vrijdag 25 januari 2008

Kings and Queens / feel the ice / cold steel of the Jagged blade

Jagged ones beware, the time has come for St Jagged to unleash the jagged blade on our royal parasites, their entourages and followers.

If you are taking a shower or standing behind the curtain, feel the fear of St Jagged's blade like tongue as he attacks the blood - sucking royals with impunity.

Do not feel the fear if you have no blue - blood running through your veins, but if you are a fan and support the leaches, you will also feel the cold - steel jagged blade unleashed by St. Jagged. May it cut and rip open your pathetic minds. May the blood flow from your open wounds into the gutters of ignorance and be washed away by the pure flow of water which, you use to cleanse your bodies, but fail to purify your minds.

Only the blood mixed with the rushing water can cleanse your minds and the jagged, thrusting blade of St. Jagged will blast your minds into another dimension, no pain no gain. You and the parasites must suffer at the jagged blade from St. Jagged. There will be no prisoners taken, ignorance deserves no redemption only contempt and righteousness can be your only salvation.

Fuck me, that was pretty horrific, who the hell wrote that load of psychotic bullshit!

St. Jagged on a puritan Sunday is not a healthy pastime, even St Jagged himself starts to take himself seriously and write Shakesperian thoughts, Macbeth dramas, and Hitchcock horrors.

May the birds gauge his eyes out and his dead grandmother ressurect and stab the bastard to death whilst taking his once a week shower (stinking bastard, and I can't afford the deo, pooh stinky winky!}

No, avid Jagged readers, for just one moment I thought I could write the real serious stuff, a lá Stephen King and all of those other famous authors who scare the shit out of you and make millions on the way.

It was just a dream, or a Nightmare on Elm Street (Fuck on Freddy Kruger, the Exorcist, the Mummy, Texas Chain - Saw, Massacre, the Saw, etc!)

Al I really wanted to say was is the following:

Royalty, it's followers and their pathetic entourages should all go and FUCK OFF, get a life, give their palaces, mansions, land and other illegal and totally perverse possesions, back to it's rightful owners, the stupid ignorant muvva fuckers who allow them to hold and maintain their illustrious positions, the people!

No, not the Aliens who invaded our planet and declared the right for the royals to ponce and sponge off of the backs of it´s peoples. The fucking people, yes, you lot out there!!

Let's have a new royal revolution and get rid of the shitheads (based upon the infamous Russian revolution and inturn let those infamous, wicked dictators, Lenin, Stalin and the rest, rule the roost, slam the non - conformists into Siberian Stalags, live a shiny happy life in luxury, while their folk starves of mal - nutrition, die through hypethermia through a lack of heating and sub - zero temperatures, and survive on rations of ice - cold potatoe soup and cabbage!)

Hold it a minute St. Jagged, I have a question, (this is St. Jagged's inner - conscience speaking from within the depths of his perverse mind by the way) If you use the ice - cold jagged blade to assasinate the parasitic royals and their hangers -on, and all you have left is a bunch of self - righteous, egoistic, pyscho (sorry Alfred, I loved your film!) maniac, dictators, who only are driven by greed and power, you just might as well keep the blood - sucking moronic, kings and queens or not?

St Jagged answers his inner conscience: Fuck of you moron!

Well my beloved readers (Jimmy "more fucking brains than i'll ever have" the chimpanzee, my dead goldfish, his caviar like eggs, Russian only please, and the turd left in front of my front door that has now decided to stick to my stinking shoes and become a parasite like those royal muvva fuckers, "ooh that Prince Harry he's such a pleasent little chap dressed in his Nazi, Swastika uniform! Answer: "Yeah but he's a royal and can get away with fucking anything, in more ways than one, especially his lovely daddy, Charlie boy with his Camilla smelling tampons"

That´s it for my Sunday blog on the bog, see you soon and don´t forget to lock the door of your bathroom whilst you are taking a shower, Norman alias St.Jagged might just be lurking behind the curtain to send shivers up your backside!

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