dinsdag 8 januari 2008

A daily thought

I was nearly sick after watching the BBC soap called Breakfast this morning (08.01.2008).

The main morning news was dominated by the following reports:

UK Gas companies are ripping off their customers (what a fucking surprise).
The obese are getting fatter and fatter ( well that's news, especially after the fatty christmas period)

Retail sales over the christams period were 0,3% down (aah what a shame, maybe there is a Jesus after all!)

And the most important report of all was guess what! No not thousands of Kenyans being bullied, shot at, tortured and hacked at with maschettes, or that millions of Sudanis are being hunted and forcibly sent to refugee camps and slaughtered on the way, etc.

No the "Newsflash of the day was" hold your breath", Nicole "Fucking"Kidman was pregnant again. (That was by the way, BB (shitheads) C, not Sky, not CNN, and cetrtainly not Showbiz, shit news). Thats the way the Beeb (as commonly known in the UK) mesmerises and captures it's dormant and very attentive audiences!

Who is the moron (not Gordon, remember Jilted john, please young readers refrain from asking St. Jagged for info about our Jilted John the Moron, ask Johnny Rotten, who? bla, bla, bla), of course Saint Jagged, for watching such utter, utter and more utter crap.

The thought of the day is over, lets all pray for redemption.

The next piece of "Bog" (sorry blog) is on it's way and will follow this astounding piece of front page, breaking news, Nicole "fucking who".

Greetings from Jagged

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