donderdag 13 november 2008

The end of the MASTER RACE as we know it!!

Jaggedone's he's won, what a fucking surprise, or what a foregone conclusion. Well at least we can say goodbye and good riddance to our favourite mass "PIG" destroyer, Georgie Porgie and welcome our coloured Messiah to the White (white, fuck me they should invent a new name for the palace, Black or coloured House maybe?) House, or is it such a grand welcome for some of you whiter than white muvva fuckers out there???

Pointing the finger at our favourite group of upright citizens claiming that the white caucasian "Master Race" are the one and only masters. You all have been taking some mega - severe black/coloured batterings in recent history. I wish to point out to them that the whiter than white "Master Race" is certainly on the fucking run and about to disintegrate into oblivion if mankind continues progressing the way it has done recently.

Lets analyse the facts my Jagged "multi coloured" ones":

1) Well Mr "non - white" (what the fuck is he anyway?) Obama has reached the ultimate pedestal in a landslide victory and created history by becoming the first non-white President of the good ol US, fuck on Martin Luther King, "I had a dream."

2) Most successful olympic athletes tend to be slightly off - colour or black, fuck on ol Jesse Owens and stuff Adolf & Co. You white caucasian muvva fuckers are certainly hanging way behind (yeah, yeah, OK in support of all those olympic swimmers out there, they're pretty white, but our coloured colleagues don't take to water like our ol whiteys do especially the shark version, bite your cohones off and crunch my whiter than white Australian surfers, suntanned, bleached haired legs off!).

3) Baseball, Basketball, English soccer, European soccer, worldwide soocer (mega coloured!), fuck me, there are certainly a lot of non-white faces and legs running rings round the rest of us and winning every fucking prize there is to win ("yeah, yeah, what about good ol ice hockey, Skiing and winter sports then, clever shit St.Jagged". "Well that's pretty obvious our coloured bretheren and sisters don't particularly adhere to the ice and cold do they, Jamaica, warm sun, tropical rum, reggae, marihjuana and all of that crap!).

4) Islam and muslims are the nr. one religion on the planet (plenty of colouring there white Master Race muvva fuckers!) and certainly good ol fucking whiter than white christianity is dying a slow, crucifixion death, even more rapidly than ol Jesus himself!

5) Ex - colonies scattered over the planet, no fucking "WHITE POWER" left there either!

6)Fascists, Neo - Nazis, Rascists, (ST. Jagged plenty of colouring there too!), KU KLUX, Aryan Brotherhoods, White Nationalist groups, etc, well your'e a dying fucking breed of white muvva fuckers aint ya!!

So, lets have a resumé, all of you blind, ignorant, muvva fucking whites hating others just because they're a slightly different colour, watch your mega - white balls because soon they're about to be hacked off by the one's you all love to hate. You are a pitiful minority and the world's population is catching you up rapidly, so just accept the fact that those of a slightly different origin and colour are about to conquer the world (St.Jagged hopes his super strong sun tan will convince them all that he is a yellow fucking coward and shows coloured solidarity to the inevitable future of mutli - culti, coloured, black POWER and St.Jagged's cohones remain where they are!) and if you don't you will all be strung up and castrated by hooded, coloured, scary figures, dressed in black robes, branding crosses of fire and preaching loud fucking Islamic verses as a pre - torture before your whiter than white balls are removed!!!

Goodbye from your slightly off - coloured, badly tanned, pretending he's a Eunuch and running to the hills with his whiter than white balls wrapped up in black cotton wool , ST.Jagged!!!

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