woensdag 30 september 2009

Satan's in the News as usual + his ol sidekick Adolf and Madonna is marrying her baby, JESUS!!

1) Satan in the news as ever!

2) Madonna with her "Baby" Jesus from behind!
3) Charlie manson to star as him above, only this time the real thing!!!

Here we go, here we go, here we go!!

Jaggedone's, just landed for a "Quickie" (haven't told the wife yet!!) lots has happened over the last couple of weeks, but the most fantastic thing to happen is that "Horny Grandma" Madonna is about to marry her son "Jesus" in a mega-religious experience, happening. Jesus will shed his poorly rags and suck Madonna's (no not her leather pussy!) millions away!

St.Jagged thought Jesus was an honest beggar, son of God (who?) broke the bread, healed the lepers, walked on water, recalled Dig Lazarus Dig, etc!

Well not anymore Jaggo's (new word for my loony worshippers!) Jesus has been reborn, this time as a pretty boy model, shagging the shit out of his MAMA, Madonna and has been catapulted to multi-millionaire status via the cross - ing and catwalk, "thankyou God, Dad (who?), this time around it's much more pleasant!" he prayed!

Roman Polanski has been arrested for shagging a 13 year old Lolita in Switzerland, only problem is the 13 year old is now a 105, but nobody told the Americans, who have been pursuing ol Polanski for the last 50 odd years!

They've got their man locked up in a Swiss cell and are waiting to extradite the creepy, paedophile, film maker!

When Roman is jailed he has promised to remake Rosemary's Baby and offer Charles "The Demon" Manson a role in it as Satan, to thank him for slitting open his ex-missus, Sharon Tate, lovely gesture!

Charlie Manson has accepted and promised to sacrifice 5 of his female worshippers in a Satanic ritual, removing their pussies and heads then inviting Hannibal Lector for dinner, of course, evil bastard (well he is Satan!)!

The world of politics never changes, corrupt, corrupt and even more corrupt, even Obama is stooping so low that he has to insult that "crap rapper", Keyne West, for a bit of extra publicity!

Nature keeps causing havoc, Taiwan mudslides, Australian clouds of red dust, Tsunamis, floods in the Philippines, millions destined to starve in Africa (so what's fucking new!)

Israeli Nazis refuse to move an inch on the Palestinian thing, Iran and North Korea shooting their pea-shooter rockets towards Israel and South Korea respectively, for a bit of rocket salad practice!

Yeah, yeah, Jaggo's nothing much ever changes, bullshit and bollocks on a daily basis, only St Jagged remains perfectly sane with his ol mate WAN-KIN-DIK to keep him company whilst occupying his place under a bridge in Amsterdam thinking:

"What would have happened if Hitler had won the war," I guess we'll never know!!!!

Well Jaggo's and fellow "Nutters" adios amigos from ol St.Jagged, he's heading back over to the http://www.thespoof.com/ for a bit of bantering with the other "Spoof Loonies" and keep them ol WAN-KIN-DIKS stiff and fucking hard!!!

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