woensdag 8 april 2009

Spoofs, more Spoofs and even more SPOOFS!!!

You lucky bastards! St.Jagged back with a new masterpiece within a day, miracles will never cease and certainly no respite in the jagged mind of the greatest Pyscho - Socialite to wander the great cyber paths on planet internet. "St.Jagged you are just full of shit that's all, give your merry ol Jaggedone's a rest from your incessant bullshit and bollocking TRUTH crusades" St.Jagged's innerconscience awakes with a mighty crap hangover after a night boozing, shagging, whoring with the delicious "Ladies of the night" left behind after the retreat of our fab G20 leaders and their entourages. St.Jagged's innerconscience took this superb opportunity to have a leacherous, debauched night out with the Ladies, cheap rates and cheap booze on offer after our fabulous G20 teams had lined the pockets and G strings of our lovely Ladies with mega loads of taxpayers bucks!!

No, no, no, Jaggedone's, you've guessed wrong, only a short bulletin this time to announce a fab link for all of you twisted, sadistic, cynical, satirical muvva fucking millions who read the very demented, evil and TRUTHFUL (what the fuck does that mean!) thoughts of ol St.Jagged, WAN-KIN-DIK and the rest of his evil entourage.

The gentlemen over there put the fab http://www.jaggededgepublications.blogspot.com/ on their list of readable, debauched, funny and rude satirical sites and ST.Jagged in his gratitude reversed the honour: Thanks readers of "The Spoof" the Spoof team and hopefully we can all continue arm in arm in our crusades of satirical storytelling targeting the sad state of our fabulous blue planet and its human inhabitants!

Aufwiedersehen, Adios, Goodbye from St.Jagged and his never - ending, forever hard -y WAN-KIN-DIK!

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