dinsdag 22 januari 2008

Back Again / 22.01.08

Hi Jagged One's,

I am back, sorry, my earlier report was just a short summary and now I am here to claim Jamie Oliver as the next PM of GB or President of the planet.

He wins my vote anyday, especially after he told Bill (I did'nt have sex with that horny bitch) Clinton to fuck off and also gave a piece of his mind to those mega - buck making companies turning British kids into a bunch of, fatter that fat, porky pies.

For all of you non - Brits, Jamie Oliver, single - handed, told the suppliers of shitty, crappy, school dinners and junk food, to stuff their worthless, inedible meals back up their back -sides and started teaching the kids and their ignorant parents how to start eating decent, healthy and nutritous foods instead of the above mentioned junk.

Come on man, some of those kids and their moronic parents didn't even know what a cauliflower was and where it came from, let alone other fruit, vegetables or salads. They must have thought it was some kind of alien food and not suitable for human consumption!

Jamie even had the balls to tell Macdonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and the rest of the crap food producers who only have one thing in mind, mega - profits, huge turnovers to go and fuck themselves.

These global money making machines pursue only one goal and that is to prey on peoples ignorance and hope that the planet will be smothered by even more of those obese, fatter than fat people so they can produce even more of their vile products.

This man is my nomination for PM of the UK and President of the planet, the other muvva fucka 5 star chef, Gordon "the Fucker" Ramsey, can be his finance minister and between the pair of them we can get some real down to earth, nitty - gritty, edible policies churned out.

With Jamie and Gordon fucking and blinding their way through the dusty and jurassic hallways of the house of commons the revolution could commence and these two respected "Batman and Robins" of the culinary world could blaze the way forward for a healthy and non - ignorant future.

Everything what we stuff down our gobs is what we are, and if we are a nation, or planet of fast - crap food eating morons, then this mirrors the state, ignorance and behaviour of the human race at this present time.

If Jamie had been PM of the GB or whatever he would also have told Georgie "porgie" Bush to go and fuck himself and not been drawn into the mindless, senseless and very inhuman invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, weapons of mass destruction my arse!

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and no person in his right and healthy mind would believe or support the amount of trash that came out of George and Tony's mouth which, has lead to the killing of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of innocent victims caught up in these outrageous and totally egoisitic invasions of these worthless (apart from the oil of course, ha ha, that was the true hidden agenda, shock, horror, nobody knew that did they?) backward and uncivilised countries.

It's all the fault of devouring this junk food and crap that makes us all follow these morons and Jamie and Gordon "Fucking"Ramsey would never have allowed these things to happen if they had been running the UK, USA or even the planet (good thinking Batman!).

Anyway my Jagged One's, I have just woken up from my dream and devoured a portion of good ol healthy fruit and veg and now have to face reality and the truth.

I see overweight and kept ignorant kids with their stupid parents charging into Macdonalds, KFC and the rest of the other shitholes.

Mountains of junk, crap food continues to be devoured by the world's human inhabitants and the companies producing this shit, get richer, fatter and more obese by the second (Maybe, oneday they will become so fat and overloaded they will all explode and cover the planet with a tsunami like wave of dead chickens, cows, filthy and disgusting fat, just a thought Batman!) and the people who flock and consume at these waterholes of infested junk, deserve evervthing they get!

Wake up you muvva fucka's, vote for Jamie and Gordon "fucking" Ramsey, change the world, become healthier and less ignorant and tell these global greed machines to go and Fuck Off!!!

Sorry, I was only dreaming my dear's!

Well Jagged followers, thats it for today, keep healthy and don't forget to vote for Jamie and Gordon (well you know what) Ramsey.

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