maandag 14 mei 2012

Before you all think that I'm completely mad, it's only half true. My other side is deadly serious and just to prove it I've had a second book published this year over at which shows this side of me. It is worth a read because the forces that drove me to write it come from somewhere that I cannot even begin to explain.

The Unacceptable Truth

Believe me, reading this book could actually change your life! Writing it changed mine!

Thank you all for your support!

And now back to my other side:........

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Gaztop zei

I like this author and his henchman Erskin Quint. They have taken an alphabet and created some lovely words, put them together and made a book. Please buy or they will continue to form longer words and publish huge books that will not fit on your booshelves.

Thank you.

Gary Hoadley (Arm)

Jagged Edge Publications zei

Arm or Gary; The man