dinsdag 23 september 2008

Financial Meltdown and all that crap

Sorry my Jaggedone's but I've been too busy transferring my 50.000.000,00 dollars worth of stocks and shares (earn't by royalties writing this crap) from criminal investment banks and corrupt insurance companies over to gold, oil, copper, anything other than Lehman Bros, AIG or other global, multi - bankrupt, gangster organisations.

Well my avid readership, what a couple of turbulent weeks we've all been having on the world stock exchanges and investment banks, caught with their knickers around their ankles and throwing billions out of the window whilst trying to recover from the fucking mistakes that they made in the first place.

"What," you are all saying, "mistakes made by these outrageuosly overpaid (Mafia Mob members) investors, wheeling and dealing with other peoples money," how could they make mistakes, shock, horror, never!!

Well my beloved Jaggedone's, they fucking well downright did, and now they've got the world's financial markets and themselves in a right load of stinky ol SHIT!

Ah well nevermind, there's always you and me to bail the bastards out otherwise we'll all be right up the Kyber Pass, shooting our muvva fucking brains out and thinking where the fuck is my next piece of dry bread coming from and never mind the negative equity mortgage payments!!

While the perpetrators run off to their luxury villas, swimmingpools, Ferraris, Porsches, 5 star Michelin dinners, luxury golfing holidays and we get left behind to dish up the taxes that finance the whole "saviour operations". Whats fucking new!!!

The little, hardworking, taxpaying arsehole will always be there for the rich and famous by, either getting his balls shot off in the ludicrous wars that they love to participate in, or stealing our hard earned bread and butter to bail them out of the disasters that they always get themselves into, recessions, stock exchange crashes, wars, revolutions, etc, you name it, they do it.

The whole lot stinks of stinking fish and rotting corpses and fuck Viva La Revolucion, the little man always ends up footing the bill, whilst they all continue to live the lives that we all dream of, FUCK OFF!!!

Apart from the mega "Financial Meltdown" the wankers at the UN have decided to treat themselves not only to rich "Pussy" New York style, no, they have at last agreed to refurbish the useless UN fucking headquarters, which is about as much use as giving Viagra to a 105 year old dying cancer patient (God bless his soul!) to the pitiful amount of, hold your breath, 19 Billion fucking dollars!!!!

That money could have been spent on feeding half of starving Africa for a year, providing sanitary and clean water for the rest and some rice and corn thrown in. Oh no, the powers that be at the UN need their leather chairs, posh offices, "Pussy" at night and fancy dinners for the Diplomats whores!!

What a fucking world, whats new, we're all just a bunch of braindead morons as we watch the events unfold, know what these bastards are doing to us all and we just continue to put our XXXXXosses (not St.Jagged by the way!) on the ballot papers and let the crap continue.

From a ranting St.Jagged, WAN KIN DIK, his merry ol finance ministers and his mingy, flee bitten ravaging, foaming at the mouth, Pitbull Terrier (don't come within 500 metres of the St.Jagged residence, he'll bite your fucking arses off, tax collectors an all!!!)

Goodbye from the Wall Street sewers, St.Jagged is just about to feed the Hudson River rats with some dead corpses who decided to commit suicide, blew their brains out and dedicated their rests to ST.Jagged as a gesture of solidarity and admittance that they read the "JAGGEDEDGE TRUTH" much too late!!!

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