vrijdag 19 december 2008

Adolf Hitler and the rest of the happy Butcherers

Jaggedone's, what a surprise, offered you all my EOY - FFF (End Of Year -Family Fucking Fling) seasonal greetings and now St.Jagged is back with new thoughts, provoked by a discussion at the lunch table today (19.12.08).

In the good ol clean, upright, upstanding, forever goody goody USA a family of US Nazi's, after naming their baby Adolf Hitler, requested that the local baker should bake a cake with the name AH printed on the top, they were refused vehemently. Promptly the Nazi family accused the baker of discrimination and threatened to sue him! (or lock him up in Auschwitz, oh no it never existed, how could they??)

Now Jaggedone's we all know how sensitive non - Nazi's and goodie, goodies react to ol Adolf and co, Jews, Holocaust, etc, but this ere St.Jagged, although totally rejecting any form of oppression, prejudices based on colour, religion, creed, political beliefs, etc, or genocide caused by any group whatsover, felt that this time the US Nazi family might just have a point.

Well fuck me, ol St.jagged is going against the grain once more, what a surprise!

The reasons for my line of thought are as following:

Anybody, group or whoever who causes injustly harm, kills and maims innocent people belongs, as far as St.Jagged is concerned, in the same category as Mr.Hitler.

Historically there has been no empire, nation created, religious expansion, geographical expansion, political power or power generally gained without the murdering and butchering of innocent lives.

No race, country, continent, empire, religion, etc, could ever prove that they have non - bloodstained hands, this is a fact, everybody involved, historically and presently have in one way or another bloodstains on their consciences.

Ok, Ok, clever muvva fuckers amongst you, you're all thinking, "yes but there are different levels of gaining power and oppressing the innocent": No muvva fuckers the act reamains the same, killing is killing and it matters not how many you kill, or how you do it, the fact is that you do it to gain and maintain POWER!

Lets have a look at some perfect examples, historically and present:

Well the Egyptian/Roman Empires were certainly created on the back of murdering, genocide, sacrifices and how the fuck were the Pyramids built? St.Jagged is pretty sure ol Cleopatra and the Pharaohs didn't lift one little stone. The Roman Emperors loved their fantastic colloseums and temples where they led their slaves to the slaughter! Not forgetting the millions that were slaughtered whilst maintaining their impressive empires. Oh how we all admire them these days!!!

Ghengis Kahn and his marauding armies, Ottoman Empire, etc, you name them and St Jagged will guarantee you that they all loved a good ol bloody, bloodbath party.

How about our do - goody religious little angels spreading the global words of Christianity, Hebraism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, they all sent their blood thirsty armies out to implement bloody, butchering techniques to force their holy, righteous gospels down peoples throats (if they still had a head on their shoulders!).

One certain happy invasion, religious oppression springs to mind; our sweet, loving Spanish Catholics were pretty good at cold bloodedly hacking some heads off during the Spanish Inquisition (makes Adolf look like a Messiah) also our marauding, crusading Brits during the Christian crusades, I don't want to fucking know how much fun they had, raping, murdering and pillaging IN THE NAME OF CHRIST: GET MY LINE OF THOUGHT?

Ok, lets move forward a bit, St.Jagged don't dare mention the Dutch, Brits, Spanish, Portugese, Italians, Americans, Germans and the rest of the civilised world transporting black slaves from the Jungle into the new world. How many of them poor bastards were slaughtered and butchered for the sake of greed and power?

Ah yes our clean as a whistle, forgotten everything Rule Brittania, blood right up till their white collared necks, the fabulous British Empire, The Raj, Australia, Africa, America, well practically anywhere they ruled, blood, blood and even more blood (how clean does ol Adolf look now!)

Our Japanese friends did a pretty good job in China and other Far Eastern countries, also the Chinese did a pretty bloody job amongst their own and in Tibet, not to forget ol Pol Pot and his charming Killing Fields!.

Sovjet eastern block oppression, murder, incaceration and torture in it's satellite states. Rumania, what an ol chummy charmer Mr Ceaucescu was! Bulgaria, Poland, Honecker in the DDR, Tito in sunny Jugoslavia and the legacy of the Balkan wars, etc, pretty bloody mob that lot!!

OK, lets get really up to date, our beloved US and their Allies fighting in the name of righteousness, Christian values (what the fuck are Christian values, ask Jesus, and certainly not his human representatives, he might be the only one who knows!). Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Honduras, Iraq, Afghanistan, BLOODY HELL, a lot of innocents slaughtered their too!

Lets look at their evil oppponents, fuck me, just the same, Taliban, Sadam, Bin laden, Ho Chi Minh, blood, blood and even more blood everywhere!

Oops, forgot our oh so clean Jewish bretheren over there in Israel and their Palestinian counterparts murdering and killing each other for the sake of a bit of power and land!

Stalin, Franco, Salazar, Mussolini, George Bush (he's just a complete clown and irresponsible for his acts but still as guilty as the rest!) Pinochet, Argentinian, Brazilian, African, Asian, etc Dictators / Generals. Mr "Pyschokiller" Mugawe, Rwandan genocide all perpetrated by corrupt generals, politicans, Arabian Sheikhs, you name them, blood, blood and more butchered blood, GET MY FUCKING POINT BY NOW!!

StJagged could could write an endless book if he could ("St.Jagged your worthless shit is not worthy of a bog roll let alone a book", thanks, St.Jagged's innerconsience kicks St.Jagged in his WAN-KIN-DIK and tells them to fuck off and get a life!).

Jaggedone's, never in a million years would St.Jagged condone the acts of ol Adolf and Co, but sometimes St.Jagged thinks, if our lovely Adolf wouldn't have stuck his arch enemies and "Untermenschen" in the gas chambers, arsehole. Maybe he would have ended up being some sort of Messiah (Autobahns, etc) and after looking at the evil fuckers mentioned above, he wasn't so much different either (but St.Jagged still wouldn't call his child Goebbels, Hitler, Eichmann or whatever and certainly not have it written on his birthday cake, Aryan Broitherhood my arse, you're no different than the slaughtering rest!)

From St.Jagged and his bruised WAN-KIN-DIK (you know!)

dinsdag 16 december 2008


Ho, Ho, Ho, and a very merry Christmas to all of my dedicated Jaggedones, BOLLOCKS! This ere Jaggedone will certainly not be celebrating Christmas, instead he has renamed the festive season: The EOY - FFF season (End Of Year - Family Fucking Fling season)

And to all of those hypocrites who sit down and celebrate CHRISTMAS, don't give a toss about the religious side of this festival, get pissed out of their brains, stuff their faces and throw millions out of the window for presents, they can all go and hang themselves on their christmas trees or drown in their credit card debts caused by this massive sham show!!!

Anyway Jaggedones, to get into the mood of the EOY - FFF season St.Jagged has made two lists of those deserving and those not deserving to celebrate this festive season, also those who have earnt the St.Jagged respect award and those who should be dumped OVER fucking BOARD AWARD!

Here we go: List One for those deserving to be respected and deserve every bit of EOY - FFF season booze, food and presents they can devour!

1) WAN-KIN-DIK, my merry ol earthquake damaged, one wheeled broken rickshaw pulling Chink who has stuck with St.Jagged through thick and thin. Slept under a freezing cold Amsterdam bridge, saved the world from financial, corrupt bastards (if only you people would listen to St.Jagged!!!), saved St.Jagged from the Maggot World and last not least, never will stop being, my ol WAN-KIN-DIK, merry EOY - FFF to him!

2) All nurses, doctors, carers, people who dedicate their lives to helping others, social workers, correctly run charities, GREENPEACE, and all others who know the world stinks but are willing to make a stand and show the world: WE COULD DO IT DIFFERENTLY!!!. St.Jagged's wishes for you all, A TRIPLE FUCKING PAY RISE and acknowledgement of the wonderful work you all do!!

3) All of you who detest and fight against the worldwide abuse of our children, one day the human race must learn not to abuse the one's who come behind us, WHY? If you can't answer that you're fucking braindead!

4) All of those who fight the wars on the fronts, have died fighting the wars, are disabled because of the wars and those who care for the wounded and injured caused by the wars (this is not meant for those who cause the wars and those politicians and officers who hide behind their rankings/status and let the "little people" do their dirty work for them!)

5) All of you who fight against the worldwide abuse of our animal co - inhabitors and understand how wrong it is to abuse the weaker less intelligent inhabitants of the planet.

6) All vegetarians who understand how disgusting and wrong it is to eat factory produced meat and their by - products (all meat - eating indiginous inhabitants of this planet are not excluded in this wish, they have a right to survive, just like our animals, so therefore if the only source of food on offer is an animal, then so be it, nature at it's most natural, St.Jagged has no problems with that!)

7) All those living below the poverty line in wretched circumstances and will not have such a happy EOY - FFF. Sorry, this Jaggedone cannot do anything about your terrible situation, but St.Jagged still wishes you all of the best in you dreadful conditions.

8) Last not least St.Jagged and his faithful, global readership (if you can take this bullshit for more than one blog, then you really deserve the special EOY - FFF wishes and awards!), also the St.Jagged family members who suffer this arsehole on a daily basis, St.Jagged loves you all!!

List of non - deserving, not to receive the EOY - FFF award, hang em up on their hypocritical christmas trees bastards who St.Jagged detests:

1) Corrupt Politicians (well that's 99%!), corrupt business people (well thats 99%), corrupt and evil religious leaders (well thats 99%!) misusing their positions to abuse their blind followers; and most disgustingly, catholic/protestant priests hiding behind their sacred costumes and sexually abusing children!

2) All those people who scavenge and benefit off of our political systems, i.e. Politicians, civil servants and fraudsters.

3) All global dictators who abuse their positions, live in luxury, gather millions and let their poor people suffer (enough of them bastards scattered all over the planet!).

4)Terrorists who are too cowardly to confront their "enemies" in a correct manner but choose to blow themselves to smitherenes, and have taken thousands of innocents with them, caused mayhem, chaos and misery wherever they leave their disgusting imprint, HANG THE MUVVA FUCKERS, ALL OF THEM (NO MATTER WHICH GROUP THEY REPRESENT)!!!

5)Dishonest, corrupt, egoistic, selfish leaders who only think of themselves and prey off of the people who put them in their positions in the first place!

6)Dishonest people generally, LOCK EM ALL UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEYS!

7)Rich and famous wannabe do - gooders who offer so little, make sure the world knows how "good" they are just to enhance their own popularity, sick!

8) Gays. Lesbians and all others who hang their minority protests out big time, proclaiming that their way is the "Natural way," fuck off behind your own four walls and do what you do in private!

9)People who hurt other people because of greed, enjoyment or are just sick, lock em up!!!

10)George "Fucking" Bush, Osama bin Laden, Tony Blair, and the rest of the clowns who pushed the world into the predicaments it finds itself today, all of those who voted for them in the first place and believed in their lies, get a fucking life!

11)All religious fanatics (Islamic, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, whatever!) who show no respect and tolerance for other beliefs!

12)Last not least, all of those global corrupt financial multi - billionaire muvva fuckers who pull strings when they want to and bring so much misery to the world (send them all to global refugee camps, shanty towns, etc, and let them experience what real fucking misery is, BASTARDS!!!!)

Well my Jaggedone's St.Jagged is sure he has forgotten someone out there, if I have, have a good long look at yourself in the mirror and find out which list you fit into, this Jaggedone doesn't give a shit!

Have a merry ol EOY - FFF (once more for the ignorant and hypocritical amongst you = END OF YEAR - FUCKING FAMILY FLING!)

See you all in 2009 and don't forget to send your donations over to "Muy Pobre" St.Jagged and his forever WAN-KIN-DIK!!!

Adios, Goodbye, Aufwiedersehen, etc, etc.

vrijdag 5 december 2008

Blasting our way towards 2009!!

Bombs in Bombay, bombs in Baghdad (so what's new!) bombs in Kabul (well fuck me, what a surprise!) bombs in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Congo, Nigeria, well practically everywhere apart from the good ol US and Europe (careful St.Jagged, don't forget the Basques, Corsican separtists, Northern Ireland militias, radical animal protectionists, Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, etc, they're just waiting to do a Mount Vesuvius on us all!)

In fact approaching this season of goodwill and peace to all of mankind, this ol Jagged cynical bastard thinks something has slightly gone fucking " pear - shape" or "mushroom - shape."

As we blast our way towards 2009, hope still lives eternal and Mr "coloured Messiah" Obama, is waiting in the wings, getting ready to implement his global plans to "save this shithole," create peace everywhere, global financial comfort and shove ol Georgie Porgie into where he really belongs, the home of the demented, deranged and psychopathic serial killers, thank God (WHO!) for that.

2008 is about to go out with a bang (hopefully not in Bombay again!) and we can all sip our Champagne, throw a couple of fireworks in the air and fantasise about the future, 2009, our path to righteousness led by Obama and Co. His flock shall follow and everything will certainly become "Hunky Dory" once more (hold it, when was it "Hunky dory"?)

"St. Jagged wakey, wakey, time for your cup of warm cocoa and put your fucking slippers on you dirty ol wet dreamer" (incontinence is rapidly gaining hold of Jagged's impotent balls!)

No, no, my Jaggedone's, St. Jagged has not been shaken out of his peaceful, futuristic christmas dream by his inner conscience, it was the nurse in his present abode (a doss house somewhere in downtown Brixton, "blacker than black" London). After being salvaged from his under the bridge camping refuge in shaggy ol Amsterdam with his ol WAN-KIN-DIK (earlier blog). He was extradited back to his "Heimat" (wonderful UK) dumped in a doss house and left to dement and waste into his next life (reincarnate as a furry, white, baby seal, fuck me, not a very long life expectancy there mate!), be thrown in a cardboard box, burnt to ashes and thrown in an oblivious black hole somewhere in the middle of concrete downtown Brixton, black fucking hell!!

Well hopefully 2009, will change all that and St.Jagged can dream about his future decadence in a nightmare on Elm Street.

Happy fucking christmas you mob and don't throw to many bombs in downtown Brixton, UK, keep them over there in sunny downtown Bombay or wherever!!!

Bye fucking Bye, and go and blast yourselves with impunity into 2009, from your one and only soon to be very decadent St.Jagged and his ol chum, WAN-KIN-DIK! (where would St.Jagged be without his ever faithful Chinese, skinny, wretched, out of work, broken down rickshaw pulling, earthquake victim, (remember!) slave!).