maandag 28 januari 2008

This is real serious stuff

Ok Jagged one's, i've just about had my fill, jokes and satire apart, now I really wan't to blog you with a real subject that I am just about sick to the teeth with!

What the fuck is this world coming too?

How far will our tolerant societies push their tolerance levels to?

How many victims of child sexual abuse must suffer at the the hands of these fucking perverts, before we all wake up and confront these abusive, very sick people and start protecting the innocent one's in our society?

Why has this subject floated to the surface and why is St. Jagged very angry and taking a stand against every single one of these mother fuckers, well I will tell you.

Last night I had the pleasure (or displeasure!) of watching a German detective series called Tatort, dealing with this subject in one of their films.

OK, it was only acting, but still the subject matter attempted to deal with "both sides of the coin", the perbetrators and their victims.

Typical TV, trying to offer an explanation, a solution and an insight into the world of these pervies.

One thing is sure, there is no explaining to do, there is only one priority to struggle with and that is, protecting the innocents with every possible means, police, the legal system, child protection agencies, etc, etc.

There is no way of at least attemting to provide explanations and understanding for these bunch of sexual criminals. St. Jagged doesn't give a shit about their poor, misused backgrounds, their own suffering at the hands of child abusers or whatever.

When these perverts commit their sick and disgusting crimes upon their innocent victims, there is only one thing to do, lock the mother fuckers up, and not for a couple of years, no, but ship them off to a high - security institute (a lá Alcatraz), as far away as possible from the rest of mankind and let them spend the rest of their fucking miserable life fucking the hell out of each other which, is pretty common in prisons anyway.

St. Jagged and his team are sick to death of the tolerance and attention given to these sickheads.
Attempting to reason, understand and protect these disgusting beings is reaching intolerable levels, just like the rest of the loosening of controls and morals over all forms of unacceptable behaviour which, is spreading liking a cancerous disease amongst the so - called normal ones amongst us.

All you hear is "they are people too you know", well fuck off!

What about the victims, their families and also the innocent family members of these perverts! How much suffering must these people endure before we all get our heads out of our butts and start to make a stand against such creeps.

A society can only be measured by the way it treats its weakest members.
These members are the very young, the old, the ill, the less fortunate and those who have real sicknesses (nothing to to with the sick perverts mentioned above by the way!)

Obviously these proirities are on the bottom of most of the world's countries priority lists and this mirrors the lack of resources given to the problems, the victims and their families of such despisable acts.

Our so - called tolerant societies prefer to spend millions in looking after these perverts, counselling them and then attempting feebly to reintegrate them into the societies they repeatedly abuse.

It is a proven fact that the majority of people born with such abnormal afflictions are repeat offenders (unless castrated, well that's really to much to ask!) and looking after the welfare and protection of these offenders costs the rest of us millions.

The victims, who really gives a shit, are left to their own devices of rehabilitation, repairing their destroyed lives and coping with the daily traumas and nightmares of the memories of their beloved children ( OK, OK, I know what you will say, how about child abuse within the own secure walls of the family practised by perverted parents, uncles, etc. For St Jagged there is no difference and those people who abuse their own children deserve no other treatment than paedophiles from outside of the family, abuse is abuse!, that's answered your query before you even ask!)

As I mentioned above our "tolerant" societies are becoming breeding grounds for such abnormal, sexual practices, homosexuality is gaining popularity, people seem to think it is completely normal and our children are being served up with such bullshit propaganda on a daily basis.

Sorry for all of you "Gay" people out there, what you practice behind your own 4 walls is your fucking business, but it is certainly not NORMAL! The rapid advancements you are achieving and the acceptance and tolerance of your gay parades, gay TV, gay politicians, gay priests, gay fucking dogs and cats, and the rest of them doesn't fool St Jagged! But as long as some of your abnormal colleagues keep infiltrating the higher eschelons of the powers that be, i.e. Judges, politicians, religious leaders, etc, and tolerance is being forced down the "normal" peoples throats from those high regions of decision makers, compliment, your getting away with fucking murder!

Sexual abuse of children is rife on the internet, porno businesses, etc, and gradually those purveyors of such acts are creeping and crawling out of their closets gaining more and more confidence because the legal system is buckling under the weak legislation on offer pertaining to these crimes. There are even groups of perverts among us who have formed political parties and clubs where these sickheads actually believe and practice such disgusting, abnormal activities.

Sex with animals, well how fucking sick can you get, sexual deviances and extreme practices are rapidly infiltrating the "norm".

How much further can people (and not our infamous invading aliens!) push the limit. Maybe until everything and everybody is fucking each others brains out and we all die of HIV or Aids, I hope so!!

No Jagged one's, St Jagged is not the apostle of purity and clean living, I am just totally and utterly pissed off with the amount of shit these people get away with and the spider - web network of perversity which, is gaining ground on a daily basis, brainwashing the ignorant and forcing their, thank God (well there is no fucking God, but you know what I mean!) minority, abnormal, perverse and very sick practices down mine and your throats.

If the cycle of abuse is not corrected and cut off at it's roots then it will continue to flourish and grow behind the disguise and bullshit of our "oh so wonderful tolerant societies". That abuse will then gradually turn into the accepted norm and that is when St. Jagged will jump in his spaceship (hopefully Sir Richard has a place left over for me, St. Jagged no jokes please this is a serious subject, sorry) and fuck off (maybe I'll be dead by then, obviously the perverts under my readership couldn't wish for anything more!).

There is no way that St. Jagged and his merry men support Nazi's, extreme right parties and even Islam, but believe St. Jagged, those people from such idealogical directions have a less than tolerant attitude and preach radical solutions pertaining to the perverts that have been so successful in infiltrating our liberal societies, I must admit, as far as this subject goes, I agree with them.

There are no two sides to this subject, only the victims and the families of the victims must be given priority treatment, and St. Jagged does not give one shit why the pervert is a pervert, he should be punished to the upmost highest level and that means removal and banishment from the society in which, he carried out his disgusting acts!!!

Some poorer countries on our "wonderful" planet even offer sanctuaries to these sick bastards (I wonder why, could it have anything to do with money, dollars Euro's pounds, etc?) and let them enter with only one sole purpose, to sexually abuse, exploit and mistreat the even weaker, poorer and most vulnerable people on the earth.

St. Jagged vehemently boycotts any form of travel or holidays to such countries and those perverts who continue their filthy practises amongst the weakest of the weak should really have their fucking balls cut off and hanged in public places as a deterrent for other sickheads who are thinking of spending their "gorgeous summer holidays" in these countries. Thailand, India, Pakistan, and the rest of them should be ashamed of themselves for allowing these intolerable acts.

Think about the hypocrisy for one second, get caught as a drug runner in Thailand and maybe you will get life imprisonment or the death sentence. (OK I'm not condoning drug abuse just comparing the crimes)

Go to the same country as a sexual pervert, practise your perverted sexual practices, misuse and abuse the children and people of the country, you are allowed to enter and exit, travel freely, get pissed, fuck whatever you fancy, have no hassle with justice the police or whatever and have a "fucking good time", how sick is that!!!

Avid Jagged fans, as you can read this subject is even too much for St. Jagged. I can take the piss out of anybody and anything, and I do, but these bastards, I simply detest. I cannot even take the fucking piss out of them. Just lock them up, throw away the key and let them rot in hell!

Hopefully tomorrow, I can cheer you all up with stories about Goerge, Tony, Hilary, Bin Laden, Saddam, Football, Prince Charles and Camilla, etc, but first of all I must cleanse my mind of this disgusting subject and go and get totally pissed!

Goodbye for now the Jagged One's, see you tomorrow (If I don't have too much of a hangover that is!)

St. Jagged

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