dinsdag 22 januari 2008

A long long time ago

Hi Fellow Jagged one's,
(my goldfish, cat and stuffed owl, they're the only one's who read this crap)

I have been away for a few days, busy kicking the shit out my bedroom.

As I see you have all missed me and the response from my readers has been overwhelming, zero comments and zero times to be told to fuck off! Oh well at least my above mentioned readers enjoy the bullshit we write here at Jagged Edge Pubs.

Fuck off Keegan, you Geordie toss, and if you buy Beck's, he can fuck off too. If you are the "Toon Armies" saviour and answer to their desperate problems, God help the rest of Geordie land!

"Mr Keegan Sir, ex failure at Man City, England, Fulham and wherever else you have applied your worthless tactics, you are doing the rest of the premier league a favour by re-entering the football world, because now, the other multi - millionare waster teams languishing at the wrong end of the league will have at least a chance of winning some points"!

Thankyou Sir Kevin and I'm sure the other wankers down there with you will be really grateful that you have decided to implement your much earned loser tactics and help them in their bid to survive the "big and fatal drop".

Their was a stock market crash today and in one foul swoop 60,000 trillion dollars got wiped off of the world -wide stock markets. Everybody say aahh! You poor, rich muvva fuckers, that will teach you to be so damn greedy in the first place!

Hope they drop another 50% then the rich and famous can also feel the "financial pinch" and maybe have to forfeit one or two of their luxury, multi - million villa's. houses, yachts, Rolexes, cartiers or whatever.

Then they will really experience what it is to become a poor shithead like the rest of us, fuck on you poor muvva fucking shitheads!

See you later with some more shiny, happy news

St Jagged

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