woensdag 4 november 2009

George Bush makes comeback and the world nears 3rd world war!

Satan love's Italy and George!!
George loves Satan and Italy!!!

Ja, Ja, Ja, my beloved Jaggaloonies, he's landed, St.Jagged is home!

He's been to Berlin, the outer cyber universe, between his ears (wax an all) and now St.jagged is back for a short visit to throw some shit at the fans (NO, not my fans, real fans!)

Let ol St.Jagged tell you all the latest, WAN-KIN-DIK has starred in a western parody over on the http://www.thespoof.com/ as leader of a Chink 300 Spartan army, a superhero, got married, stopped wanking , got divorced and now he's back pulling St.Jagged in his rickshaw (where he belongs, slave bastard!), worth a read actually!

A goat was the only candidate to compete with President Kazair in Afghanistan, so they gave Kazair the title, cut the goats balls off and sent them to Obama!!

Crucifixes have been banned in Italien schools, Swastikas, stars in half circles (Islamic symbol), white/black power symbols, hammer and sickles, jewish stars, etc, are all allowed!

Last not least, Crucifixes hanging upside-down, Anti-Christ, Devil, Satanic symbols no problem, but no fucking Catholic crucifixes in Italian schools, MAMA MIA, Jesus will be spinning on his cross!!

Last not least, here's a Spoof to tickle your fancies about our fav ex-President, Georgie Porgie Bush, have a laugh at this crap:

George Bush is alive and kicking especially after the latest gubernatorial races showed support for the ex=President and his Republican party!

Dissatisfaction with Obama over the economy, his colour, losing the Olympic bid, has lead many Yanks to believe, "Georgie wasn't that bad after all!"

"He won the war in Iraq, topped Saddam, kicked that bastard Bin Laden into exile, bombed the crap out of the Taliban, demolished those ugly Twin Towers in NY, was demented, docile and a born fucking idiot but still better than ol clever clogs, Obama!"

Coloured people in the US, Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher, Putin, Benjamin Netanyahu, Robert Mugawe, etc, are also rallying behind George once more quoting, "we need more men like
George, blind, deaf, dumb and stupid, but a real Christian Yank at heart, aagh!"

Meanwhile, George, still in demented rehab, quoted, "I love you, God bless America, my ol buddies Bin Laden, Ghaddafi, Susan Palin (fine blow job if ever there was!) Bono, Adolf, Stalin, Mussolini, Mugave, Pinochet, Idi Amin........"

The nurses caring for George quickly rushed him back into his straightjacket and Hannibal mask, staunch Republican and real Californian, Arnie Schwarzenegger, gave the following statement on behalf of George, "no hasta la vista BABY!"

Well there you go Jaggaloonies, that's it for today, St.Jagged will be back soon with some more very "Jagged Truths" greetings from WAN-KIN-DIK, just whiplashed the bastard, tied him up , handcuffed him, life is a bitch and can get very HARD!!

Adios Amigos!!

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