dinsdag 26 februari 2008

Brainwashed Brand Name Bullshit !

26.02.08 / Hey you muvva fucking marketing / advertising Guru's, this one is for you.

OK, firstly on the serious side, St. Jagged heard that a childrens home in Jersey has been the scene of non - stop child abuse since 4 decades or even longer, and only now have the authorities on Jersey decided to open the "can of worms" and let the public know the whole, disgusting, fucking, TRUTH!!!

It makes St. Jagged not only very angry, sick and sad for those who were and are still being abused, but also St. Jagged, if he had his way, would lock the perverted perbertrators of such despicable crimes for the rest of their fucking, pathetic, miserable and evil lives in a far off shore prison and treat them to some of the treatment that they have dished out to those poor, defenceless kids.

Lock them up, throw the keys away and make sure they never ever see the light of day again!

Sorry Jagged one's, I'know this is not funny, but just imagine, world - wide, how many innocents are being misused and abused on a daily basis in today's so -called "civilised and humane" world.

Fuck off, you perverts and go and get yourselves all castrated for the sake of humanity!!! And leave the most vulnerable in our societies to grow up in a normal fashion (rich and poor) so that they can have at least a chance of becoming half - decent human beings.

As for you politicians, judges, lawyers, police, youth / child societies, get your blind, fucking heads out of the sand and do what you are suppose to be payed for doing, protect these kids at all costs (well that would really be Utopia or Heaven, dream on St.Jagged!).

Back to the less "serious" side of today's mind blowing and very important news!

St.Jagged had the pleasure of watching his favourite morning news programme today, the BBC morning show (a right load of ol crap in other words!).

The Beeb (you all know by now what the Beeb is, ignorant Jagged arseholes!) showed a report about brand names, marketing, advertising and how the fuck it fucks up most young kids brains (did I say brains or that piece of dead crap sitting between their ears! yeh yeh, OK, we all know there are some kids out there who have not been affected by the daily tsunami of crap thrown at them by the global media, I'm not talking about them, clever arses!).

Anyway, there was an interview with two of these brain - dead thirteen year - olds and it went roughly like this:

"Na like, you know like, if we don't wear our designer labels like (for the older and slightly more educated amongst the St. Jagged fanclub the word LIKE is commonly used by ignorant, brain - damaged youths as a means of saying YOU KNOW LIKE, LIKE, WELL LIKE YOU KNOW, BLA BLA BLA) you know, then they all look at us like and you know like, we feel cheap like and not wanted, like lepers like, ok, you know like".

Then the other brain dead lassy gave her opinion of the problems of not having designer labels like, you know (oh fuck off St. Jagged the sickness is spreading, like!).

"Yeh, thats right like, you know, if I don''t wear my Nikes and Adidas like, they (who the fuck are they, the other fucking morons occupying the school playground or what!) all stare and insult me like, you know like".

By this time the reporter like, had reached desperation point and asked where do these girlies get all of their information like. (oh fuck off St. Jagged your just taking the piss!)

The first mega - intelligent girlie answered:

"Well , its like this like, television, internet, magazines, glossy fashion magazines like, you know like, I can read like (well lets say read the fucking pictures eh, "St Jagged youré becoming very sarcastic and cutting" St Jagged's inner conscience tries to calm him down!,) and I see all of them like, dressed like in those designer, brand name clothes like, and I must have em like".

"I tell my mum and dad, like (who's an even bigger fucking moron!) that I must have these clothes, you know like, and when I stamp my feet and scream the fucking house down, she like, buys em for me like, you know".

By now ST. Jagged was ripping his hair out (not much of that left either muvva fuckers!) listening to the youth of today about their mega problems regarding mobile phones, designer fucking labels, computer games, SMS (or texting in English) ing (not that type of SMS ing, kinky fuckers!), and the rest of the crap that guides our present crop of super brain -dead youth on their way forward to lead the world towards the future ("St. Jagged, who's a cutting bastard then, ha haa ha" St Jagged's inner conscience appears once more).

Back to the interview:

The reporter now down on her knees and not understanding a fucking word coming out of these imbeciles mouths asked, like (oops!):

"Are you two addicted on all of these shitty gadgets and designer labels, are they really so necessary for you in your daily life at school and whilst playing?"


"Playing, whats that like, you know, oh you mean sitting in front of the computer like, sending SMS's (text messages, for you foreign ol farts!) like, playing sadistic, brutal computer games like, talking for hours non - stop moronic bullshit on my moblie and that sort of thing like, you know, like."

Reporter answers: "No I mean playing sport, riding yor bikes, having fun in the park (paedophiles excluded) going out on a picknick with your beloved parents, etc".

Girlies answer: "what is that like, parents, oh them who give me all of that money, like, when I scream and shout and throw a tantrum, you know, like".

By this time the fucking reporter had asked for a straightjacket and politely demanded to be taken to the next available lunatic asylum, like!

Anyway, Jagged fans and haters the moral of this blog is:

Thankyou world - wide media marketing and advertising Guru's for throwing so much shit at our youth of today and turning them into a bunch of gormless, dead - brained consumers who have nothing else in their pea - pods (not I -Pods, arseholes) than your fucking designer shit and the necessary electronic gadgets that go with the package, and they are so far that they wouldn't be seen dead without them, THANKYOU ARSEHOLES!

St.Jagged could mention the word obesity within this blog, shock horror, like, you know, but I'll save that for another day. Firstly, my clean and pure Jagged followers you must deal with this subject and later we can blog about junk food, junk drinks and the rest of the shit that makes our youth overweight, shiny and happy, like you know, like (woof woof , I've just had my daily tin of Pal dog food, woof woof!).

So my beloved, trusty one's, I'm about to sign off for today like, but first I must put my MP3 on, you know, like, surf the net, like (no pornos, of course not, you dirty minded mob!) play a sadistic computer game, like, get pissed out of my brains, you know and put my lovely moronic children to bed (fuck off, if you believe that, you'll believe anything, like!).

St.Jagged is heading bee line for the church to repent his sins and join a distant far away from all modern day facilities, monastry and get pissed on heavenly alcohol, without having to endure TV, mod cons, ignorant youths, like and the rest of the modern crap (I was only joking, don't worry I'll be back to tell you more TRUTHS, don't worry, like, you know, like)

Greetings from ST. Jagged and his merry MP3!

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