zondag 30 maart 2008

To Jeffy from St.Jagged

Jeffy, welcome to the absolute madhouse, loonybin called Jagged Edge bla, bla, bla.

You are the 60 trillionth member of the St.Jagged world - wide anti political and TRUTH crusading army, congratulations!!!

This means you will suffer for the rest of your sad and pathetic life like the rest of the 59999 trillion members who have achieved "Perfect Insanity" (Disturbed we love you!) and are willing to relinquish their daily, boring and very shitty lives for the universal quest in finding the "Real "Fucking" Truth."

Jesus, Mohammed, him pictured above, and the rest have nothing on St.Jagged and his crusades on ignorance, greed, power, jealousy, untruths, etc. They all pale into insignificance after the "Jagged Army" has cleansed and purified the minds of the trillions and launched them all into a ballisitic, universal orbit of free thinking spasms.

This is the true LOONYBIN and once you enter there is no way back and you may never leave. (nicked that one from Hotel California, thankyou crap rock, country group from way back when, keep flying muvva fuckers!)

Jeffy, unfortunately for this proud achievement there is only one prize, and the muvva fucking straight Jacket is winging it's way too you via a Sir "money bags" (earlier blog worth reading!) Richard Branson, atomic driven, rocket - powered, hot air balloon, packed with over heated virgins just waiting to release their fruity juices upon the lucky winner!

The straight jacket should be worn before take -off and only on reaching the "Golden Fleece called the TRUTH" is it safe to remove (beware of all counterfeit copies off the TRUTH they could lead you to the pearly gates of the real hell on earth, BIN fucking LADEN's brothel. Hidden somewhere in the caves of Pakistan and entry only allowed to top US politicians, Hilary, Baraka, Georgie Porgie and of course Tony ( once true Brit (another fantastic creation from the twisted and very bloggy mind of ST.Jagged) now complete shit) "Huggy Bear" Blair (leave the bitch wives and Bill (I never had sex, bla, bla, bla, well we all know the TRUTH on that story!!) behind) and enter Bin's infamous brothel for a good ol orgie on behalf of all Iraquis killed by terrorist bombs in a down town, fucking shit hole Baghdad (fuck on Saddam, wish you were here or not?).

Jeffy, once more congrats, you have achieved a historical and astonishing phase in your life and you will never be the same again, just like the rest of us loonies here at the one and only:


ST.JAGGED, HIS JAGGED ONE'S, HIS MERRY OL FARTS, COCA COLA and MACDONALDS (FUCK OFF!!) AND ALL NON - CORRUPT POLITICIANS ON THE PLANET (thats radically narrowed my sponsor list down to one or maybe two! excluding Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Krishnamurti, Martin Luther, Jesus Christ, etc, they shat on politics and were sacrificed accordingly OK not M. Teresa and Krishna, clever arseholes!)

Keep on reading muvva fuckers and don't forget to jump over the cuckoo's nest now and then.

(Jack Nicholson, who the fuck is that "Shining", happy, mad arsehole?)

Greetings from St.Jagged, his mingy, synchrone swimming goldfish, half - starved, incarcerated pet spider called Schwarzenegger, sad but true Metallica fan called Harvey the "Gay"rabbit (turned "Gay" because of the demands from female rabbits for his massive dick!), and last not least the dogs turd that was caught on the bottom of ST.Jagged's shoes whilst dancing merrily (not gaily!) around the indigenous TOTEM POLE at Itchicoo Park!! (God save LS fucking D the 9th wonder of the world!)

Goodbye Jeffy and Co.

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