woensdag 14 mei 2008

Shiny Happy Global News

Yeh, Yeh, muvva fuckers, you're all wondering where the hell the Jagged One has been since his last blockbuster shook the establishment by it's balls and caused an earthquake, well fuck me that's my point, who gives a shit where I was. (surfing the heavy metal and Joy Division forums offering them advice on how to start a cyber revolution and conquer the world, master race an all! Bollocks)

As you all know we've had some pretty earth shaking misery hit our wonderful planet lately (no, no, crapheads not the US election, Olympic flame, Tom "fucking" Cruise getting a new facelift, Cher looking like she's 25 and never had an operation, no my friends!) this is really serious stuff, cyclones in Burma, earthquakes in China, terrorist attacks in Jaipur, India, mortgage crisis in the US, UK and all other decadent countries, bent and corrupt elections in Zimbabwe, multi increases in oil and global, basic food prices, the list is endless and it all has one common denominator, misery for the majority, poorest of the poorest (well that's a fucking surprise!).

Are you still feeling happy Jagged One's, no of course we can't change a fucking thing, but we do have the right to comment on the shit happening around us!

Burmese authorities refuse to let aid organisations into their country, 50000 till 100000 dead, homeless and many more to come and the muvva fiuckers refuse help. Well my sympathy goes out to the poor, suffering "little" people and certainly not to those shitheads dictating and murdering their own folk whilst acting under the disguise of being leaders of this cyclone - hit part of the world!

Well that one is beyond us all, or not????

China are slightly better off, the world is focusing in on the natural catastrophy and being informed about the latest death toll, destruction, misery through the oh so open, Chinese media.

Well that's a turn around! Couple of years ago there was a similair earthquake with hundreds of thousands perishing and they didn't let anybody near the place (could this have anything to do with the economic revolution radically changing the face of China and their politics? "St.Jagged how fucking naive are you to ask such a pathetic question").

Another, not to be forgotten aspect is obviously the "Shambolympics", Bejing and all that crap.

China are showing a great deal of aid, help and support for those poor people stuck in the middle of the quake, (believe St.Jagged, he really does have sympathy for those affected by this massive disaster) but being the synical bastard that St.Jagged is, he tends to think the pictures reaching the western world through Chinese TV are aiding the Chinese government in avoiding the highly sensitive question of Tibet and other inhumane policies practised by the politicians, police and the military in this rapidly - growing world power.

Naturally, there is also the great question being asked by the world media and its bloodsucking thirst for up - to - date news pertaining to the "Shambolympics" and if they could be in danger of not going through.

St.Jagged, the cynical muvva fucker also asks the question. Would it not be better to cancel the shitty show of show off athletes, drinking Coca Cola, eating Big Macs and stuffing their veins with steroids and hormones and invest all of the money in helping the poor and wretched caught up in this major natural catasrophy, build an infra - structure, housing, etc, to withstand the (obvious) next visit of a major earthquake.

"ST. Jagged on what planet do you think you're living on, this is planet Earth with all of it's imperfections, natural disasters, and worst of all, its imperfect inhabitants called humans, not the animal kingdom by the way." St.Jagged's inner - conscience wakes up after being totally bored with this serious blog!

Sorry avid readers, St Jagged doesn't mean to express his opinions off of the back of such a catastrophy and it's victims, but my cynical inner - self cannot help driving me to the conclusion that China is using this disaster to seriously benefit and step -up in the league of "Human Rights" by receiving sympathy from the rest of the world, cutting muvva fucker!

Well lets turn our attention to Hilary and Obama, boring, boring, boring, fuck off!

Terrorist bombs in Jaipur, Irak, etc. What's new?

Extortionate food and oil prices, boring, boring and even more fucking boring! (we'll all just swallow, tighten our belts as the mega - hyper, super - rich supermarkets make even more billions of profits and please don't mention those multi - billionare, profit making machines, the oil companies, fuck off!!)

Well my avid Jagged's, that's the happy news from here, hopefully next time St.Jagged can offer you all more excitement in the daily soap called "Steroid Shambolympics running for mankind, all of it's evils and may the best muvva fucker win."

Shiny, Happy, Jagged.ST (crusading for the ?, don't mention the word!!)

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