vrijdag 20 november 2009

God alias Mother Nature speaks to St.Jagged, tells him to stop fucking about and divulge the real Ten Commandments!

Mother Nature alias God
God alias Mother Nature

God alias God alias Mother Nature!

Jaggaloonies, St.Jagged has a problem, GOD (who?) no not one of them false Gods in people's churches and fantasies, but the real one!

No Allah's, Buddhas, Hindu's, Christian Gods or whoever, these are seperatist gods created by mankind to exercise power over others!

This God is the real God, actually he or she has another name, Mother Nature!

Now this God has been having a chat with St.Jagged, told him to stop fucking about, do something uselful, write something decent and stop playing with his WAN-KIN-DIK !

Now Jaggaloonies, you're all asking yourself what this shit is about, well my devoted fans (3 of them), this is about the "TRUTH" and the following Ten Commandments were given to St.Jagged by God (who?) so he could tell to you lot (he knows we're fucking Loony the three of us!)

Here we go:

The Ten Commandments according to God alias Mother Nature as given to St.Jagged (not that pretender, Moses!)

1) Thou shallt not believe in false Gods, thou shallt believe in only one God, Mother Nature.

2) Thou shallt be honest, truthful, respect the aged, weak, sick and teach your children the same.

3) Thou shallt accept the fact that Mother Nature designed man and woman to be the only true partnership in life, all other deviants of this form are not the TRUTH. They should be accepted and tolerated (nature is not perfect and humans certainly aren't) but never should they be put on the same level as MAN and WOMEN.

4) Thou shallt condemn all forms of sexual activities with children, animals, etc + those who are physically forced into such deeds. Those who perpetrate such activities are sick, should be condemned and removed from normal society.

5) Thou shallt never worship those who live only for greed and power. Thou shallt reject such philosophies, only worship those who respect and devote their lives for the good in mankind.

6) Thou shallt support a NEW WORLD ORDER, forget the egoistic direction mankind has taken, reject the system, reject politicians, religious leaders and others only interested in their egoistic power games.

7) Thou shallt support a group of non-corrupt selected leaders made up of WISE OLDER MEN and WOMEN who have had balanced, experienced lives. They only can lead mankind back to what it really should be doing, living in harmony, peace and parallel to Mother Nature.

8) Thou shallt not kill, rape, torture, or harm anyone for the sake of selfish power and greed. Those who commit such crimes should be condemned and removed from normal society.

9) Thou shallt acknowledge the fact that to create a "healthy" society one needs control. This control should be exercised by controlling bodies appointed and funded by the people. The laws they are required to implement should be based solely upon human decency, respect for one another and nature including all species. These laws and regulations shallt be determind by the non-corrupt, selected leaders made up of the WISE OLDER MEN and WOMEN.

10) Thou shallt believe in the good of mankind and reject false evil (evil is a human creation). All financial, natural, technological, scientific , etc, resources created by mankind should be re-invested solely for the good of mankind and not egoistic projects of which are valueless to mankind.
No man, woman, child should ever starve have to die of thirst, curable sicknesses or be made forcibly homeless through wars, conflicts, etc.

God/Mother Nature has spoken and so be it!

If mankind rejects these commandments the world will end in a self-made apocalyptical disaster whilst Mother Nature will continue without the HUMAN RACE!

Fuck me, St.Jagged has just woke up from his nightmare and what the shit has he been writing?

Jaggaloonies it wasn't St,Jagged, just the hand of God (who?), I swear to tell the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH, My Sweet Lord, Jesus, it was a bad dream!!

Any comments or solidarity on the bullshit above mail to L.Johnson@hetnet.nl serious or otherwise!

Chou bambinos, see you all in Utopia!

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