vrijdag 5 december 2008

Blasting our way towards 2009!!

Bombs in Bombay, bombs in Baghdad (so what's new!) bombs in Kabul (well fuck me, what a surprise!) bombs in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Congo, Nigeria, well practically everywhere apart from the good ol US and Europe (careful St.Jagged, don't forget the Basques, Corsican separtists, Northern Ireland militias, radical animal protectionists, Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, etc, they're just waiting to do a Mount Vesuvius on us all!)

In fact approaching this season of goodwill and peace to all of mankind, this ol Jagged cynical bastard thinks something has slightly gone fucking " pear - shape" or "mushroom - shape."

As we blast our way towards 2009, hope still lives eternal and Mr "coloured Messiah" Obama, is waiting in the wings, getting ready to implement his global plans to "save this shithole," create peace everywhere, global financial comfort and shove ol Georgie Porgie into where he really belongs, the home of the demented, deranged and psychopathic serial killers, thank God (WHO!) for that.

2008 is about to go out with a bang (hopefully not in Bombay again!) and we can all sip our Champagne, throw a couple of fireworks in the air and fantasise about the future, 2009, our path to righteousness led by Obama and Co. His flock shall follow and everything will certainly become "Hunky Dory" once more (hold it, when was it "Hunky dory"?)

"St. Jagged wakey, wakey, time for your cup of warm cocoa and put your fucking slippers on you dirty ol wet dreamer" (incontinence is rapidly gaining hold of Jagged's impotent balls!)

No, no, my Jaggedone's, St. Jagged has not been shaken out of his peaceful, futuristic christmas dream by his inner conscience, it was the nurse in his present abode (a doss house somewhere in downtown Brixton, "blacker than black" London). After being salvaged from his under the bridge camping refuge in shaggy ol Amsterdam with his ol WAN-KIN-DIK (earlier blog). He was extradited back to his "Heimat" (wonderful UK) dumped in a doss house and left to dement and waste into his next life (reincarnate as a furry, white, baby seal, fuck me, not a very long life expectancy there mate!), be thrown in a cardboard box, burnt to ashes and thrown in an oblivious black hole somewhere in the middle of concrete downtown Brixton, black fucking hell!!

Well hopefully 2009, will change all that and St.Jagged can dream about his future decadence in a nightmare on Elm Street.

Happy fucking christmas you mob and don't throw to many bombs in downtown Brixton, UK, keep them over there in sunny downtown Bombay or wherever!!!

Bye fucking Bye, and go and blast yourselves with impunity into 2009, from your one and only soon to be very decadent St.Jagged and his ol chum, WAN-KIN-DIK! (where would St.Jagged be without his ever faithful Chinese, skinny, wretched, out of work, broken down rickshaw pulling, earthquake victim, (remember!) slave!).


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