donderdag 26 maart 2009

High flying Condor desires to be the majestic Blue Whale

Jaggedone's now you're going to really experience the freeflowing, majestic St.Jagged at his insane best: There's just to much misery and crap going down to feel even the slightest impulses of sarcasm, satire or downright cynicism (as fucking usual) OK maybe Obamas flirt with the the mass media landing with a belly flop after telling everybody he plays ten bin bowls looking like a spastic, shame on you muvva fucker, excellent diplomatic start to your presidency.

All handicapped people please send their protests direct to the corrupt White (or should it now be the Black House?) and ask Obama to hang his great black balls in the middle of a Ten Pin Bowling alley for them to be aimed at with heavyweight ten pin bowling balls, OUCH!!!

Apart from that blooper it's all doom and gloom as usual; fucking Israel sneeking behind the UN back door after blatantly throwing white phosphorous at the Palestinians and denying having anything to do with it. Maybe it was their Hebrew God (who?) sending bolts of the shit from his safe haven in the twisted minds of his Jewish flock and forgetting that he bombarded a UN complex on the way, burning and maiming innocent civilians, shame on you GOD (who?).

Anyway whats new, fuck all, the Jews destroyed the Gaza Strip, every other muvva fucker is being asked to send their donations to rebuild the shithole whilst the Israelis crawl back behind their fortress called The Promised Land or in Jewish/Hebrew, Auschwitz mark 2!!!

St.Jagged didn't really want to touch on the wrong doings of the human race once more, boring fucking boring, so Jaggedone's fasten your seat belts for a trip into the flowing sand dunes of this serial Pyscho - Socialist (thankyou the masked and very evil Slipknot!). Enjoy the trip across the mighty Sahara desert between the over waxed ears of the one and only St.Jagged and his merry ol WAN-KIN-DIK. Looking like a dehydrated camel whilst dragging St.Jagged with his one wheeled, earthquake damaged rickshaw, without food or drink since 30 days and just about to be kicked in the goolies by St.Jagged for not keeping up the pace, evil bastard St.Jagged!!!

Object of the invasion into the desert - ed braincells of St.Jagged, to find the real TRUTH(what??)

Here we go:

The Andean Condor flies above the mighty peaks of his mountaneous homeland, peering out of his eagle, hawkeyed eyes from a thousand metres up high wishing he was for once in his life a member of the gigantic blue whale family, diving to such oceanic depths of which the pitiful human race can only dream of.

The desert dunes blow eastwards as the Condor flies westward to avoid minute particles of sand blurring his vision and perception of the great blue whale diving gracefully into the dark oceans covering the wonderful planet called earth.
The blue whale descends, the Condor ascends to breathless heights way above mankinds limitations and thinks "what is that silverwinged object with fire spouting out of its rear end, is it a bird, is it Superman, or is it mans pathetic attempt to reach the outer universe by way of blasting trillions of dollars into space for the futile results of a few scientific experiments?"

Andean Condors prefer to concentrate their efforts on surviving by hawkeying their prey from lofty distances, attacking and devouring. Only when they desire to be a blue whale for a day does their fantasy drift like the desert sands below them knowing fully that it's a desire and can never be the TRUTH (what?).

The majestic blue whale spouts its jet streams high into the heavens and fears not for its children being attacked by the predatory, great white shark, only mankind is foolish enough to hunt and kill the great blue whale. A predator lost in his greed and power, sunk in his selfrighteousness and imperialistic crusades of futile advancements.

As the fire - spouting missile disappears beyond the clouds of ignorance the timeless sands of time relentless in their pursuit of expansion aided by ignorance, ugliness and blindness blow towards the vast, deep blue oceans, where the battle is lost as waves ripple gently behind the gigantic torso of the magnificent blue whale and his vocal family fearing only the harpoons.

The giant Condor in his lofty heights dives rapidly above the spouting blue whales and feels envy and sadness. A solitary beast wishing for once to change his skin for that of his mammal counterpart. He spots from a distance balls of fire, bellowing smoke, the sound of confusion, hate, blood, revenge as the mighty volcano blasts its unstoppable energy into the clear blue skies.
An ensuing tsunami raises its ugly head and speeds towards the land of man, the blue whales, masters of the oceans, ride the speeding, passing tsunami as it accelerates to the lands of confusion and blindness, crashing with enormous power over the shores of concrete, destroying everything in its path. The Andean Condor safe in the havens of 5000 metres altitude observes from his hawkeyed position as the devastion continues, the blue whale smiles, his family continue their annual journey to pastures abundant, without fear!

The desert sands of time buckle, sway and submerge under the colossal power unleashed by the allies in this ultimate act of natural, sweet revenge. The silver missile continues its wasteful journey observing from between the skies at night below, nowhere to go, nowhere to return to, just hopelessness and limitless, black space, pursuing the journey into their ultimate TRUTH!

Fuck me Jaggedones not bad for a demented Pyscho - Socialist who never takes himself seriously, only the voices ringing in St.Jaggeds over - waxed ears are taken serious!

St.Jagged and his WAN-KIN-DIK will return from their majestic journey soon (if muvva fucking WAN-KIN-DIK doesn't die of dehydration and St.Jagged doesn't perish searching for the oasis within his very JAGGED MIND!

Adios from somewhere amongst the sandy Maroccan dunes blowing in and out towards Mecca, Jerusalem, the Vatican and any other religious Atlantis available (where?)

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