vrijdag 9 oktober 2009

US cause lunar explosion searching for ICE, ICE, BABY at a cool $79 million!
Obama wins Nobel peace prize, but nobody knows why! maybe the Ku Klax Clan can provide an answer, BLACK POWER!!

Maybe Israeli Alien's can provide the answer why Obama won the Nobel peace prize they know all about it, ask the Palestinians, SHALOM!!
Hey "Jaggaloonies" as you all know St.Jagged is a peaceful, non-ranting, loveable Grandad but sometimes things happen on this planet (and outside) whereby St.Jagged just has to "blow a fucking fuse" and tell my beloved "Jaggaloonies" the nasty fucking TRUTH about the people who run this shithole and their egoistic, selfish doings!!

This time it's the fab US once again, fucking again and again (will they ever learn? no!).

Today, 09.10.2009, the US exploded 2 rockets on the moon, costing $79 million!! What grand reason do they need to blast so much money away onto the Lunar surface? Yes, ICE ICE BABY, FUCKING ICE!!

Hold it a second, is St.Jagged watching the wrong film here?

The US have a grand debt of $11,9 TRILLION dollars and it's growing by the second!
The US pay an annual $412 BILLION on interest payments (tax payers money of course!)!
The US caused the financial meltdown, high unemployment and even more misery!
3/4 's of the world's population live in wretched poverty have no clean water, no food, no decent housing, etc, etc!

And the fucking US go and play SILLY ARSES on the moon for an ICE COOL $79 MILLION!!

If you added the whole amount of money that the US and other moronic states have blown away on their pathetic space programmes you could probably feed the world's population for a hundred years, provide them with clean water, reasonable housing, medical help, build decent infra -structures, etc, etc, and still have money left fucking over!!


Plus the financing of their useless conflicts in Vietnam, Korea, 2 x Iraq, Afghanistan not to mention their support of Nazi Israel and other minor conflicts since WW2!

Costing not only $trillions to finance but also costing the human tragedy of millions of innocent's murdered by the US war machine!!

Hitler was like a naughty schoolboy compared to that mob!!

Jaggedone's if the US would have used their power in a sensible fashion there would have been no need for many of the conflicts mentioned, the route of all EVIL is not only money but pure fucking ignorance and the US monster has shown enough of that ever since Hitler departed!!

When St.Jagged see's such "LUNARCY" as in LUNAR (for the less cryptic of you!) there's only one thing St.Jagged wants to do, grab his ever trusty WAN-KIN-DIK and book on the next flight to fucking Saturn singing that Rolling Stones classic "HEY, HEY YOU GET OFF OF MY CLOUD" and never come back!! (cloud as in just discovered new cloud rings around Saturn, get it!!).

But no, my "Jaggaloonies" St.Jagged would never leave you, he'll always be around to vomit at these fucking ARESHOLES running our planet and who puts them there, yes my Darlings, the people (but certainly not my "Jaggaloonies" never, or?)!

To top it all "The New Messiah" Obama, has won the fucking Nobel prize for peace, total "LUNARCY" and hypocrisy at it's maddest, what the fuck has he done to deserve that?

St.Jagged doesn't know, maybe we should ask a passing JEWISH-ISRAELI-ALIEN, called BLACK MOSES maybe he'll know!

Well my "Jaggaloonies" back to the day job over at http://www.thespoof.com/ a man has to live you know!!

St.Jaggeds WAN-KIN-DIK is so sore after all of the whippings he's been taking lately that he's sagging and sobbing in the corner, pushing his broken rickshaw back and forward singing "Oh happy days" by that famous black Chink opera singer TUNG-IN-PUSI, better than a rapping Ice-T on the moon anyday!

Hasta La vista Terminator Babies!

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