maandag 16 juni 2008

Impeachment of our pure and pristine Georgie Porgie Boy

After recovering from the ghastly maggot experience and returning to the warmth and protection of these fabulous blog pages St Jagged has recovered enough to continue his cynical, critical, satirical, sarcastic, momentous, world shattering, crap, revolution in the name of the TRUTH.

The damaged, retarded braincells are recovering rapidly enhanced by a diet of insects, lavae, bugs, worms, termites, etc, (all products mentioned are offered on free trial c.o. Aborigine Exports, left side of the Australian outback, indiginous Avenue, somewhere in the desert and as far away from all "Australian Immigrants" (especially those without thick black noses, ugly hairstyles, rotting teeth and poor as a church mouse), Termite/Scorpion Infested Valley, Australia, top fucking adress by the way, no shortage of swimming pools, luxury barbacues, and beach villas here you know!) and St.Jagged is fit enough to comment once more on the world shattering, shocking news relating to the above mentioned title.

Surprise, fucking surprise, Georgie Porgie is about to be impeached for the following crimes to humanity and St.Jagged quotes:

  • Genocide (Georgie is now an honorary member of the following, exclusive club of genocidal perbetrators including: Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Roman Emperors, Chairman Mao, Japanese Emperors, Idi Amin, Robert Mugawe, Pinochet, Argentinian / Brazilian Generals, African Dictators, the list is fucking endless! )

  • Unlawful invasions of innocent countries.

  • Corruption ("so what's new St.Jagged you wanker" comment from St.Jagged's innerconscience recovering also on a diet of junk food, booze and group sex).

  • Wishing to start wars against Iran, Pakistan, Iceland (reason, he can't stand Bjorks horrendous fucking singing).

  • Allowing terrorist attacks in his own country i.e. Twin towers, etc.

  • Allowing terrorist attacks all over the fucking planet!

  • Feeding terrorist groups with illegal weapons (and grabbing 20% of the takings).

  • Allowing Israel to bombard the Palestinians with impunity supported by his Jiddish financial supporters who own 3/4 of the worlds capital.

  • Letting Robert Mugawe get away with corruption, genocide, holocausting in one of his favourite holiday spots, shiny, happy Zimbabwe.

  • Supporting Russian mafia bosses in their war against legality, correctness, honesty, democracy, common decency, wealth and prosperity for the majority and not just for the mafia bosses (Lenin will be turning in his fucking grave a thousand times over, rock on communism, socialism and the rest of the bullshit).

  • Supporting President Putin and his mafia cronies in the fight for and keeping power whilst ridding Russia of all decent Russians by making them so poor that they will all either starve or freeze to death!

  • Supporting President Putin in making Moscow the city with the most muvva - fucking corrupt multi-millionares and enjoying the same life - style as Georgie boy.

  • Support China and their communist regime (ha fucking ha!) in hosting the Shambolympics, becoming an emerging world power, conquering the world with their version of communism/capitalism (they're all fucking corrupt anyway!).

  • Leaving Japan to stare enviously at China's rise in power and feeding Japan with weapons just in case the Chinks want revenge for all of the atrocities that the Japanese dished out to the Chinks in the second world war!

  • Illegally keeping Iraqi prisoners in Guantanamo Bay prison camp, torturing/beating them, keeping them in solitary confinement, blindfolding them, keeping them in chains, in fact everything that Hitler can do, Georgie can do better!

I'll leave the list open so you avid Jagged readers can freely add some more crimes against humanity to Georgies list.

I would like to attempt to make a list of good, positive and Christian things that Georgie has achieved, but sorry, St.Jagged cannot think of any, oh yeah just one:

The muvva fucker has reached his termination, he will now go on to host dinner parties for the rich and famous (10 grand a word), write a fabulous biography, tell the world how fantastic he is, was and still will be in the eyes of all Christian do - gooding Americans. Drink so much Champagne, stuff his face with tons of pate de foie, roll over and fucking DIE!!

We will all sit back, accept the way humanity idolises these wankers, vote for them all and in doing so, push the planet further to the edge of human extinction, destruction and then wake up with a big fucking bang (hopefully it's Haley's Comet out of control and heading earthwards !!)

Goodbye from St.Jagged (on his way to vote for St.Jagged, me myself and I , schizo bastard!)

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