donderdag 4 februari 2010

Sorry it took so long, I was just tuning!

OOPS, where did they come from, naughty ol WAN-KIN-DIK, never trust a hibernating Chinese rickshaw puller!

Yes Jaggaloonies he's back and how you fucking missed me, St.Jagged knows, like a raging toothache!

St.Jagged apologises for leaving you all for so long but there is a good reason.

St.Jagged alias Jaggedone, alias Jaggededge, has been busy since the beginning of 2010 writing a, wait for it, serious manuscript!

Yes muvva fuckers and he means serious!

Tolstoy is a load of bollocks compared to this serious shit.

St.Jagged put his ol slave and close mate, WAN-KIN-DIK into hibernation until 01.03.2010 and then WAN-KIN-DIK has promised to make a sensational comeback as the new HITLER pulling his broken rickshaw across the Alps towards Berchtesgarden.

WAN-KIN-DIK is full of spunk, stiff as a brick and and can't wait!

St.Jagged will be joining his WAN-KIN-DIK on this epic journey riding an elephant called Hanniballs and blogging himself to death on his laptop, HP!

"Ve vill conquer ze world zis time and God (who?) forbid ze rest" thanks WAN-KIN-DIK (he just went sleep walking during hibernation but St.Jagged has given him an overdose of marijuana, should last until 01.03.2010.)

Much has happened in the world since the last time St.Jagged was here: scandals, poverty, wars, conflicts, corruption, global warming causing half of the planet to freeze, etc, nothing much changes really!

St.Jagged promises his loyal readership (dead swimming upside down goldfish, mingy, flee bitten dog called WOOF, and scabby cat called WORNOUTPUSSY) that as soon as the manuscript is finished he will be back on a regular basis blowing your minds with the latest satire, scandals, sex, porno and down-right rudeness that rock and rolls across the planet, meanwhile you can catch up with the JAGGEDONE (yet another alias) over at

That's it for now Jaggaloonies, St.Jagged has just got to put a hot nedle in WAN-KIN-DIK (ouch), he's restless (must be that tasty blonde dressed as a hot nurse that mistakingly come up on the screen!)!!!!

PS: St.Jagged's serious manuscript (and it is serious!) will soon be available, cetainly worth a read!