most muvva - fucking corrupt multi-millionares and enjoying the same life - style as Georgie boy.

    • Support China and their communist regime (ha fucking ha!) in hosting the Shambolympics, becoming an emerging world power, conquering the world with their version of communism/capitalism (they're all fucking corrupt anyway!).

    • Leaving Japan to stare enviously at China's rise in power and feeding Japan with weapons just in case the Chinks want revenge for all of the atrocities that the Japanese dished out to the Chinks in the second world war!

    • Illegally keeping Iraqi prisoners in Guantanamo Bay prison camp, torturing/beating them, keeping them in solitary confinement, blindfolding them, keeping them in chains, in fact everything that Hitler can do, Georgie can do better!

    I'll leave the list open so you avid Jagged readers can freely add some more crimes against humanity to Georgies list.

    I would like to attempt to make a list of good, positive and Christian things that Georgie has achieved, but sorry, St.Jagged cannot think of any, oh yeah just one:

    The muvva fucker has reached his termination, he will now go on to host dinner parties for the rich and famous (10 grand a word), write a fabulous biography, tell the world how fantastic he is, was and still will be in the eyes of all Christian do - gooding Americans. Drink so much Champagne, stuff his face with tons of pate de foie, roll over and fucking DIE!!

    We will all sit back, accept the way humanity idolises these wankers, vote for them all and in doing so, push the planet further to the edge of human extinction, destruction and then wake up with a big fucking bang (hopefully it's Haley's Comet out of control and heading earthwards !!)

    Goodbye from St.Jagged (on his way to vote for St.Jagged, me myself and I , schizo bastard!)