maandag 14 september 2009

St.Jagged pissed and "STIFF" as his ol WAN-KIN-DIK!!

German horny Frauleins boozing Viagra-Beer!
Unemployed Dildos, sagging, soogy and uselesss!!

JA, JA, those fucking Krauts again, beating the world hands down at everything, Mercedes, BWM, Bosch, Siemens, shooting penalties, winning footy world cups and now, shock, horror, fucking VIAGRA BEER!

Ja, Jaggedone's it's true, THE TRUTH even, Germans have invented a beer not only to get males pissed out of their brains, no, that's not enough, they've added Viagra and now the world will get as "STIFF" as starch and horny on the way!! (Beware mini-skirted Barmaids!!)

A Kraut in his private brewery somewhere in downtown Germany was fiddling with his Kapputer maschine, got horny, stuck his "Dickstick" in a litre of best Deutsche Pils, mixed a viagra tablet and "bobs your uncle" three hours of hot internet WAN-KIN with a blonde, buxom Deutsche Fraulein, first time in three years, oogh, aagh!!

Now Jurgen Brauer (Brewer in English!) has decided to sell his "Viagra Beer" worldwide after testing it on his very saggy workforce, they certainly "STIFFENED UP", and are now busy "Gang-Banging" their female colleagues over the lunch tables, Sieg Heil!!

Jurgen hopes he will never have "Stiff" opposition and has globally patented his beer already!!

All German males and their wives are craving for the product whilst the Dildo industry has been severly "Six Packed" sideways!

Reasons; lonely wives of beer binging German males have been buying dildo's for a bit of vibrating comfort! All they do now is top their hubbies up with Viagra Beer, their dildo's can stay dry, gather dust and only be used when he's visiting the girlfriend!!

Jurgen has already designed labels with hot, sexy, blond, buxom Frauleins whipping the sagging dicks of beer binging males and boy does it get them "HARD!"

The beer will lead Germany out of recession, become a winner (as usual!) conquer the world whilst the rest of the beer boozing world looks at Germany scoring even more penalties as the others fail miserably!

JA, JA, Jaggedone's, who really won the fucking war?? St.Jagged is off to buy a six-pack for himself and his ol WAN-KIN-DIK, see you all in 2 weeks when the "STIFFNESS" wears off!!!

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