vrijdag 4 april 2008

Heavy Metal Enemies

Scary muvva fuckers, ha?

Beloved and very devoted Jagged one's, this is a picture of me after my experiences of the last few days, have some fucking sympathy and don't laugh arseholes!

It's good to be back after my excursions, surfing the net on heavy - metal forums.

As you all know St.Jagged is a metal fan and has a few bands which, appeal to his taste, so I thought I would be so naive as to introduce this extremely superior blog -site to some of the (in retrospect one is allways more fucking clever!) metal fans cybering and surfing the forums set up for them by the bands sites and their owners.

The object of the exercise is to participate and show appreciation for the beloved musicians, give opinions, exchange feelings and emotions all pertaining to the bands and their fans.

"Well fuck you St.Jagged, even you had to duck and dive the insults, insanity, bloody -mindedness, ignorance and plain, braindead messages which, were threading (a thread is an invisible line where these morons follow a post and "comment"upon it) back and forward, to and fro and ultimately dying a sadistic and bloody death."

The point of the exercise:

One is a so called (obviously very bored, gormless fan) fan, he or she operates behind an alias and the only object of the exercise is to vent one's own, hidden and very pathetic ego behind the guise of the alias.

New participators daren't mention their own historic works (รก la Jagged Edge Publications) if they do they are damned, victimised, hang drawn and quartered and ultimately sentenced to enter the realms of hell, hedonism, sodomism, bastadry, debauchery, perversity, you name it, you get it, well burn my fucking dick off muvva fuckers!

OK, as you can all imagine St.Jagged is one who is prepared to take up the challenge. He did, and fought to his back teeth, showed the muvva fuckers what a true Brit is and threaded till the very, deadly end.

Ultimately participating in kiddies birthdays at Macdonalds loses its charm too, so I donned my straight jacket, took a titanian rocket lift back to base and, boy am I glad I left those brain -dead, junked - up, fucking morons to their little pathetic forums and returned to the real insanity, the search and quest for the TRUTH (forum metal surfers don't bother to look here there are two nazi war machines and Stalins red army seperating you from the real truth!)

The experience was TYPE O NEGATIVE and not to be recommended to the Jagged army.

St.jagged needed to go to Betty Fords rehab for a quick dose of Metallica medicine, but he feels fine now, although there is a sharp whipping sound in my ears set off by a dumb bitch who wanted to whip me to death whilst chained to the floor in SAW 65 (oh the pleasure that we never get to experience and feel!)

Anyway my beloved entourage of non - heavy metal forum participators, St.Jagged is well on his way to recovery, the brain cells are in place and we have a corrupted US election campagne to throw missiles at, oh it's so good to be back!!!

St. Jagged still loves metal and his fav bands will always play an important role in his shitty life ("that's a fucking lie for a start," Jaggeds inner conscience awakes after experiencing jetlag whilst surfing the net) and the so - called forum shitheads can go and get .......! (what was that word again, it starts with F!)

See you all soon, as the campagne hots up so the insults will intensify!

St.Jagged and his merry ol Types O Negatives

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