zondag 2 augustus 2009

You've all missed St.Jagged, I know!!!!

Pic 1 = Camel seen not in Egypt, no, no, parking place at Tesco's, Birmingham, UK
Pic 2 = Camel shitting on parking place at Tesco's, Birmingham, UK
Pic3 = No, no, not the Tower of Babylon, Tesco's Birmingham, UK
Devoted Jaggedone's guess who's back, yes your old wind-upper and raving, loony ranter, St.Jagged!!!

Holidays, work, Spoofing it up at http://www.thespoof.com/, Mum's Funeral (bless her!) all these things take time and St.Jagged is now back to shock the fuck out of you all by telling you of his "SCARY" experience at a certain Tesco's (supermarket giant in the UK) around Birmingham UK!

Fuck me Jaggedone's, St.Jagged was in England but he could have been in the seething, twin fucking Towers of Babylon, anywhere, apart from good ol stiff upper lipped, UK!

Whilst doing a bit of shopping in downtown "Brummie" country we decided to stop and shop at Tesco's, it became slightly suspicous by the amount of camels crap and parked camels scattered all over the parking areas!

OK, so we ventured in after zig-zagging through the camels and their crap, were confronted by several different Nationalities exiting the building, "non-white Babylonians," St.Jagged thought!

St.Jagged, his Missus St.Jagged and Junior St.Jagged stared at each other and thought, "where the fuck have we landed."

Spot a white face and I'll give you a "Tenner"! We entered and low and behold, Burqas, headscarves, turbins, Blacks, Chinks, Asians, all-coloureds anything but white, behind the cash desks, the punters, every-fucking-where!!!

Now St.Jagged is certainly not a racist and in previous written masterpieces had mentioned the changing face of the UK and most of Europe, but that was a fucking shock to the ol "Jagged-system" we could have been anywhere and nowhere, just a conglomeration of nationalities heaped upon each other and not an indiginous white caucasian face in sight, apart from St.Jagged and his family!!!

And this in the middle of that once so green, mighty, proud country, rulers of the world, fucking ENGLAND!

What the fuck is happening, where the hell do they all come from and when the hell is it going to stop!!?

The rich, middle - class "True Brits" lock themselves up behind their expensive households, shop only in their rich and middle-class supermarkets away from the scum. The immigrants multiply and multiply, spreading their breeding zones and habitats in wide circles around the major cities. Whilst those rich and fortunate hide from the TRUTH (what!) and the lower class indiginous Brits grin, suffer and flock to the fucking BNP (British Nationalist Party)!

Where is the balance and when will a race of people eventually become extinct? St.Jagged also visited the birth place of Charles Darwin, Shrewsbury, responsible for, well you all know fucking what, EVOLUTION and his only the strongest survive theories.

Charles, right under your noble nose evolution is taking place and this once so proud nation called Great Britain with it's original inhabitants, Northern European, white caucasians is gradually becoming EXTINCT!!!!

St.Jagged took his ol one wheeled, rickshaw pulling, earthquake damaged, chink slave, WAN-KIN-DIK along on his holidays, and whilst WAN-KIN his DIK, he commented, "this is a country I want to live in, multi-culti, bullshit and freedom for everyone!"

St.Jagged promptly buried his WAN-KIN-DIK in a pile of camels shit and told him to FUCK OFF or he would be sent back to his real home, still earthquake damaged Chink land! WAN-KIN-DIK slapped his chains on and hastily started pulling!!
Well Jaggedone's that's it for now, more Jagged masterpieces over on http://www.thespoof.com/ and St.Jagged will soon be back to please his multi-million fan base including his upside down swimming dead goldfish, mingy dog, violent pig, scabby cat and stuffed scorpion called STING (can't sing either!)

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