zondag 1 juni 2008

Maggot infested planet,

Yummy, Yummy, Jaggedone's welcome to the maggot show!

The dark heavy dungeon door has just been opened, sunbeams pierce through the cracks of my swollen eyelids and St. Jagged breathes fresh air for the first time since his last immortal blog. The interrogation by Aljazeera spies dressed as Taliban warriors (deflecting the TRUTH) and dark, deep, incarceration (solidarity for Nelson Mandella, now St.Jagged really knows what he went through!) is, thank god, over and freedom stands before me.

The stench of sweat, urine and crap coats my body as I am marched to the pearly gates of freedom, covered in puss secreting wounds, bruises and maggots devouring my outer layings. (skin, for the ignorant muvva fuckers amongst you!)

Chinese drip torture, electro - shocks, whippings, beatings, hot needles in my dick, and every other single method of brainwashing utilised to defeat the rebel - animal within, St .Jagged only wished to tell the TRUTH! ("don't mention the forbidden word, you haven't been released yet", St.Jagged's inner - conscience warns and tells him to shut the fucking hell up, this shithole of a dungeon is really pissing St.Jagged's inner - conscience off, no sex, no drugs, no rock and roll!)

St.Jagged, the broken, defeated one, reaching his ultimate "Karma"(fuck off Sharon Stone and Buddhist monks!) after being tortured into relinquishing his title as the one and only "Crusader of the TRUTH" (they certainly did a thorough fucking job Tali and Co!)

St.Jagged, desperately crawls through the pearly gates of freedom (given a final, fucking kick in the butt by the "in - disguise", "incognito", spies of Aljazeera Int.), he turns, sniggers (no not niggers, racist bastards!) smiles a cynical smile towards his captives, raises his hand and shoves his defiant middel finger right up their arses.

Nothing and nobody can defeat the "Crusader of TRUTH," no, not even Aljazeera Int. and their (dressed as Taliban warriors), spies could spike the cannons of St.Jagged and his merry ol shaggers! A white light shines as St.Jagged drags himself defiantly up on his battered and scarred legs. The crusade, the war, the revolution, will never be defeated and will continue!!
The prison gates disappear thinly into the foggy distance and St.Jagged limps towards a 99 bus parked up outside Macdonalds, he refuses to be tempted to eat the crappy, fast food on offer (the maggots increase their biting, sucking intensity whilst sniffing the gorgeous aromas drifting thorugh the air outside of this fast - food craphole!) and jumps on the bus with only one desire to return to his Mrs. Jaggedone and fuck his brains out after such a long period of dark, sexless, solitary detention.

The bus driver asks for his ticket, St.Jagged begs for mercy and a free trip to the "Jagged Residence," the bus driver tells him to FUCK OFF, have a wash and get a life (the stench increases by the second!) (back to reality!).

Saviour in the form of a skinny, half-starved Chinese (earthquake victim) pulling a broken - wheeled, earthquake damaged rickshaw (is that spelt correct, fucking spelling!), he approaches the stinking, maggot filled leftover corpse of the once proud ST.Jagged and offers him a lift into town.

ST.Jagged crumbles to his knees and kisses the feet of the skinny, half-starved, bla, bla, bla and the half -starved, skinny, bla, bla, bla, lifts St.Jagged into his broken - wheeled, earthquake damaged rickshaw pointed in the direction of town.

They proceed with their journey towards, ultimate destiny, Karma, what is, what will be or what, fucking, ever was.

Stinking, stench ridden St.Jagged, half -starved, skinny Chinese rickshaw slave, enter the outskirts of the famous, once proud metropole and are confronted with hairy, fat, greasy, creepy, crawly MAGGOTS (overdosed on Macdonalds hamburgers and scraps of disgusting KFC leftovers).

Devouring and scavenging off of the left - over cancerous wounds of a once, modern, hi -tec, rich and famous society, dynasty, empire ("prison and the Talibans were fucking heaven compared to this shithole", think St.Jagged, his inner - conscience and his Chinese, skinny, bla, bla, rickshaw pulling companion") call it what you want!

Years of incarceration have left ST.Jagged no choice, he must continue his "TRUTH CRUSADE", have a fucking wash, pay his skinny Chinese, half -starved, (well you all know by now) rid the planet of the maggots, find his Mrs. Jaggedone, shag his brains out, create tiny "Jaggedone's", teach them the TRUTH and repopulate the planet with tiny micro - organisms that spread the TRUTH, ignoring greed, materialism, politics, religion, globalism, global power, riches, egoism, wars, genocide, etc, bla, bla, bla.

Fuck me Jaggedone's, St.Jagged obviously had to much cheese to eat before he went to bed last night, nightmares and all that crap.

I've just woken up in a cold - sweat, touched the soft, beautiful skin of Mrs. Jaggedone, gone to the bog, peered out of my rain coated, sahara dusty window and convinced myself that it was all just a nightmare.

Turned on the telly tuned into Aljazeera Int. (shock, horror!!)

Fuck Me, was it really just a nightmare!!!

Sleep tight my maggoted ones and dream sweet dreams!


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