dinsdag 9 maart 2010

Hi there Jaggaloonies, St.Jagged's back with a windy tale of stench, stink and rotten eggs smelling like sulphuric acid!
Even ol WAN-KIN-DIK was shaking in his boots!

Now Mrs. St.Jagged is a great cook, very interested in healthy living, life-style and believes what you eat, you are!

Sometimes she can go slightly over the top as you will read below and the consequences are, well, pretty smelly!

Jaggaloonies, have a read, a laugh and next time you're sitting on the bog stinking the place out, think of St.Jagged (or maybe not!).

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Fart, Fart and even more FARTS!
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Mrs. Jaggedone = 2 recently had the devilish idea to concoct several recipes which respond rather violently to the digestive sytem and bowel area conducing a volcanic combustion effect on the rear end, commonly known as the anus!It commenced on sunday over an evening meal of best Deutsche Sauerkraut with "Veggie Bangers" and spuds.

The night was spent heaving to and fro, left and right, gassing the bedroom similair to a "Last Tango" in Auschwitz!
After surviving the nocturnal upheavels (5 x loo and back) the Monday turned into a further test of Mrs Jaggedone's basic DUTCH cooking skills with the suggestion of a fresh leek soup for supper, WUNDERBAR!

Leek is a well known combustion perpetrator and added to the remaining sauerkraut from the day previous the night was once again spent relieving the bowels with the stench of a combination of mustard gas and volcanic eruptions (5 x loo and back, without gas masks or oxygen, we survived!).

Now by this time Jaggedone's collection of muster boxer shorts were wearing quite thin, nevertheless, Mrs Jaggedone decided to concoct a special evening delicatess of WHITE CABBAGE, SPUDS AND VEGGIE BURGERS!Enough is enough, one would contemplate, no!

The remaining leek soup was devoured at lunch time and the white cabbage in the evening causing a slight haemorrhaging of the stomach wall, with rocket like convulsions through the bladder exiting the anal canals like human cannonballs!Jaggedone's exclusive boxer short collection were ripped to shreds and Hiroshima was revisited, including after shocks and nuclear winds reminding one of Louis De Funes fab celluloid classic, "The Cabbage Farmer" (or something similair).

Thankyou Mrs. Jaggedone for the past three days of excellent nutrition, I am told that such foods are healthy and certainly good for the digestive system, but too much of a good thing can certainly BACKFIRE!


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