vrijdag 15 mei 2009

St.Jagged warned you Muvva Fuckers, now swallow it!

Back home at fucking last, a very tired St.Jagged and his very limp, half-starved Chink, WAN-KIN-DIK have returned home after travelling the cyber waves, soaking up fame and notoriety in an effort to get the TRUTH across to the billions of ignorants inhabiting this very sad planet and they still don't fucking listen!! Here a few examples:

Most Brit MP's have been claiming outrageous expenses and now an independent control body has opened a corrupt "Can of Worms" leaking stories of unbelievable abuses of expense claims.

Shamed MP's now have either to pay back the illegally claimed, tax payers money or get the fucking "JACK-BOOT" up their butts and leave their highly, over-payed jobs, aah!

Well muvva fuckers, whats new? St.Jagged has been warning you bunch about VOTING for these arseholes, and now the inevitable TRUTH is coming out, you all put them there and you tax-payers deserve every lump of corrupt shit that they throw at you!

These scandals are not only restricted to the UK, worldwide abuse by elected representatives of our fab democracies are "at it" non-stop, and you muvva fuckers are paying for them to whoop it up, have fab. luxury travels, apartments, cars, whores, you name it they do it, and all in the name of a clean, non-corrupt, democracy. St.Jagged's BUTT is cleaner after a double hot Indian curry and the inevitable dose of diahhrea!

St.Jagged would never want to live under the iron rule of a dictatorship (his WAN-KIN-DIK once lived under Mao, fat bastard, and he was corrupt as Hitler, murdered a couple of million too, what an analogy!) , but at least everybody knows these muvva fuckers are corrupt. Our democrats with their "Schein Heilig" behaviour, acting as if they're only there for us, are not much better either, bunch of hypocritical lying twats!

Ol black Messiah big boots over in the US should have set an example to the rest of the corrupt imbeciles and gone and lived in a council house. He could have turned the "Black House" into a brand new, massive, high - tec hospital only to serve the homeless, the unemployed, forced into unemployemnt by those fat cat corrupt CEO bankers, and the impoverished who can't afford decent medical care.

Then ol Barack "Big Head wannabee Messiah" would really start moving things in the right direction and set a signal to the rest of the planet (which planet? Human inhabited earth, no way!)

What else has shocked the world since St.Jagged has been surfing in foreign parts, oh yeah, Fiat want to buy those bunch of cripples General Motors European and Porsche want to buy VW making them both the strongest car producers on the planet alongside Toyota!

Fuck me Jaggedone's remember that majestic blog : Who really won the war? Written by the one and only St.Jagged (who fucking else!), well the TRUTH of that one is becoming very plain to see, Sieg (Adolf) Heil, arrivederci (Mussolini) Bella, Banzai (Emperor SAKI KILL BILL!)

British car makers, steel makers, energy producers, aeroplane producers, electric goods producers, computer producers, where the fuck are you????? Nowhere, whilst our old enemies have crept up our backsides, hit us for six, and will soon be telling us to fuck off, well they do that already actually!

As you can read Jaggedone's, ol St.Jagged has been pretty busy and he will soon return to continue his worthless "TRUTH Crusades" whilst picking on every corrupt, dishonest, craphead who continues to spread global misery whilst telling us all gigantic packs of lies.
Filling their own pockets and then fucking off to write their memoirs so every one of you who voted for them can read how wonderful they all were (did St.Jagged mention Blair and Bush, wait till their best-selling books of lies and scandals hit the book shops, you'll all be in the queue won't you muvva fuckers!), pocket another couple of million and then hopefully DIE!!!!

Well that's it JO'ers St.Jagged will soon be back and next time you put your crosses on those ballot sheets, think of ol whiter than white living in his council house in downtown Washington, my fucking arse!!! Aufwiedersehen and Chou Bellas, from Herr St.Jagged and Senöri WAN-KIN-DIK (we want to be with on the winning side when the countdown starts, Sieg Heil!)

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