donderdag 13 december 2012

Rammstein, The Beatles, The Stones, Velvet Underground, etc, inspire Erskine Quint!

Many regard this as the best book of the year, I agree! It is outrageous, funny, exciting, full of roller coaster adventures, but most of all; it is utter, utter madness!

It's been said that it is a cross between The Da Vinci code, Monty Python, Douglas Adams and to prove it, here's a review written in the Huffington Post:

The above mentioned bands were vital in the writing of this epic novel and I thank them one and all for their participation (albeit, unknown partcipation) because without them Erskine Quint would have never been created.

If you think that Harry Potter is excitement; you haven't read anything until you read this (For adults only, no kiddies stuff here!)....

zaterdag 8 december 2012

Lady Ga Ga goes "gaga" for "Mercurial stud" Erskine Quint!

Lady Gaga has fell head over heels with the mercurial stud "Erskine Quint intrepd adventurer extraordinaire!"
This super-hero appears in the book of the same title and whilst enjoying a 5 minute break from her hectic life, Jean Paul Gaultier, who appears in the book too, mentioned this crazy, aristocratic adventurer and ever since then refuses to go to bed with anybody else apart from Erskine Quint!

The author, a totally loony Brit, has attempted to explain to Lady that Erskine only exists in the figment of his very disturbed mind, but she refused to accept that Erskine does not exist. She also claims that Erskine is the one and only "mercurial stud"! Lady G G has even called her vibrator EQ!

Not only has Lady Gaga fell head over heels with Erskine Quint; QE2, Ricki Lake, The Spiderwood Film Studios in Texas, Douglas Adams and millions of others have too. The author is now busy writing the fantastic, brutal, dark, humourful, adventure packed sequel which will be ready next year (2013); CERTAINLY NOT TO BE MISSED!

Lady Ga Ga has not been seen leaving her boudouir since discovering Erskine Quint and waiters serving her meals have reported that she lays in bed, smiling, grunting, laughing and is speachless because that is what  the intrepid adventurer, mercurial stud and super-hero; Erskine Quint, does to all women and many men too.

Newsflash: Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame has been informed via Facebook about the vacant lead role if Erskine ever becomes a film (of course!) and Lady Gaga was heard grunting even louder!

(Published by and available over Kindle, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc!)

More as we get it...

dinsdag 3 juli 2012

This fantastic image was recently sent to my Facebook site; it is incredible and certainly means that there are forces out there that we just cannot explain unless one reads ERSKINE QUINT INTREPID ADVENTURER EXTRAORDINAIRE!  Because without knowing, this friend has achieved a miracle; so did Erskine!!!!

vrijdag 29 juni 2012

Erskine survived this madness, millions did not! Good and evil cannot be seperated and only understanding the two can lead to freedom from the insanity.

Read Erskine Quint intrepid adventurer extraordinaire and maybe, just maybe, he will help to make you understand and during the roller-coaster ride he'll also make you smile!  

donderdag 7 juni 2012

Even he couldn't deal with Erskine; evil bastard! Want to know more? Buy Erskine Quint, you'll never get over it and you might even meet WAN-KIN-DIK Sir Jagged's super-slave and lazy sod; get pulling!!! Who knows who's next?

maandag 4 juni 2012

At least Erskine escaped "The Sickness"

Sir Jagged has been sick all weekend and his slave, WAN-KIN-DIK, has been slopping his puke out of the window! The reason was Sir Jagged couldn't get out of the way of the JEW-BEE-LEE, a virus that spread like wildfire over the UK and into his home via TV. Sick, it was really sick! Even Erskine, seen escaping from the vile bilge, has had to take a dose of Alka-Seltzers to recover from the shock!

donderdag 31 mei 2012

No woman, man or beast can resist this incredible "mercurial stud" and intrepid adventurer!

Headline; Queen announces final torchbearer for London 2012; Erskine Quint, aristocratic mercurial stud!

Queen Elizabeth has revealed her worst kept secret regarding who will run the final leg and light the Olympic flame on July 26th in London. Everybody thought it would be blistered rower, Sir Steven Redgrave, who won gold medals at 5 olympics, but a surprise announcement has sent Sir Steve rowing back up the Thames.

The Olymic flame will be lit by that aristocratic, outstanding, intrepid adventurer, Erskine Quint Esq. (Nearly Sir). He has been chosen because just like Lady Gaga, Madonna, Joan Collins and every other beauty (or ex) that crosses Erskine's path, they all fall head over hills in love with this mercurial, insatiable stud and can never say no; even Queen Elizabeth!

Erskine Quint is related to the Queen, so she has no chance. But still she is infatuated at the emergence of this "True Brit", blue-blooded, mega-hero conquering the world's most evil evils and the "madness" that has put him far beyond OO7 and other pretenders including George Lazenby (who?).

Erskine will make a stunning entrance riding a pure Arabian white stallion sponsored by Mohamed Al-Fayed and available at Harrods (dodgy that one). Snatch the torch from Sir Steve's blistered hands, mount the stairs and with the whole world watching, God and all, light the fire!

With all of the female athletes fainting (some males too, oh those ducky divers) at the breathtaking spectacle. Erskine will then take off in a Virgin balloon, sponsored by you know who and disappear into the fantasy of the author of this madness because he has a sequel to star in!!

"Erskine Quint intrepid adventurer extraordinaire" available over the AMAZON (jungle) and

Buy it and you'll never be the same again ask the Devil!

woensdag 23 mei 2012

Serious for a moment: I have heard this week that 2 Krishnamurti centres in India have shown the willingness to review my book "The unacceptable truth" with a possibility of entering it into their libraries. One in Bangalore and one in Puram, Chennau. This is the best news I have had since the book was published and means the world to me. Even if they reject the book, it matters not, just the fact thay have shown interest is such wonderful news.

Krishnamurti is the major driving force behind the way I see myself, my loved ones and the world in general. He is the absolute master. I feel so proud that this opportunity has come along and I wish to thank my family and everybody who has supported this project, especially Verity Publishers in South Africa.

maandag 21 mei 2012

St Jagged, alias Jaggedone, alias me; all love super-hero, mercurial stud and very posh English aristocrat, Erskine Quint, and because we do our Chinese, one-wheeled rickshaw pulling, earthquake victim and slave; WAN-KIN-DIK has to love him too otherwise we'll kick him in the balls and throw him back into a Chinese gutter. That's the way it works around here, either pull or beg!

Also WAN-KIN-DIK will be forced to spend his very hard earned wages on buying 2 million copies of Erskine, then run around Bejing with them telling Bejing inhabitants how fabulous Erskine is; if he doesn't flog 2 million then he will receive nineteen lashes of the cats tail; and she's a huge pussy!

What a bunch of charmers we are, reminds me of the Rt.Hon David Cameron

So that's what he does in his free five minutes; lazy buggar WAN-KIN-DIK!! (Give them a little finger and they chop your arm off!)

vrijdag 18 mei 2012

6 star Indian Palace Mountain Hotel, what more does an aristocrat or anybody need? Plenty! And Erskine Quint surely gives you that; ORDER NOW, he's coming!

woensdag 16 mei 2012

This is the type of demon you only have nightmares about; guess who met him in real?

dinsdag 15 mei 2012

If it comes grab it by the balls, if it doesn't bollocks; after all one can only try to become famous!

maandag 14 mei 2012

Before you all think that I'm completely mad, it's only half true. My other side is deadly serious and just to prove it I've had a second book published this year over at which shows this side of me. It is worth a read because the forces that drove me to write it come from somewhere that I cannot even begin to explain.

The Unacceptable Truth

Believe me, reading this book could actually change your life! Writing it changed mine!

Thank you all for your support!

And now back to my other side:........

It say,s everything, no comment needed!

She turns boys into men, ask Erskine!

He is about to be unleashed onto the world: Jaggedone, L.R.Johnson and Erskine himself invite you all to join the "ROLLER COASTER RIDE OF UTTER MADNESS", let the fun begin!!

My slave, WAN-KIN-DIK, can't wait because, he has no choice!!!

If you can't wait, you can download him over at Kindle (The women can't, not even Lady Gaga!)