zondag 28 maart 2010

Stalin and Hitler, spot the difference if you can!

Spot the difference?
"Josef, over there my posters are hanging in Berlin just like we did to those fucking Jews and Ukranians!"

Yes Jaggaloonies, he's back with his old (very old) WAN-KIN-DIK, his broken down one wheeled rickshaw, scabby dog, mingy mutt cat and swimming upside-down dead goldfish, the one and only, ST.JAGGED.

St. Jagged has been here there and every fucking where, Dunkel Deutschland, the cyber universe, Spoofing it up on http://www.thespoof.com/ , writing manuscripts and now he's back home for a short visit to warm the cockles of your hearts and divulge a massive Russian scandal about to happen in Moscow (where else) .

You'll love it!

Just what the Jews needed and all of those 43 million who Stalin "topped" (evil bastard, Hitler was like a raped choir boy against this serial-socialist-killer!).

Here we go:

Stalin posters cause uproar in Moscow and Hitler posters in Berlin too, charming chappies both of them!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010
You can't keep a good dictator down and to commemorate the the end of WWII Moscow, in their nonsensical wisdom, has decided to hang up posters of their infamous mass murdering dictator, Josef Stalin.

This has totally divided Moscowites, some feel he was a hero and others a murdering maniac (pretty true actually). Now Mr Stalin certainly had some blood on his hands, especially Ukranian. He enjoyed starving millions of them and locking thousands of dissidents up in his Siberian Holiday Camps called, Gulags, (estimated deaths under this socialist, communist Father Christmas, roughly 43 million) WHAT A CHARMER HE WAS!

Not to be outdone by Russia, Germany have decided to hang posters of one of their most famous sons, Adolf Hitler in Berlin in commemoration of building German Autobahn's, building the VW Beetle, discovering the Blitzkrieg, getting rid of those pestulant Jews and generally being a thouroughly NICE CHAPPY!

One cannot choose his own dictator but they certainly should be remembered for their fantastic achievements, murder, wars, genocide and generally good representatives of mankind in general!

God and Allah are also having posters hung up in their respective heavens, but that's worth another Spoof!

This majestic piece of stunning literature was printed on THE SPOOF and many of the daft bastards over there didn't GET IT.

But St.Jagged knows his Jaggaloonies are much more intelligent, religious and love his WAN-KIN-DIK.

See you all very soon and stop FARTING, filthy stinkers, POOOP!

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