vrijdag 25 april 2008

30 Billion dollars Blasted Away By Big Bang Nutters

Beloved Jagged one's I could rant on about Baraka and Hilary, fucking Israelis treating Palestinians to a Holocaust holiday camp, corrupt elections in Zimbabwe (Mugave was also a trainee at Auschwitz, at the time he disguised himself with layers of white flour so as not to fall foul of the "white power" Nazi guards, blue eyed, blond hair, you know the fucking "Master Race" shit, and boy did he reallly learn the genocide game thoroughly!!), child slave labour in Bangladesh, aids epidemics in Africa, etc, etc, bullshit, bullshit.

No my devoted fans something even more important crossed St.Jaggeds evil path and hence the pretty, full colour picture, depicting the "BIG FUCKING BANG."

You are all wondering what the fuck is this brain - damaged moron ranting on about. Well it all started in a picturesque village somewhere in that mountaineous haven for mega - rich, slightly bent tax exiles, laundry washed pristine billions of drug barons money, corrupt politicians extra little tit - bits earnt on the side like, called die Schweiz, Switzerland, La Swisse or whatever.

What you might all ask could be of more global, historic, monumental importance than all of the horrendous things that mankind inflicts upon himself which, are mentioned above

Well avid readers, St.Jagged will now divulge what is of more importance than those lesser things mentioned above:

"THE BIG FUCKING BANG," yes muvva fuckers, that is of so much more importance to the development of the (sad muvva fucking) human race.

Over the last 12, or 15 years or who gives a shit and 30 billion dollars invesment, loony scientists are structuring an experiment which, will define what really happened 65000 trillion years ago and attempt to establish scientifically, where we sad humans all originate from.

You're all thinking,"Fuck off St.Jagged you must be joking!"

Yes beloved one's it's the TRUTH (well maybe the time factor or the amount of billions thrown away is not completely accurate, ok who gives a shit, billion here or there) the reconstruction and scientific experiment of the "Big Bang" in the hands of a team of mega - raving mad scientists is just about to happen.

This momentous, mind - blowing, epical, step forward in the development of mankind will not only reveal how the "Big Bang" happened it will also actually replicate the explosions which, occurred at the time, Jesus what a feat and why did they nail me to the fucking cross!!!

"Fuck me, how can these maniacs be allowed to reconstruct the bla, bla, bla, in the tiny mountaineous, very picturesque country of Switzerland, receive the finance, fuck with nature and carry out this oh so important experiment without being shot at three paces, nailed on the cross, put in the gas chamber, electric chair, etc," thats what you're all thinking or not?

By the way Jagged one's, this experiment has been condoned by the global powers that be as being legal and of immense, historical importance to all of us, and it certainly wasn't financed with laundry cleaned drugs money!

We, the ol dog bitten, flea ridden tax payers are financing the whole mega - show and the 30 billion is being blasted away by the second as we sit back and observe horrendous food price rises, record oil prices, starvation of the poorest, aids epidemics, child slave labour, wars in Iraq, Afghansitan, Somalia, and nearly everywhere else in the "developing world."

This experiment tells us what?

Sweet fuck all, certainly not how to make ends meet, foot the bills and how we should eventually care for the weakest and the poorest on this shithole called planet earth ("St Jagged that's Utopia not here!" "Sorry, I was only dreaming my dears")

What does it cost us and where could that money have been better spent? The answer lies above, transparent, clear and as cold as ice.

Something also St.Jagged forgot to mention, there is a minimal possibilitiy that this experiment goes "fucking pear shape" and we will all be "Big Banged" into oblivion (who needs a meteorite or comet when you've got a bunch of loony scientists doing it for you!).

The moral of this blog, it's beyond St.Jagged, sorry avid readers I have no logicial explanation for such a load of ol bullshit.

We left "Big Fucking Bang" trillions of light years behind us and as far as St.Jagged is concerned lets all find some WOMD (Weapons of mass destruction for non Iraquis and George Bush believers) blow our fucking brains out and then let mother nature take its course.

That's it, St Jagged is on a fast trip to "Big Bang" himself into the crutch of some warm and inviting pussy, fuck the "Big Bangers" and their experiment, stick the 30 billion up their arse and may God (who the fuck is he!!) save the rest of us.

Tschuss Bambinos and fellow Switzers!

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