zondag 13 januari 2008


Hi Fellow Jagged One's,

I wanted to send you some thoughts about christmas, muslims, islam and the rest of the crap, unfortunately I cannot get a fucking floppy disc to transfer on to my up - to - date machine here, so therefore you will all have to wait until this old fart gets his head out his jurassic time slot (Doctor Who. I need help!).

Then and only then can you all enjoy this fantastic epic of muslim, christian warfare and the next episode in the holy crusades started by "Richard the fucking Lionheart"and his bunch of moronic slaughterers, way back when. And the muslim armies who have never forgiven them for pilgering, raping, murdering in the name of "Christ all fucking mighty"and swore revenge back then and sent their planes into the twin towers, bombed London, Madrid and the rest of the inhuman acts inflicted upon the decent, christian run, world.

As you can read, this will ruffle some feathers amongst the church, moschee, going public, and I'm sure they will send their bloodhounds to eradicate this scumbag called ST Jagged (everybody say aahh!).

Well nevermind, life is a bitch, and I didn't marry her. I can always write to Tony or George and ask for some advice in how to "spin doctor" myself into a multi - billionare, do - goody, stand in front of the TV cameras in Israel with my stupid jewish tea pot on my head and place a wreath on the monument dedicated to the holocaust. And then fly over to Palestinia and tell the Palestians how much I love them and that they deserve an autonomous, free of bombardment, country.

As for Tony, after his fantastic achievments as a "special peace (what, Baghdad, where the fuck is that) ambassador to the middle east" shalom, peace, fuck off. He will now enjoy his most prestigious job yet, sitting as an advisor on the board of directors at one of the richest banks on the planet and cash a further more multi - million salary, poor bastard (all we need now are his memoirs, written between the covers of an epic publication called "how me and Georgie boy changed the face of the planet and saved the western world from all of this Islam crap by bombing and destroying those most evil of dictators, Saddam").

St Jagged could do with some advice from these two epic cowboys in survival amongst the shark infested oceans of the truth (oops, sorry, again this very strange word).

Hopefully St Jagged will survive long enough to publish this above mentioned epical story and I leave you with a word on Sunday, fuck on you little people!

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