dinsdag 17 maart 2009

Utopian Misery!!!

Misery, misery and even more fucking misery, since the last time St.Jagged surfed the cyber waves enough shit has happened to write a book about, shootings in the US, family father kills his family, nine innocents dead and then tops himself. In Germany raving kid of 17, slaughters his classmates, couple of teachers, innocent by - passers and then tops himself!

The financial misery continues with millions of innocent hard - working people being made redundant, worldwide thousands of businesses going broke, the homeless figures increase by the second, soup kitchens increase by the second and the whole stinking, capitalistic, greedy world is in a state of turmoil.

Not to even mention our everlasting misery shit - holes, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa generally, Latin/South America, America, Eastern Europe, Asia, China, Japan you name it, and you can be certain the shit is constantly hitting the fan and spreading its evil stench all over the planet.

"St.Jagged, why are you in such a negative, nihilistic, foul fucking mood" (St.Jagged's innerconscience awakes and gives ol St.Jagged a long, hard kick in the cohones), "why don't you just jump off of the next bridge, jump in front of the next express train, drive against the next concrete bridge, take a hundred sleeping tablets, shoot your fucking senile brains out" (St.Jagged's innerconscience is teasing St.Jagged because he fucking knows that the Psycho - Socialite and his ol mate, WAN-KIN-DIK has many epic tales still to tell his readers and he certainly won't give into the shit hitting the global fans before all of his epic stories are told!) "So fuck off innerconscience and go and jump in a river full of flesh - eating, starving pyrannhas, this ol St.Jagged is here to stay. Also, fuck all of you greedy bastards who have caused so much financial misery and especially, fuck off big time to those producers of violent, evil computer games who triggered that sad, braindamaged muvva fucking 17 year old German who slaughtered those innocent victims on his way out from this planet."
Jaggedone's, happy fucking days and St.Jagged hopes sincerely that none of you were or are caught up in the crap!!

Anyway here goes, happy story for the day:

Once upon a time somewhere on the planet Utopia there was no money, no greed, no hatred, no power and nature and mankind live in harmony. Mankind respected nature and only extracted what was necessary to survive, a roof over everybodies head, enough food, water and clothing for everybody. There was no hunger or famines, those countries more fortunate on Utopia assisted their less fortunate neighbours with natural resources and aid. There were no wars, conflicts, jealousy, criminality, no enviromental raping, no cruelty to the wonderful animal kingdom, everybody, humans and animals just lived happily side by side and never abusing their rights to exist.
Nature was allowed to replenish it's resources without man's interference, no need for luxury cars, watches, jewels, houses, planes, etc. Just good old basic resources, which were plentiful and certainly enough to satisfy the whole Utopian population.

Just the plain old requirements needed for survival and the continuation of the Utopian race.

Until one day God (who?) looked down from his lofty heights and thought, "fuck me, this is to good to be the TRUTH, I must interfere and create a material world full of hate, greed, poverty, selfishness, sickness, etc, etc."

"I must plant the seeds of seperation into some of my chosen ones, send them out to spread their gospels of a seperatist society in the name of their GODS (who?), cause them to slaughter the unbelievers and believers of the other Gods (who?), create social and material differences, adopt only those who are prepared to follow only my GOD (who?) and the rest shall perish in the hells of Satan's (who the fuck is he?) army."

The plan was executed and the chosen ones chosen, 20,000 years later and trillions of dead victims slaughtered Utopia was no longer Utopia. Greed, power, selfishness, poverty, destruction of the Utopian nature, self annihilation and oblivion was about to be completed.

The timeless God (who?) in his lofty heights peered down upon his once so wonderful planet called Utopia, smiled and thought, "my work is nearly complete and my TRUTH has been proven once more, plant the seeds of all evil into peoples heads and they will obey and follow that evil, forget the TRUTH, join the crusades of greed, power, seperation and ultimately, they will self -destruct!"

Jaggedone's the moral of this pathetic load of ol shit hitting the fan: Stay as you fucking are and you will never want to be in Utopia!!!

"Thank God (who the fuck is this God, your God, my God, her God, his God, the cats fucking God?????) this load of ol crap is over," St.Jagged's innerconscience sighs a sigh of relief, refrains from jumping into a pyrannah infested river, kicks fucking St.Jagged in the bollocks once more and tells him to, "grab his old Chinese slave and companion WAN-KIN-DIK , go for a long walk to the edge of Utopia, take an enormous leap for the good of the Utopian race off of the highest peak available and fly like an alien to the next victim of God's TRUTH (who, fucking him again!!) a planet called Earth!!

Sorry Jaggedone's, St Jagged was just déjá vu - ing once more in the empty voids of his lost universes between his wax filled ears, bald ugly head and snotty, runny nose, adios amigos, see you all fucking soon!!!

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