dinsdag 7 april 2009

The good, The fat VIP's and The downright EVIL and UGLY!,

OK, OK, St.Jagged knows what you're all thinking, "here he goes again ranting on about the world, the crap human race and it's evil doings." Well fuck me you're all right!!

G20, VIP meeting of the foremost world leaders and their entourages, telling us all how they are going to solve the massive problems of the planet, bollocks!

The whole bamboozle cost more in security, banquets and high - brow meetings than the annual GDP of an African corrupt shithole fighting for the most basic necessities and amenities. Maybe our fab G20 leaders should have had their meeting in the middle of the Somalian desert, rented a VIP tent from King Abdullah the desert king (who?) and donated the costs of holding their fab party in London to the refugee camps, their inhabitors, medical staff , impoverished, starving children and local charity workers.

Now that would really be a sign of fucking HELP!!!!

"St.Jagged, arsehole, on what planet do you actually live, Utopia." (no we've had that one before in a majestic blog from the one and only imperial St.Jagged and his ol WAN-KIN-DIK!) St.Jagged's desert - ed innerconscience wakes up, kicks St.Jagged in his massive camel cohones, filled with desert goats milk, frying in the the midday sun and curdling into desert goats cheese before ol WAN-KIN-DIK has a chance to milk his master in the burning, unrelenting midday sun in the middle of a Maroccan desert somewhere between Somalia, Mekka (where?) and the hardening wax between his filthy earholes!

Anyway our fab leaders all went home in their luxury private limousines and mega large Jets (more fucking costs and money not meant for the poor ol "muy pobre" refugees somewhere in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Somalia or some other crap hole in mighty, corrupt Africa!) after telling us all how concerned and really fabulous they all are. We obviously all believed them and their empty words (except the cynical bastard St.Jagged and a couple of thousand protestors not allowed within a five mile radius of the great G20 VIP party!) knowing truthfully (what's that?) that life will still continue in it's rapidly increasing misery for the "muy pobres" caught up in the shitholes of Africa, South America, Asia and dare St.Jagged mention it, the good ol once fabulous US of America.

Fuck on you "muy Pobres" if St.Jagged ruled the world he'd sack the muvva fuckers and their fancy entourages, put some real effort and finance into solving the global miseries and have his next VIP G20 party in, no, no muvva fuckers, not in the deserts of my mind arseholes, but in a ******* star hotel in the most noble of noble Dubai, sipping the finest oak whiskies, dining at the finest ***** star restaurants, shagging the most beautiful "ladies of the night" and not giving a fuck about the rest of the world!! (don't worry, only kidding Jaggedone's, it was just a figment of my sometimes very evil imagination, St.Jagged is really an envoy of the true God (who?) and sometimes instead, wished he was the global envoy of the one and only SATANIC MASTER so he could also enjoy the things that our fabulous G20 leaders enjoy!).

Anyway back to reality: St.Jagged is about to unleash another epic tale of the good, the bad and the really fucking ugly!

On his way back from his lonely desert crusades with only his faithful servant WAN-KIN-DIK to keep him company, St.Jagged decided in the future not be so cynical, sarcastic and downright fucking rude. ST.Jagged has turned over a new leaf, left his cynical/satirical past behind him and will blog only about the wonders of nature (i.e. Blue Whales, Giant Condors, etc, etc).

St.Jagged is sick to death of the human miseries that rage upon our planet and will spend his time in the local "Loony Bin" dedicating his fabulous blogs to those beings who really deserve a mention, nature and it's wonders!

"Fuck off St.Jagged," oops, ol innerconscience has just woken up again at the shock waves of yet another Italien earthquake, kicked St.Jagged in his merry ol WAN-KIN-DIK, told him too, "get a fucking life, forget nature and it's wonders, tell the fucking "TRUTH" and do the job he is payed for and suppose to be doing i.e. Kicking the shit out of our wonderful, corrupt leaders, their entourages, the shitheads who vote for them and last not least the corrupt muvva fuckers who sponge off of our fabulous, democratic free system by spiralling the world into a financial crisis whilst stuffing their own bank accounts and pockets full on the way!"

Jaggedone's, enough ranting for today, St.Jagged wil leave you all with the thought for today:

Life is an eternal struggle, life can certainly be a bitch and wicked but it can also be wonderful. Today St.Jagged heard the birds singing, observed the fluffy blue clouds sailing past, watched the soldier ants labouring willingly for their queen, listened to the beautiful waves caressing the untouched, pristine shores of uninhabited islands, saw a man stroke his best friend, his dog, and laughed as the unknowing cat chased his tail, etc, LIFE CAN BE BEAUTIFUL IF WE COULD ONLY SEE IT!

St.Jagged will be back with his sunburned and very dry WAN-KIN-DIK, telling new adventures and epic tales leading us "all" to the TRUTH ( all = his shabby dog, mingy cat, half starved, swimming on his back, goldfish, and stinking turd stuck to the heels of his worn out BOVVER BOOTS!) Adios Amigos

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