woensdag 19 november 2008

Mao, you fat "Commy" Dictator who caused all of the misery!!

Surprise, surprise, after WAN-KING-DIK's epic siege of Wall Street and the reverberations thereof, the whole global, financial system is rocking at it's foundations and our major advanced, industrial nations are rocketing (or have rocketed) into recession, shock, horror!!

The ol US and UK, well that was pretty obvious, build your economies on stilts built from Mastercard and Visas then they're bound to collapse. Germany, Japan, France, Spain, Italy, etc, well they're being forced to join the US and UK because they were stupid enough to invest their trillions in dodgy US and UK investment companies and who the fuck wants to buy a luxury 100.000 Euro Merc in this day and age (St Jagged would like too, but living under a bridge in ol Amsterdam and surviving on rats droppings together with his ol slave and saviour WAN-KIN-DIK, thats certainly not in his budget, aagh!), shock, horror.

St.Jagged (sorry about the echo, the bridge under which I've pitched my wanky tent has not been insulated and the waves hitting the side walls cause a terrible echo effect and constantly wake my fellow RAT inhabitants up out of their daily snooze in the sun), after plummeting down to SEWER-RAT level St.Jagged has decided to point his moulding finger at the one and only (pictured above) MAO TSE (die hard communist muvva fucker) Tung and blame him for all of the misery incurred by himself and his merry ol servant, ex - wartime hero, ex - broken wheeled, rikshaw pulling, skinny as a bone, earthquake victim, WAN-KIN-DIK.

Why? Jaggedone's, you are all asking yourselves is MAO to blame for all of the financial misery, recessions, meltdowns, banking scandals, etc, etc.

Very easy my beloved Jaggedone's (All donations for the "Save St.Jagged and his merry ol WAN-KIN-DIK Charity" should be sent to Amsterdamned, 666th, 88th, bridge somewhere along the polluted canals of the Dutch capital of prostitution, drug - taking and gay rights, Postcode : Combat 18 somewhere in the Netherlands) Mao should have told his present Chinese rulers that communism is not fucking capitalism, capitalist, global trading and production should never have been allowed under a "communist regime" and never ever should the Chinese communist party be doing dirty deals with its worst enemies, the rest of the capitalist, greedy muvva fucking world, and earning trillions of dirty dollars on the way!!!

That is the reason why "muy Pobre" St.Jagged and ol WAN-KIN-DIK are stuck under this fucking bridge, if ol fatty Mao had done his job properly St.Jagged would never have bought those worthless shares in that useless, crap toy manufacturing factory somewhere in downtown Shaghai (sorry Shangai). If Mao had warned all of them greedy muvva fucking Chinese leaders not to get involved with the rest of the "Global Capitalist Mafia's" then St'Jagged would have invested his millions (made from writing this crap) in a fucking Icelandic bank, ooops, and mega fucking oops!!!

OK, OK, St.Jagged will keep his bridge warm and cosy until the rest of you losers decide to join him and ol WAN-KIN-DIK for a not - so - happy, very wet and cold New Years Eve party under an ol Amsterdam bridge somewhere in the Sodom and Gomorrah of planet earth and we can all get pissed together (don't forget to bring your bottles of meths and spiritus with you as a show of solidarity for the one and only loser and about to become a totally pissed, drunken alcholic) Also, St.Jagged and his merry ol, well you fucking know, can't afford any of those ladies lurking naked behind the red lights, he'll leave them for our up and coming "New Rich" Polish cabbage pickers (but that's another subject to Blog about!)
Adios from St.Jagged and his WAN-KIN-DIK (only friend left in the world) and King Alfred (Rat disguised as a king with huge red eyes, Albino white skin, weighing in at 50 kilos, teeth like a fucking walrus and keeping the waves out of my soggy and damp tent as long as I promise to lick his webbed and stinking paws every hour!)

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