donderdag 8 januari 2009

One and Only Mon Dieu, King, God of Reggae Rasta,

What with the continual conflicts ruling the news and change of year ol St.Jagged must get back to his cynical, satirical methods and crucify the muvva fuckers / perpetrators bringing so much misery on the innocents and unfortunates caught up in all of this never - ending BULLSHIT. But no dedicated Jaggedone's, I'll leave all of that misery for my main rivals in spreading the TRUTH, Aljazeera Int. ( for those billions of new members of the Jagged Fraternity who have just tuned in and have not read past "Masterpieces." Aljazeera Int. have been accused by St.Jagged and his ol companion WAN-KIN-DIK as imposters and false apostles of the only ones exclusively telling the TRUTH, ST.Jagged claims that title and Aljazeera Int. can go and choke on their blood thirsty news films and reports!).

Anyway back to the theme of this first CLASSIC in 2009 (without blood, misery, Gaza Strips, Palestinians, Nazis and their present clones called Israel or Jews acting like fucking Nazis!). No Jaggedone's the theme of this ere Masterpiece is;

Rasta, Reggae, Rhythms blasting in St.Jagged's ears and rocketing him into 2009 with the Dieu, Genius of all "Black" music, Mr Reggae, Rasta, Bob Marley!!!

Jaggedone's, do you long to forget the real world for minutes? Move your bodies to the exotic, erotic rhythms? Extract immeasurable pleasures (without the joints and weed, muvva fuckers)? Feel like making love to the next Cuban, long legged beauty that arrives into your fantasies? Want to lay on the beautiful Jamaican beaches (and watch fucking Johnny Depp lookalike, Keith Richard, fall out of another palm tree)? Feel the caribbean warm breezes caress your freezing, northern European bodies? Drink a cup of soothing, healing GREEN TEA to the rasta, reggae beats pounding out of your stereos? Feel closer to your particular Gods? Escape the bullshit, stress and destruction of modern day survival and financial meltdowns? Touch heaven and remove yourselves from hell for a few minutes? Feel alive and happy to be alive? Touch your loved ones and think, "how lucky am I to be loved?" Enjoy the moments of superior "Black" ("St.Jagged, we all know he was "Black," please refrain from using racist terminology to explain the Masters art!" "OK, he wasn't "Black" just fucking "Superior") art vibrating through your brains?

Then my devoted Jaggedone's:

Bump up your stereo systems, raid your reggae collection, hold the masterpieces in your hands, adore them, play the supreme rasta, reggae sounds of the one and only:



Well Jaggedone's thats my new years resolution for ol WAN-KIN-DIK, ST.JAGGED and last not least, all of my avid readers (dead goldfish, mingy Pitbull terrier, piles of his stinking doggies doings stuck on the soles of my rasta shoes, bald, ageing and my bad breathed moggy) Have a rasta, reggae fucking good new 2009 and see you all soon.

("St.Jagged why the fuck are you attempting to put dreadlocks in your receding, very naked, bald fucking head" St.Jagged's innerconscience kicks St.Jagged in his black polished goolies, cohones, whilst dancing around his head listening to the Master's "could you be loved" reminding St.Jagged that he is a white caucasian and should only love Mozart and Madonna, fuck off innerconscience!!)

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