maandag 21 mei 2012

St Jagged, alias Jaggedone, alias me; all love super-hero, mercurial stud and very posh English aristocrat, Erskine Quint, and because we do our Chinese, one-wheeled rickshaw pulling, earthquake victim and slave; WAN-KIN-DIK has to love him too otherwise we'll kick him in the balls and throw him back into a Chinese gutter. That's the way it works around here, either pull or beg!

Also WAN-KIN-DIK will be forced to spend his very hard earned wages on buying 2 million copies of Erskine, then run around Bejing with them telling Bejing inhabitants how fabulous Erskine is; if he doesn't flog 2 million then he will receive nineteen lashes of the cats tail; and she's a huge pussy!

What a bunch of charmers we are, reminds me of the Rt.Hon David Cameron

So that's what he does in his free five minutes; lazy buggar WAN-KIN-DIK!! (Give them a little finger and they chop your arm off!)

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