woensdag 28 januari 2009

Jesus and the Jagged Truth

JESUS CHRIST, yes Jaggedone's, St.Jagged has had the calling and been told from above to pay honour and respect to the one and only JC.

No, no, no, my avid "Truth" readers, St.Jagged has not seen the light (well the one fucking flickering over the bog, yes) he has been called by the almighty (who?) to bring the image of JC into a human context and explain who this rebel, pacifist, revolutionary, prophet, healer, misunderstood, never wanted to be the "Son of God," representative of good, fighter of evil, conqueror of the Devil (who?) and the real super human that he really was and still is (in many peoples mind's the only Messiah, not St.Jagged's by the way!)

The legacy of JC has been abused and misused over the past 2008 years (is it really 2008 years? Well that's what the human, dodgy, back - stabbing religious reps would all like us to believe) and St.Jagged is about to put everything right and tell all of you the "TRUTH" about this super human, very real and great person.

Now as you all know ol St.Jagged and his merry ol WAN-KIN-DIK (he doesn't believe in any JC's or Christians he only believes in stoney ol chinky Buddhas!) don't believe in all of that crap that has been written about the great man over the centuries. All of the people who were butchered, sacrificed, crucified, etc, in his name died in vain and under false pretences. IT WASN'T HIS FUCKING FAULT, it was the PEOPLE who have MIS - REPRESENTED him in their craving for power and greed. They created an image of JC as the answer to everything, the only passage to the real "God" (who?) and without him we will all perish in Satan's hell. Nowadays due to the scientific explanation of nearly everything we need not fear the brimstones of hell or the wrath of WHO?

Anti - Christs, Atheists, Satanists, Devil Worshippers, worshippers of other Messiahs, religions, Prophets, etc, only want to put poor ol JC down and ridicule his existence and the status that he should have within the historical evolution of mankind and those who we acknowledge as "Great" people.

Well St. Jagged has one thing to say to all of those who bedevil and tarnish the great one's name, FUCK OFF (sorry all of you softy Christians about the usage of foul language on this here site but take it or leave it!!)

Let ol St.Jagged explain why he thinks that JC deserves a better image instead of that heavenly, angelic, mysterious, mythological, untouchable, religious, "Son of God," etc, image that was heaped upon him by those only interested in hypocritically lying and worshipping in his name, knowing full well that their beliefs had or have nothing whatsoever to do with the TRUTH.

Their beliefs were and still are only motivated by one thing, putting the fear of "Christ" up people with only one evil intention, to control and manipulate those who foolishly believe in the super - natural powers of JC, live in fear of a retributional "God"(who?), feel the wrath of their "God" (who?) if they don't obey those rules and commandments. Jesus was supposed to have been the earthly contact between him (who?) and us, if you believe the stories written!

Utter bullshit of course and due to scientific progression we now know that all of those who, lived in fear of retribution,, denied the real "God" (who?) perished in the name of "Christ" were falsely sacrificed and died in vain at the hands of those who greedily, lyingly, hypocritically handled in the name of JC or his "God" (who?).

Jesus Christ was certainly a great man of his time, he cared for the poor, the wretched, the sick, the untouchables and offered those people a ray of hope in a very evil and wicked time of oppression, torture, genocide, etc, handed out by those most evil of evil Romans and their collaboraters.

JC had the balls to stand up to them, he refuted and rejected their "Gods," had the audacity to tell their emperor (governor at the time) that their Gods were false Gods and that there was only one "God" (who?) and he was promptly crucified for the pleasure.

OK, OK, Jaggedone's don't fall asleep yet, any reasonable educated person knows those facts and is quite aware of those historical events. Now we get to the part where the whole JC thing goes pear - shape and the lies and bullshit start.

The story of ol JC gets totally and utterly written out of proportion through the fantasies of the (human) writers of the gospels in the New Testament, claiming the miracles, the super - human, heavenly, angelic, coming of the Messiah, only son of the real "God" (who?) and the snowball starts to roll and grow.

By the time it reaches Rome, Europe, the world, the story is completely out of control and those who claim to be representatives of the real "God" hijack this incredible story about Jesus, jump on the band wagen, preach the word of the one and only Messiah. Inject the FEAR of "Christ" and the retributional "God" (who?) into their worshippers knowing that their ignorance is abundant and any promise, hope of redemption, entrance to the "Promised Land" will be swallowed and believed by those scared out of their lives. Those preaching also knew that the "unbelievers" who questioned the words of the gospels would be threatened with Satan, hell and death in its most horrific form hence maintaining control through FEAR and applying their murderous threats (burning at the stake, drowning of witches, slaughter of heathens, etc.).

In our modern scientific times such mythological crap is naturally rejected and most educated people have no fear of Christ or a retributional "God" (who) who brings death, plagues, floods, misery and wretchedness upon his people if they don't abide by the rules and commmandments set out by the one and only "God" (who?).

We all know that that ol bullshit doesn't scare anybody these days so we tend to treat those commandments as pretty pathetic and worthless (apart from those who live with their heads in the clouds and are still waiting for the Messiah to return, preaching that their "God" is amongst us, fuck me, what a load of bollocks!)

Good or evil on this planet is practised solely by one species, HUMANS, and not by any "Higher Being" guiding those who claim to have a direct telephone link upstairs to their "God" (who?)

Anyway lets get back to ol JC, St.Jagged rates him as a very superior person who sacrificed his own life for the poor, the wretched, the sick, was a rebel, fought the establishment, lost, was crucified and as far as ST.Jagged is concerned, mega - respect!!!

He does not deserve the lies and hypocrocies, which are attached to his presence and certainly doesn't deserve to be "Dustbinned" just because science has proven that his miracles and his spectacular existence were only figments of the gospel writers imagination. Such a fantastic story had to be told, with some slight exaggerations naturally! Little did they know that their stories were to be adopted by those fighting an historical power struggle against the crumbling Roman Empire. Such stories were used by the opponents of the Empire as a power house of belief, righteousness and redemption against the brutal oppression of the Roman Empire, falsely turning Jesus not only into the Messiah but also the only real "Son of God" (who?), and used through history by those representing the only real "Son of God" as a means to maintain and spread that power. Hence the birth of the Christian religions with all of it's imperfections, directions, evils, goods, different idealogies, opponents in Islam / Hindu / Buddhist / indiginous, etc, religions.

St.Jagged puts JC in the same catagory as all other martys / rebels who had or still have the "balls" to stand up against those who rule with an corrupt and evil hand, sacrifice their own lives for others less fortunate, are persecuted and are even prepared to die for their beliefs ( e.g. Ghandi comes to mind)

St.Jagged would never insult or show disrespect to such a superior person, only those who feel it necessary to preach and live in his name whilst living the hypocritical LIE are the one's that St.Jagged condemns to the firey brimstones of hell ("Dammit, St.Jagged no religious bullshit here," St.Jagged's innerconscience kicks St.Jagged in the cohones and tells him to cease from preaching fire, brimstone and satanic threats to those who commit the greatest sin, living a fucking LIE!)

Anyway Jaggedone's the moral of this story is: Forget the crap written about ol Jesus, he was just a magnificent rebel, faith healing, unselfish, totally dedicated to the poor, sick and trodden on people. He deserves to be respected and if you feel it necessary, worshipped. He deserves to go down in history as a great, great, man and he certainly doesn't deserve to be associated with all of the evils that have happened since his passing, which were perpetrated in his name by those pretending to preach his gospels under the cover of their real goals: Greed, power and control over the rest of us!

Fuck me, I've just been struck by a bolt of lightning and had the sacred cross burnt across my butt, could this be a sign from the one and only real "God" (who?) or is it Satan opening the door to the real heaven / hell / dirty women, booze, drugs, sex orgies, etc!!!!

From St.Jagged and his ol, still fiery hot WAN-KIN-DIK!!

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