woensdag 26 maart 2008

Fight the E (Enemy) Numbers

Allo, allo, allo, devoted Jagged ones. St.Jagged would bet a million bucks that you are riveted to your computer screens waiting and dying to find out what St.Jagged has up his sleasy sleeve for you all now.

Please study carefully the picture above, this is your fucking E - nemy and he poisons in a similair method to what is poisoning and devouring your intestines if you keep on feeding those deadly E -numbers to yourselves and your lovely kiddie winkies, EEGH! Scared muvva fuckers or not?

St.Jagged has also had to accept the fact that the global ready made food industry is slowly poisoning our guts and brains with the crap it sells in our, oh so, wonderful supermarkets, shops, fast food, junk restaurants, etc.

They are being supported by the mega - global marketing and advertising companies and they are all at IT!

Brainwashing and blinding us all with pretty colourings, dodgy fucking taste enhancers, lots of hidden chemicals, EEE's, even more EEEE's and factory produced, thrown together ingredients which, none of us know what the fuck they are and what we all are consuming!

Grandma of St.Jagged pipes in:

"Oh I just went down to the corner shop and bought some lovely bangers (sausages for foreign braindeads, you must be fucking braindead to read this bullshit!) crisps and sweeties for my tinky winky grandkiddies, plus fizzy lemonade drinks to wash all the shit down afterwards and don't forget that lovely looking, pink - icing covered cake, for afters." Says grandma after spending all of her hard earned pension on titty - bitties for the kiddie winkies.

Well Jagged one's lets all study Grandma's little list:

Sausages = dead, crap scrap bits of intestinal, leftover "meat" products, churned up together and squeezed into a skin of condom size sheeps gut. Enhanced with E, E, and another load of EEEE's to give them the final workover and fine tuning, abracadabra what have we here, a fucking sausage!! (you can stick it up your arse it might taste better!)

Sweets = Hard boiled lumps of colourful sugar and choccies (mega good for your teeth those are!) artificial colourings, flavours and surprise, surprise E (by gum lad!), E, and loads of other EEEE's, wrap em all in lovely coloured sweety papers, give em some cool name and abracadabra what have we got, sweeties! (All sold for the benefit of dentists world - wide to keep them in even more luxury! could there be a hidden and devastating plot behind the TRUTH of our black holes and filling filled decaying teeth! who knows and who killed Kennedy? Another great mystery yet to be solved! )

"Get on with the Blog muvva fucker!"

Crisps = really, real potatoes, (ha bloody ha) artificial flavours, colourings, E, E, and lots more EEEE's, chuck em all in a nice little colourful packet and abracadabra what have we here, fucking crispier than crisp, crisps! (well they do taste like paprikas even though they are the hybrid type and also very good for the ol heart attacks with all of that salt an all!)

Fizzy lemonade drinks = bubbly water coloured with artificial colourings, real fruit extracts, really, real fruit??? ("fuck off, who the hell do they think we all are, morons." "Yes muvva fuckers, you all buy the crap and make Coca Cola and the rest some of the richest companies on the planet") Tons of sugar (again excellent for the dentists and their rotting toothy business!) or chemical sweeteners (poisons) and last not least, E,E, and lots of other EEEE's, bottle it all in a fancy shaped bottle with a funky label and abracadabra what have we got, fizzy (pissy) drinks for the kiddie winkies and morons, wow! (fuck on rich bitch dentists!)

Colourful cakes = crap, white (no racist preferences here!) wheat products, tons and tons of white sugar (no racist preferences here either!), sticky stodgy fillings filled with guess what, artificial flavourings, colours and those E (Enemy) EEEE's again and abracadrabra what have we got, artificial coloury looking, lovely tasty cakes. (These cakes and the items mentioned above are all made in support of the campaign started by the dentists unions world- wide for the right to make even more millions from the treatment of the black, rotting tooth plague! One more Porsche please!)

"Oh St.Jagged you can be so cutting, I love all of those sticky cakes, sweeties, fizzy drinks, sausages, burgers and all the rest of the crap you can buy in our wonderful supermarkets and junk food restaurants" (St.Jagged's inner conscience arouses with rumblings in his tummy)

"Fuck off inner conscience and go back to your veggie, bio - products in hell existence."

Avid Jagged readers and thats only the beginning of the list:

Ready made Pizzas, pre - packed meals, pies, sweets, cooked meats, tinned meats, tinned soups, tinned fucking anything! sweetened juicy drinks, burgers (Mac fucking who! never on your life!!), Kentucky Fried Chickens (what chickens? pumped full of hormones, kept in cages, feathered and headless creatures), ketchups, ready made sauces, canned fruits, etc. You name it, and St.Jagged is certain they're all on the list of products which, are gradually poisoning us all!

"Yeh St.Jagged why don't you just accept the world is full of crap and we are ravagingly consuming it on a daily basis, creating mountains of plastic rubbish and, enough is enough, I just happen to be fucking starving"
(St.Jaggeds innerconscience is really getting pissed off now and his tummy is rumbling even more violently)

Ok, Ok, St.Jagged collapses with hunger, and fucks off for an over indulgent quicky at Burgerking, chips, burgers, ketchups, and a full up with EEEE's, coloury, sugary, sticky ice cream for afters, fuck my health, fuck my teeth and fuck the do - goody veggies and health freaks an all! (St.Jagged gives in to his inner conscience and decides to let loose and satisfy his desperate hunger (apologies to all starving African children who, really know the meaning of HUNGER and STARVATION!), by filling his guts with junky, crap, fast food, supplied by one of those friendly, honest, muvva fucking, multi - billion, global companies)

Well avid Jagged one's thats it for now, and I wasn't being serious about eating all of that junk food crap, St. Jagged takes his eating and drinking very serious and I'm just about to go and get very, very, pissed!

Goodbye from St Jagged and his merry ol black teeth!

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