vrijdag 1 februari 2008

Time to Escape the madness

Well my Jagged, avid readers, unfortunately I have been forced to exile the country and go and enjoy an enforced holiday for a few days, what a shame.

St. Jagged is being forced out of the country by a strange ritual called carnaval, where "normal" people turn into a hoards of hideous, over the top pissed, clown look - alike, bunches of morons.

Driven on by detestable "shiny, happy" carnaval music, one beer and schnaps after the other, they encapture the centres of towns all over the place and turn them into one big orgy of plastic insanity!

This is too much for ST. Jagged and there is only one solution, to escape to an emerald island faraway from the instigated madness and chill big time.

This strange tradition has strong christian links so therefore our muslim immigrants amongst us should be totally and utterly banned from celebrating too, but obviously, tolerance always prevails and the muslims get time off of school and work just like the rest of the cannibal carnavalists to observe the strange processions and parades of these weird and very pissed out of their brains, drunken hoardes.

It would not do to not allow our islamic, immigrant colleagues of that very stringent religion not to participate in all of the madness especially when there are a couple of free days to be enjoyed!
I don't hear any of them complain about that, but I do here them vehemently complain if someone of a different religion criticises their religion and its leaders, Fuck on Salman Rushdie, Theo Van Gogh, and others who dare to say boo to a muslim.

Anyway lets not get to morbid amongst all of the insanity, lets all just FUCK OFF, to where there is none of it. Enjoy a quiet Guiness or two, look out across the atlantic towards the land of promise, sing along with a couple of celtic island folk songs and forget all of the totally insane left behind in their wicked clown costumes (see picture above). And may their hard earned hangovers last until the next christian based celebration, Easter (oh my God, who was crucified on the cross and was ressurected during those days then? Was it something to do with christianity, catholics, protestants and there religions too? Hopefully the muslims amongst us get their free holidays too, thoroughly deserved in our tolerant christian world, but don't dare have a pop at Allah or Muhammed, you might get your head removed and cause world - wide islamic protests, shame on you for being so tolerant!!!)

Well My beloved Jagged hanger on's, thats it for today, I'm off on holiday and I'll be back with lots of stories to tell about celtic crosses, pagan rituals, true Brits and Kelts, green valleys and hills of prisine beauty and plenty of their fucking booze to send me off to sleep, see you next week!

St. Jagged and his merry ol men and women.

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