maandag 16 februari 2009

Banned Mijnheer Geert Wilders versus Brit Political Hypocrisy

Truthful, avid St. Jagged faithful, he's back from his pilgrimages to Christian outposts in the heavens, universes, galaxies and returned with his one and only WAN-KIN-DIK to tell you some more bitter "TRUTHS" about human misbehaviour (the planet earth is full of that crap and St. Jagged is waiting to pounce on the next piece of hypocritical bullshit to make the headlines). The perpetrators of this particular hypocritical bullshit are no one less than the British Government issuing an entrance ban on the one and only Mijnheer Geert "slightly, rightly, radical" Wilders, Dutch politician and scandal monger here in the good ol liberal and oh so tolerant Netherlands.

Now for all of you global, international dedicated Jaggedone's who have never heard of the infamous Mijnheer Wilders, here a bit of background info:

Ol Geert is slightly on the right, nationalist side of politics here in downtown, meniscule Holland (just like roughly 12,5 million other white caucasian Dutchies, but they're too scared to open their gobs) and he doesn't particularly like the immigrants living here, especially the Moroccan, Muslim sort (just like 12,5 million other white caucasian Dutchies, but, oh fuck off, you know!).

He represents a political party which would prefer Holland to be good ol pure and pristine Dutch white/greyish or even slightly suntanned if possible. (In Holland it only rains and fucking storms, hence the dykes!)

Now the problem in little ol Holland, just like other countries with ex colonies and liberal, tolerant political systems is by the way, the flood gates have been openened to "Gastarbeiders" (guest workers) from other parts of the world i.e. UK = Indians, Pakistanis, West Indians, Germany = Turks, France = Algerians, Belgium = Angolans and other African ex colonies, Holland = Indonesians, Surinamies, Molukkans, Turks and our ol friends the slippery, slithering Moroccans.

Many of our "Gastarbeider" colleagues bring with them strange religions, traditions, cultures, colours and one in special is causing quite a few minor problems in the "old world" and they are our one and only, radical Muslim immigrants. (i.e. Twin towers, Madrid bombings, London bombings, Paris bombings, you fucking name it and the radical Muslims try to blow the shit out of it!!).

Now let's return to old Mijnheer Wilders, he dared to open his mouth to the oh so tolerant Dutch public and roughly said: "I believe that all immigrants who can't behave, can't integrate, and cause problems through their radical beliefs (religious of political) should be sent back to where they fucking came from" (roughly said Jaggedone's, they were not exactly his words).

Because of his opinions and the balls to express his opinions, he was refused entrance to the grand ol UK because it could maybe have caused some problems with some ethnic (especially Muslim) minorities living in the UK.

Well fuck me Jaggedone's, shock horror, hold it a minute St. Jagged remembers a short while back the London bombings caused by no one less than those very extreme, young Pakistani suicide terrorist immigrants, educated in the UK, living off of the social services, trained in Afghani or Pakistani terrorist camps and sent to do their disgusting errands by even more radical Islamic terrorists (Al Qaida) and blow fucking London and its innocent public to oblivion!!!

Now we all know that the majority of European Muslim immigrants are here only for one thing, to improve their wretched lives (back home in their own countries they would earn a tenth as much and mainly not be able to express complete political or religious freedom), earn more money, claim the right of abode, spread their religion, mutliply their race and claim the dual Nationalities offered to them by their friendly, tolerant hosting nations.

Unfortunately there are some (and not just a few) who feel discriminated against (especially brainwashed young males between the age of 12 and 30) who tend to vent their anger at their tolerant, host countries and its peoples by claiming that their "Heimat" is much, much better, their religion is sacred (and if you dare insult it, beware fucking Fatwah, will be upon you). They participate in any protest marches against the evil West / US / Israel and its allies, burn the flags of their host countries, reject any form of tolerance shown by their hosts and basically tell their loving hosts to, mega FUCK OFF!!

Now poor ol Mijnheer Geert Wilders represents those who feel that these types of immigrants (just like 12,5 million caucasian, white Dutchies who never dare open their mouths) should be shoved right back to where they fucking come from, rightly so. For this and only this was he refused entrance into the biggest (political, religious) hypocritical, bullshitting country on planet earth. (Hundreds of Brit soldiers fighting such radicals are dead or dying on a daily basis in Afghanistan or Iraq by the way!)

He only told the fucking "TRUTH" and basically should have been welcomed with open arms, but no, the goody, goody, oh so tolerant Brits told him to fuck off with his so -called "Nazi" beliefs whilst those plotting to bring down the West with their own radical beliefs are free to continue to plot from within the UK itself!!!

Geert, take a tip from this ol Jaggedone, stay in your homeland, accept your Fatwah fate, be protected by those who condemn you, live in fear of your life, continue to preach what the roughly, 12,5 million caucasian, white Dutchies believe anyway but don't dare say it out loud, stay as you are and don't even bother try to enter the one and only epicentre of hypocritical bullshit, the UK, they're not worth the fucking effort!! (freedom of speech and movemement my arse!)

Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, London, wherever, BEfuckingWARE they are amongst you!!!

Huup Holland Huup and if this St.Jagged one voted, guess who he would vote for, none of the muvva fuckers!!!

Aufwiedersehen and Goodbye from St Jagged and his Mijnheer larger than large, yellow coloured, earthquake damaged, rickshaw pulling, broken wheeled, WAN-KIN-DIK!!!!

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