woensdag 2 december 2009

St.Jagged is blasted away by a German Hurricane called RAMMSTEIN!

Well I've got a tale to warm the cockles of your hearts (and it's not Scotch Whisky) St.Jagged has been literally "BLOWN-A- FUCKING- WAY BY A TEUTONIAN HURRICANE!!"

There's not many things that excite this ol fart but last Monday in downtown Cologne, Germany, St.Jagged and his ol slave WAN-KIN-DIK were given a mega-nuclear-BLOW-JOB (we weren't on the mens toilets by the way!) (unfortunately not the women's either!).
Anyway, let's get down to serious business, RAMMSTEIN, RAMMSTEIN AND EVEN MORE RAMMSTEIN!!

For those who have never heard of these particular German gentlemen, they are a Kraut rock, industrial metal and MUCH MUCH more band!

Now ol St.Jagged has seen meny bands/shows in his lifetime, but these guys blow everything and everybody else into OBLIVION and St.Jagged was also blown into oblivion by the MAJESTIC MASTERS OF TEUTONIAN METAL/ROCK!!

Let me explain:

These Deutsche gentlemen are masters of the shocking, the beautiful, the marvellous, the wonderful, the horrors, the amazement, the TRUTH, etc, and that all in 2 hours!!!

They produce a Wagner opera, Les Miserables, Hitchcocks masterpieces, perfect metal/rock music, thrilling pyromania, you fucking name it, they fucking did it, GERMAN BRILLIANCE at it's very best.

They put every single other rock/metal/pop live show in their shadows and only the majestic Pink Floyd from way back when could have ever competed with these guys, UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

As you can see my Jaggaloonies, St.Jagged is still recovering from the experience and if any one of you maniacs ever get the chance to see these unbelievable artists live FUCKING WELL DO IT!!!!

St.Jagged will certainly be seeing them again and he cannot wait!!

Compliments to all of my German friends, you are UNBELIEVABLE TOO!!

Aufwiedersehen, bis bald und einen riesen Gruss an


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