maandag 15 juni 2009

Israel demand Auschwitz conditions for the brand new Palestinia!!!

JA, JA, Jaggedones, St.Jagged has made a massive coup de gras (what the fuck is that!?) he sent his CIA (Cockroach Infiltration Army) under the leadership of ol WAN-KIN-DIK behind the scenes at the press conference of the Israeli Prime Minister but what his Numero Uno Cockroach star reporter "Adolfo Eichmann Hilter" recorded was totally different to what the world was told.
WAN-KIN-DIK waiting in his panzer recorded the following statement exclusively for the Jaggedone's readership, don't be fucking shocked, it's not the TRUTH, this time, but nearly!

Israeli Prime minister Netanyahu proudly announced to the world that they are willing to accept a Palestinian State as their neighbours under the following conditions:
1) The new Palestinian state is to be built behind barbed wire, search lights, a massive Berlin wall and security towers patrolled by the Israeli SS.

2) Exit from Palestinia is allowed only by air and with El Al Airways, no Untermenschen will be allowed to set foot on the "Promised Land" without chemical cleansing.

3) Security gates built for Israeli forces to enter Palestinia and sort the Bastards out will have the following, historical words written over them: ARBEIT MACHT FREI.

4) All food, medical supplies, fresh water, electricity and other energy resources must be solely provided by Israel and sold to the Palestinian Pigs for extortionate prices.

5) Any weapons found in the new Palestinia will be a reason for Israel to enter, whip the bastards, teach them a lesson, bomb them with white phosphorus, rapidly retreat and leave the shithole in an even worst condition than it was before.

6)Protests, rebellions, Hamas, Al Qaeda, Palestinian Freedom Fighters must be eradicated and all young men between 14 and 35 will be put against the wall and executed.

Many more conditions were demanded and accepted by the US/UN and Prime Minister

Netanyahu finished with the following closing statement:

Hopefully when these demands have been met and implemented, within 5 years there will be no Palestinians left anyway and we can all live in peace at last.
The Prime Minister sent greetings to US President Obama, who smiled from ear to ear and thought silently "at last my world vision is beginning to take shape with one less problem to worry about! Shalom!
Jaggedone's when and where will it all end, hopefully not in St.Jagged's back fucking garden or yours!!!
Shalom and Aufwiedersehen from St.Jagged, his CIA and newly promoted officer of his CIA, Chief Chink Cockroach WAN-KIN-DIK !!

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